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   Chapter 13 Hannah's Memorable Moment

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Hannah raised her hand in the air and took in the ring Nero had bought her. The past few days had been crazy, Nero gave her a sparkling diamond ring and confessed to her. The ring was a nice touch, but what really moved her was the effort he made to tell her about his feelings. It was a romantic gesture, it had been a while since he did something like that. Lowering her hand she went through her workday with a genuine smile on her face. Since Maria had been helping out a lot she let the woman leave early today, she'd lock up and wait for Nero to come to pick her up.

As it was nearing closing time Hannah started cleaning up, there was no one around so she softly hummed to the background music. Putting away the glasses she spun around and faced the door, a smile spreading across her face when she met her fiancé's gaze. Nero carefully approached the counter, a small smile spread across his face while his eyes were gleaming warmly.

"A slow evening?"

"Yes, but it's okay." Hannah made sure she put everything away and faced Nero again, "I'm just going to grab my things, then we can head home."

"I'll be here, " Nero told her jokingly.

Hannah quickly made her way to the staff room and shrugged on her jacket. She placed a hand on her stomach, trying to calm her restless baby. He or she was moving like crazy tonight, the little kicks were powerful and at the same time, painful. Breathing through it, she pushed through the door and walked around the counter, stopping right in front of her fiancé to kiss him. She tilted her head back and pressed a quick kiss to the corner of his mouth. It took him by surprise but he quickly covered it up with a smirk. He brushed his thumb over her lower lip.

"I need to get used to that."

She raised an eyebrow at him, "Getting used to kissing me?"

He chuckled, "No, I need to get used to you always making the first move."

She grabbed onto his jacket, gently holding onto him, "I don't always make the first move." She mumbled, "We're in this together."

"You're right." He cupped her cheek, brushing his lips firmly against hers.

Pulling away Hannah responded to him with a smile and then moved to the door, grabbing her keys out of her bag, watching as Nero exited the shop first. She closed up and followed Nero to their awaiting car. He helped her climb into the backseat and took a seat beside her.

"We still have some leftovers." Nero told her, his hazel eyes fixated on his phone, "We're signing our marriage license in a few days. You should ask your mom to keep her schedule free that day. We should have a family dinner after we get married."

"Are you cooking?" She asked curiously.

Nero had a hidden talent, he was actually pretty decent in the kitchen. She seriously enjoyed his meals, eating it together with the family sounded better than having dinner at some fancy restaurant. Just laid back, enjoying each other's company while celebrating their marriage.

"We could do dinner at the family house." Nero pocketed his phone and placed his hand upon her knee, "It actually sounds better than eating out."

"Right!" Hannah agreed, "Like I mentioned before, you've mad skills in the kitchen."

He brushed her compliment off, the look on his face told her he didn't quite believe her. She wasn't exaggerating though. When Nero took his time he actually whipped up something amazing. The mushroom and chicken casserole which awaited them was a great example.

"Maybe after dinner, we can finish decorated the baby's room."

They had started decorated it over the weekend, but never finished it. They had other things to do like moving Hannah's things to Nero's room because they were sharing a bed again. They weren't intimate, just sleeping in the same bed. It gave her piece of mind having Nero close to her. It wasn't like he was a stranger, she felt comfortable around him.

"We probably should do that." Nero agreed, "If you're not too tired we'll tackle that little project after dinner."

"I'm sure I'll be fine."

Nero threw her a knowing look. Last time she said that she fell asleep and he had to move her to his bed and organize her clothes and accessories himself. He more or less organized everything based on color. The next day she moved a few things around, the guilt eating away at her. Nero kept telling her that it was fine, that he didn't mind tak

chuckled, "We're not obligated to do anything, we can still consider other options."

Hannah brushed him off, "No, It's Emilia when we have a girl and Valence when it's a boy."

Nero glanced up, his eyes showing clearly just how surprised he was. He probably figured she'd be difficult about it. She liked Emilia quite a lot and she knew she could also live with Valence. Especially since she knew why Nero chose that name.

"Seriously?" He asked her quietly, his voice barely above a whisper.

"Yes, seriously." She leaned in and pressed a kiss to his cheek, "Night Nero."

She smiled when she felt him gently place his hand upon her side. He let it rest there carefully, his eyes searching her face. She could feel it, but she didn't open her eyes. She was comfortable like that and if she was really honest with herself, she was beaten. Maria did most of the physical work at the coffee shop yet she was still completely wiped. It was worth it to spend some time with Nero while they sorted the baby things. She felt closer and closer to him with each day that passed. Very soon she'd be Hannah D'Amore. Soon after she'd either give birth to Emilia or Valence. She actually couldn't wait. What awaited them was rather scary, but she knew together they'd be alright.


After their quiet weekend ended Hannah and Nero signed their wedding license together with their witnesses. It was over and done with before she knew it, yet she didn't mind it being that way at all. Nero reached for her hand, lacing their fingers together while they walked together to their awaiting car. Valerio and Lillian shared a car, she knew her mother wasn't opposed to that in the slightest. Lillian rather liked looking at Valerio, he was after all quite a handsome man. Nero helped her climb into the backseat of their car and quickly joined her. As he sat down beside her, Hannah took in his face. Nero was handsome as well and she knew he'd age well.

"Your mom looked at me as if she wanted to push me off a building."

"She is upset about the way we got married."

Nero met her gaze, his hazel eyes narrowing on her, "Are you okay with it?"

"I prefer it this way." Hannah admitted to him, "It's all a big show, inviting over a hundred people and going all out with food, drinks, and music. It isn't about sharing an intimate moment with loved ones, those things are about pleasing your guests but also making a statement. I rather share this moment with people who mean everything to us that people who we'd probably see once a year."

"You sure?"

She smiled at him, "Yes, Nero. I'm sure."

They had dinner at Nero's family house, a quiet night in together with the family. They told their parents about the names they decided on. The night was fun, filled with laughter and warm smiles. Hannah took everything in, making sure she imprinted it in her brain. She never wanted to forget this moment.

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