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   Chapter 12 Nero's Sneak Attack

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Nero grinned at his father who had been staring at the opened little black box for a minute now. Valerio was taking it in, he looked like he couldn't believe his own eyes. Nero reached for the box and closed it, wanting his father to focus.

"You think she'll like it?"

Valerio met Nero's gaze, "You bought her a ring?"

Nero shook the box, "Yeah, obviously. So what do you think?"

Valerio took a seat on the one-seat Hannah usually sat in whenever she paid his office a visit. It was fascinating to Nero how his family claimed his office. Valerio always sat on the couch closer to the door while Hannah always sat right in front of him. Today, however, Valerio sat in Hannah's chair to take a closer look at the ring Nero had bought for his fiancée.

"You bought her a ring, " Valerio repeated, causing Nero to frown.

"Dad, you had enough coffee for today." Nero placed the closed box back on his desk and took a seat in the one-seat beside his father, "Hannah and I are getting married next week, I wanted her to have a ring. It's no good, is it?"

Nero never had self-esteem issues, he was always confident about everything he did, even when his actions were questionable. Valerio caused him to lose his confidence though, at this moment he doubted his plan entirely.

"It's a beautiful ring!" Valerio told him, suddenly behaving like his usual overdramatic self again, "Seeing that ring made me realize how things have changed between the two of you. I'm glad, Nero. I'm so glad you two are getting along."

Nero grinned, "She is going to be my wife and the mother of my child, I should cherish her."

Valerio pointed at him, "You need to do more than that." Valerio reached out to him and patted him rather roughly on the shoulder, "At least once a day you need to remind that girl she is beautiful and you care about her."

Nero made a face, confused as to why his father was patting his shoulder and giving him rather embarrassing advice like that. He told Hannah he thought she was beautiful, he gave her the biggest compliment ever when they had their best date ever.

"Why do you say that?" Nero asked, gently pushing his father's hand away from his shoulder.

"Hannah feels inferior to the women around you. You need to remind her that she is more important to you."

"Dad, Hannah knows how I feel about her."

Valerio sighed, "Even so she is still a sensitive girl. She might be confident about your relationship today, tomorrow she might feel differently. They say actions are louder than words, but that's not always true. Sometimes people need to actually hear the words being said by the person they care about."

Nero got to his feet and walked around his desk, taking a seat in his chair again, "Got it." Nero told his father, "I'll keep that in mind." He focused back on his laptop screen and scanned through his mailbox, "So what are your plans for today?" Nero asked as he started to type up an email.

"You're not kicking me out?" Valerio sounded more shocked than when he questioned Nero about the ring he bought for Hannah.

"Why should I do that?" Nero asked, "I thought we were catching up."

Valerio took a deep breath and started his rent, "We catch up every morning." Nero felt his father's eyes piercing his face, but he didn't glance away from his laptop screen, "Hannah has taken our dinner dates, but since it's her I'm okay with it. The point is when you're working you usually kick me out because you need to concentrate. I get it and I feel proud that my son takes his job so seriously, but at the same time it makes me sad because I just want to spend more time with you."

Nero finally looked away from his screen and smiled a

io's friend who seemed so happy for them. The man arranged a private table for them with candlelit dinner. He poured an amazing red wine for Nero while he fussed over Hannah. Then he called over his wife and they both started to fuss over Hannah.

It was nostalgic, Nero was reminded of how he used to have these moments with his family. He could remember eating at that restaurant with his parents and Valentina. The memory of them didn't hit as hard as it usually did. As he glanced at Hannah he figured she had something to do with it.

While the owner's wife kept Hannah occupied with baby talk, Nero asked the owner to help him to surprise Hannah.

Nero gave the sign which made a waiter come over to their table, placing a chocolate dessert before Nero first.

"That looks amazing!" Hannah grinned.

The waiter stepped to Hannah's side of the table and carefully placed the plate in front of her. The waiter quietly stepped away, but Hannah didn't notice. She was fixated on her dessert. Her eyes widened when she noticed the text which had been writing in red frosting upon the plate near the small piece of chocolate cake. When she looked up again she covered her mouth with her hand, her eyes on the opened little black box which Nero held in front of her.

"You love me?" Hannah asked quietly, lowering her hand as she stared at him with tears in her eyes.

"If the frosting states that I love you it must be true." He took the ring out of the box and reached for her hand, gently placing the ring around her finger.

She raised her hand slightly and took the ring in, tears streaming down her cheeks. Hannah quickly wiped the tears away with both hands and smiled at him, "You big jerk. You can't tell me you love me and give me this." She waved her hand in front of him, "That's a sneak attack time two, you know."

"You like it?"

"I love it." She stated without hesitation, "I love you."

They finished their dessert and this time Hannah didn't steal his. She was still over the moon about his gesture. He was glad he could make her so happy she felt like crying. He knew he caused her tears of heartbreak before, he promised himself he wouldn't do it again. He'd take his father's advice and cherish her, hoping it would help her self-esteem. Hannah wasn't just a pretty girl with a beautiful smile, she was also sensitive and kind. They were getting married next week and he knew after tonight neither one of them had any doubts.

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