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   Chapter 11 Hannah's Emotional Date

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Wiping the counter Hannah hummed to the soft music playing in the background, she felt happy. Her mood had been so much better since things were more friendly between Nero and her. She made the first move to focus on their relationship as husband and wife rather than two mere acquaintances living in the same house or hotel room rather, for now at least. They were getting married and Hannah wanted their marriage to work. She knew Nero agreed with her, he was right there with her. Only he was afraid to make things work, fearing that in the end, she would somehow end up betraying him. She was aware of this, so she pushed him. Her mother had warned her that sometimes it wasn't smart to push people. Something in their minds could break and it would be harder to fix the situation then.

"Nero and I are going on a first date tonight." She told Valerio who sat at a table close to the counter, "It's been a while since we've done that." She admitted, "And I kind of pushed him, not giving him time to make up his mind."

Valerio laughed, "Sometimes he needs a push in the right direction."

She stilled her movements and stared at the towel she was holding onto, "Nero has a lot of issues."

"I'm aware." She looked up, not quite believing she heard Valerio admit that "He struggles with a lot of things since his mother and Valentina died."

"He is afraid." She whispered, almost not daring to say the words out loud, "I don't want to do anything which only makes those fears and negative thoughts worse."

Valerio sighed tiredly, running a hand through his hair, "You shouldn't hold back when it comes to Nero. You should honestly tell him how you feel, even if you think it might hurt his feelings. You two parted because things weren't honest between you."

She put the towel away and walked around the counter, taking a seat across Valerio. She smiled when his eyes warmed up. He was always the calming voice to her while when he talked to Nero she knew Valerio became such a drama queen. She wondered if the man was like this with his daughter. She didn't mind if he thought of her as a replacement. Valerio definitely reminded her of her father. Unlike her mother who was rather uptight all the time, her father had been more gentle, also more open about his feelings.

"That we broke up was my fault." She admitted to Valerio, "I'm the one who made assumptions and ran away. Not even giving him the opportunity to talk about things. I just figured a guy like Nero would never honestly like a girl like me. He was so put together, a guy who wanted to follow in his father's footsteps. Not to mention the looks and money. I had none of that."

Valerio snorted, "You're a beautiful girl, Hannah. Don't ever doubt that."

She glanced down at her feet, "This marriage thing, this has to do with his sister, right?"

The silence which followed made her realize that Valerio hadn't considered that. When she looked up and met his gaze she noticed the sadness behind those hazel eyes. Valerio looked like he wanted to run to Nero and hug the guy.

"It might." He whispered.

Hannah stretched and leaned back in her chair, wanting to let go of all the negative thoughts they had involving Nero and his fears. If they also got caught up in it, no one would be able to save him. She had to stay positive and show Nero that it was okay for him to be happy and to trust in someone again. That it was okay for him to move forward.

"I've made up my mind." She told Valerio, "I'm going to give Nero the time of his life during this date."

He chuckled, "Aren't you aiming too high, it's only one date."

"I'm going to doll up and take Nero to this pizza place where he can complain about all my bad food choices. He might make fun of me, but I know he enjoys our banter whenever we discuss our food preferences. I think afterward we can have ice cream at this new place which recently opened. According to Maria, it's pretty good."

"So your amazing date revolves around food?"

"Pretty much." She laughed, "It works for us. We enjoy each other's presence while eating amazing food." She placed a hand upon her stomach, "Besides I'm already tired of standing all day, I'm not in the mood to stroll around too much. I mean we could do a movie, but I might fall asleep during it and embarrass Nero."

"Nero might also fall asleep." Valerio pointed out, "He works basically his entire day."

Hannah agreed, "I've noticed. When he gets home from the office he always makes sure I had dinner. He doesn't care about his own meal, but he always joins me when I didn't have dinner yet. Sometimes we eat at the restaurant other times he cooks me a meal. But after our meal he never relaxes, he just starts up his laptop and goes right back to work."

"Yeah, so maybe I was wrong. You might give him the time of his life since my son is rather boring."

They b

t that you don't even realize it." He put the napkin away, a small smile spreading across his face, "Your smile is what made my father like you instantly. At the time I didn't know you were my Hannah so I teased him about being crazy about the coffee shop girl."

She lowered her spoon, placing it back in the paper cup and leaned toward Nero. He was focused on his napkin so he didn't even see it coming. She pressed a kiss to his cheek and smiled when his eyes widened, obviously shocked that she kissed him, even if it was only his cheek.

"Your Hannah?"

It was the first time she saw him being out of sorts, he didn't blush or anything. It was weird for her to see him out of sorts though. He always seemed confident, knowing exactly what to do next.

"You know what I mean." He mumbled.

She polished off her ice cream and put the empty cup on top of her empty strawberry cup, "Well, your Hannah had a great time tonight." She told him, "Thank you for humoring me."

"I had a great time too." He told her, "I didn't humor you, Hannah. I do enjoy spending time with you. Even if we argue about stupid things like tea and pizza, you always make me laugh."

She smiled when he placed his arm on the back of her chair, he wanted to get closer to her, but he didn't want to push his luck. He was definitely behaving differently tonight. She was used to the confident Nero, not the one who was nearly blushing.

"We're just two people who take their food seriously."

His eyes warmed up, "You know, if things didn't get messed up, this is what I wanted." He placed his free hand upon her swollen stomach, it was the first time he touched her belly and it made her an emotional wreck, "I wanted things to become serious between us. We might have had a summer of fun, but I wanted more because I couldn't imagine not seeing your smile anymore."

"My smile isn't that great." She mumbled, trying to subtly wipe away the tears which threatened to fall.

"Are you crying?"

"Am not!" She told him childishly.

He chuckled, he could hear it in her voice that she was crying. She didn't mean to, she'd blame her being so emotional on the pregnancy. He wouldn't question it either if she brought that up.



She turned her face toward him, her gasp getting swallowed as he kissed her. It wasn't a quick and light kiss she gave him the other day. He placed his hand on her cheek and tilted her head back, kissing her like he couldn't get enough of her. When she was really getting into it he pulled away. Getting to his feet he helped her out of her chair as well, holding onto her hand while they left the little shop Maria recommended. She loved it. She'd definitely come back again, maybe she'd ask Valerio to join her, even though she couldn't steal his ice cream afterward. That would be weird, she could only steal Nero's sweets.

"Best date ever?" She asked him.

Nero laughed, his hand squeezing hers, "Yeah, best date ever."

Mission accomplished. As they walked to Nero's car together she couldn't help but smile. Tonight she felt like they were an actual couple. She was glad he also had a great time, she had a feeling that they'd be okay. Instead of focusing on their past they'd just move forward.

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