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   Chapter 14 Nero's Joke

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Nero was fixated on the plans before him, rereading it a dozen times to make sure he made the right decision in the end. When a knock echoed through his office it caused his heart to skip a beat. Inhaling deeply he calmed himself down, closed the file before him and stared at the door, confused at who was paying him a visit this early in the morning. It couldn't be Hannah because she had a day off, she was sleeping in. His father was also not coming over because he figured the couple needed some privacy, whatever the hell that meant. So he was confused.

"Come in." He told his visitor confidently.

It surprised him, even more, when he noticed it was Lillian who walked through the door. He knew the woman didn't like him that much, she might like the fact that he could provide Hannah a financially secure life, she didn't like the fact that he was more reserved about his relationship with Hannah than her daughter was. Lillian was torn between praising him and throwing him off a building. Like him, she was reserved though, so she always kept cool and collected. He watched as the woman approached him with confident strides, her heels clicking away, a fire burning in her eyes. Lillian was on a mission and he knew he wasn't going to like being on the receiving end of whatever mission she was on. He straightened his back and tried to match her confidence, not wanting to show the woman he was concerned about her surprise visit.

"Morning Nero." She took a seat in Hannah's one-seat, putting her bag on the empty one-seat beside her while she straightened up as well, "I see you're an early bird, working hard to maintain your family's business and of course to make your father proud."

Those words didn't sound like praises at all, it felt like a personal assault, but he forced a smile upon his face nonetheless. This woman was after all Hannah's mother, the only family she had left. He couldn't make Lillian dislike him even more.

"I achieved the latter a long time ago." He informed Lillian, trying to get some of his dignity back, "You're also an early bird, I see."

"Not really. But I figured this was the only time I could meet up with you without Valerio or Hannah being in the way."

Straight to the point, he liked that about women. Yet he knew whatever Lillian had to say to him was something he wouldn't like. Her words were as sharp as a knife, cutting through him without mercy.

"You have something to say to me and you don't want them to find out."

Lillian narrowed her eyes at him, "You see, Hannah is my only daughter and she has been through a lot. I've been hard on her ever since she told me she got pregnant by some random guy. She didn't want to tell me anything about him, letting me think that she had been careless and irresponsible. Yet in the back of my mind, I always knew my Hannah wasn't that kind of person."

"Hannah had her reasons."

Lilian agreed with that, "Yes, she had her reasons." Lillian pointed at him, "She was protecting you, not wanting me to find out it was the Nero D'Amore who played around with my daughter and then tossed her aside like she meant absolutely nothing to him."

He clenched his fists at his side, trying hard to remain calm while Lillian insulted him in every possible way. The woman was angry and she wanted to get things off her chest. He'd sit there and take it because he owed at least that much to Hannah.

"It wasn't like that."

He noticed how Lillian's eyes moved to the portrait behind him. Her eyes softened for a minute, but the warm look that had taken over disappeared like snow before the sun. She shifted her gaze back to him and leaned forward in her chair.

"I'm well aware that you're also struggling. That there are things in your life which have formed you into the person that you are now. But let me warn you now Nero D'Amore, the day I find out you've broken the warm and loving person Hannah is will be the day you'll regret for the rest of your life. I don't care how much you've lost, you'll lose even more then." She got to her feet and towered over him, making him feel like a child who got a bad scolding from thei

er firmly.

"I know." She faced him again, "You wouldn't have met her today at all if I didn't hold up Audrey and ask her to have a drink with me."

"True, if things were going according to plan I would have been in my office and powered through my schedule so we could have a nice dinner alone tonight." He let her step inside the elevator first and pressed the button to the floor which held his office, "But it seemed like you were having fun, so it's fine."

Hannah turned to face him, a hand upon her swollen belly, "You know, if the two of us didn't work out, I wouldn't be opposed to you being together with Audrey."

He nearly fell overhearing her say that. Clearing his throat he reached out to her and gave her a light tap against her forehead, "Did you lose your mind? Did the nerves fry your brain or something?"

She pushed him away, "When you care about someone you only want them to be happy. If you can't be happy with me I'd want you to be with a woman who'd care about your rather than your millions."

He smirked at her, "It's billions, actually." He reminded her, "But I do understand what you're saying."

Hannah stepped out of the elevator first, her eyes gleaming curiously at him, "Oh, so who do you think would make me happy? You know, if the two of us didn't work out."

"Valerio, of course."

She gasped loudly, covering her mouth with both her hands. He chuckled and kept walking, leaving his stunned wife behind. He heard her following after him with haste steps. He entered his office, leaving the door ajar, a wide smile plastered on his face as he listened to Hannah rush after him and closing the door behind her rather loudly.

"The one who has lost their mind is you! It's definitely you!"

He spun around to face her, "Yet he is the only man around who'd care for you, treat you with the respect you deserve."

"You're taking that joke way too far." She warned him in a high pitched voice.

Her cheeks were bright red. He made her forget about that awkward meeting with Serena. He'd make sure that woman stayed out of their minds and lives. He'd let his staff know to escort that woman out of the hotel. He didn't need her there. She'd only cause trouble.

"Am I?" He asked her, "Who started that ridiculous joke in the first place?"

She pouted her lips, "Fair enough, let's just drop it."

He laughed, taking a seat behind his desk again, "Fine, I'll let you hang out in my office."

"You'll let me?" She asked, taking a seat in her usual chair.

Looking at her he grinned. She bit her lip, trying to hide her massive smile, she couldn't fool him though. Holding onto that feeling he went to work while Hannah stayed with him. It was nice, peaceful. He never wanted their little moment to end.

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