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   Chapter 10 Nero's Backfired Deal

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Nero watched as Hannah took in his hotel room, she had been there many times before. Yet she took the place in as if it was the first time she set foot in it. It might have looked different with some of her clutter lying around.

He recognized the bold colored pillows which were now scattered across his couch. He was sure there were many more things which now decorated his hotel room. Most of her furniture had been delivered to his family house, they'd pay his father a visit over the weekend to sort things out. He knew she couldn't have too much stuff since her apartment was rather small in size. Spending half a day sorting her things out would be enough. He was sure his father would also enjoy their company. They'd spend the other half of the day together with Valerio.

"It looks different." Hannah told him as she strolled to his couch, "It looks more lively." She faced him, "Don't you think? Your world only knows black, white and gray. This-" She trailed her fingers over one of the pillows and smiled, "Is exactly what you needed."

"Are you saying you walking into my life is what gave it color?"

Her fingers froze while she mechanically turned her head to face him, "I-I suppose that's what I'm saying." She pulled her hand away and tried to shrug off the embarrassment, but he caught onto it so there was no hiding it from him, "What are we going to do about dinner?"

"You want to eat downstairs?" He asked, tossing his jacket on the one-seat while he moved to the kitchen, "I can also prepare something light. I don't have that many ingredients lying around, but I can make it work."

She followed him to the kitchen and stared right at him, "I actually enjoy your cooking, but I'm in the mood for something more filling." She admitted to him, "But if you want to stay in we can order room service, right?"

He took her in, she looked awkward standing there with him. He knew it was a lot to take in, they officially moved in together today. They behaved like friends, but he had no intention of only being friends with the woman he was going to marry and have a child with. He wanted more than that. Hannah wasn't opposed to it either, he noticed it when she touched him the other day. He was the one who pulled away, but he wasn't going to back off now. He made up his mind about Hannah. He was going to work hard to get back what they once had. There was no other option since cheating was something he'd never do.

"What do you want to do?" He asked her, he didn't care either way but he knew to work at the coffee shop was hard since Hannah was mostly on her feet, serving her customers and cleaning up. He figured she'd rather be comfortable while she enjoyed great food.

"Can we eat in?"

He chuckled, "No need to sound so unsure about it." He reached into a drawer and handed her the menu of the restaurant downstairs, "Order whatever you like. I'll have the same. I'm going to take a shower."

She took the menu and scanned through it, "Oh, so you're trusting me about my food choices today?"

"I've been moving around too much in this suit. " He told her as he started to unbutton his shirt, "So today I'm trusting you not to order something weird." He turned to face her and noticed how red her face looked, "What?"

Her hands clutching the menu to her chest were trembling as she shifted her gaze to the floor instead, "You shouldn't start undressing right in front of me!"

He glanced down, only his chest was visible. Hannah had seen him completely naked so he figured she wasn't going to make a fuss about him taking his shirt off. Guess he was wrong about that after all. He did up a few buttons and apologized.

"Sorry, didn't think you'd be offended."

"It's not that." She blurte

n she had his attention, sitting back in her chair.

"Sorry, but I want your full attention when we're going to talk about something very important."

He straightened his jacket and took her in, her face didn't give away the fact that she wanted to talk about something important. She had the same expression on her face as last night. She looked cheerful, full of energy. Wasn't the pregnancy supposed to be tough and make her behave less as someone who was high on sugar?

"You have my full attention, what's on your mind."

She scanned his office, he noticed how her eyes fixated on the portrait behind him. She let out a deep sigh and leaned back in her seat, tearing her eyes away from the portrait and focusing back on him.

"Let's go on a date tomorrow night."


"Things are going well between us, right?" She asked him, "Let's ride that wave and see where it goes."

"They are." He agreed, "But Hannah-"

"We're going to get married, Nero, do you even know what it means to be a married couple?" She didn't give him time to respond, it was very much like the evening they talked about their future, yet this time she was taking the lead and he had absolutely no idea how to react to it, "I want to treat you like my husband, not a mere acquaintance who happens to be the father of my child."

"How can I refuse when you say it like that." He reached for his laptop and cleared his schedule so they could go on a proper date, "How about we meet up at your coffee shop tomorrow around five?"

"Sounds good to me." She got to her feet, "Since that's out of the way I'm heading out." She reached for the door, but at the last moment spun around and faced him again, "Oh and tonight I'd like to eat something you made instead. You have mad skills in the kitchen." She told him, "Have a nice day, Nero." She left the office with a giggle.

He leaned back in his seat and took some time to calm his chaotic mind. He didn't know how dangerous Hannah could be. He figured she was the kind of girl who people could easily walk all over, hence the reason why she ran whenever things got tough. But that was certainly not the case. She had hidden strength within her, she just didn't show it. He'd help her the same way she was trying to help him. She might have assumed he didn't catch onto it, but she wasn't subtle about it when she stared at the portrait behind him. She wanted to get rid of the darkness within him, he just wondered if anyone was capable of doing it.

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