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   Chapter 9 Hannah's Favorite Sweater

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Changing her dress once more, Hannah sighed and realized that even if she wore the latest designer dress she'd still not be happy with the way she looked. It wasn't the pregnant belly, it was the fact that she wanted to look nice, meeting her new family. Instead of going through her entire wardrobe she picked a simple short black dress with a white Peter Pan collar and short sleeves. She wore black tights underneath it and pulled her blonde hair up in a messy ponytail. Keeping her make-up simple, she spritzed on some light floral perfume and checked her bag to make sure she didn't forget her essentials. As she was locking up her apartment she ran into her mother who looked rather cheerful that afternoon.

"A car is waiting for us downstairs." Lillian announced, "You look great, Hannah."

Hannah glanced down at her dress and titled her head back to meet her mother's gaze again, "I couldn't decide what to wear so I went with the safe choice instead."

"It looks lovely on you." Her mother told her, walking beside her as they headed to the awaiting car.

Getting comfortable in the backseat of the car, Lillian told the driver directions to Nero's family house. When they dated Nero mentioned that he chose to stay at the hotel rather than the family house because it meant that he was closer to his office. Now she wondered if it had been a lie. He was struggling with his mother and sister not being there anymore, she had a feeling Nero didn't want to stay at the family house because it had so many memories of them. It pained her heart knowing Nero was running away from all of it. He always behaved very confidently, in his business he made rather bold decisions. When things didn't work out he had the guts to own up to his mistakes. But when it came to her he didn't chase her to demand to know why she ran, he decided to let his anger boil deep within instead. When it came to his mother and sister he decided to keep the pain and the hurt in as well, not talking about it once. Nero always behaved like he had it put together, but at that moment she realized he was only pretending. Hiding behind his business to pretend that nothing could touch him.

"Where are you right now?" Her mother's voice snapped her back to reality.


"I was asking you about Nero and his father, yet you didn't respond once." Lillian sighed, "Are you still thinking about that night?"

"How can I not?" Hannah asked her mother.

"You shouldn't push him to talk about it." Her mother warned her, "Some people break when you push them to face the things they've locked up tightly in their hearts. You don't know if they can bounce back or if they're forever lost. You should give him time and let him know you are there for him if he feels the need to share. If not, just support him. Let him know he's not alone."

She looked at her mother, seeing Lillian in a different light.


Lillian frowned at her sudden outburst, "W-What?"

"You just said something wonderful." Hannah whispered, "Instead of running away I should have come to you."

"I'm glad you realize how much of a fool you were." Lillian sighed, "I've been married twice." Her mother reminded her, "I should have a bit of experience when it comes to men, more specifically men who are married to their company."

Her father owned a small jewelry store, every little piece he sold was handcrafted. The pieces were expensive, but the small clientele who did visit the store always gave the man high praises. When her father passed away her mother decided to sell it. Lillian's second husband wasn't an unkind man, but he felt like a stranger to Hannah. She avoided seeing him and was glad when her mother allowed her to attend college miles away from home. She figured Lillian wanted some privacy with her husband. Hannah wanted to say with confidence that neither one of them could have seen it coming, but that would have been a lie. He broke her mother's heart, but Lillian pushed forward. Showing Hannah just how strong a woman can be.

"I won't hesitate to come to see you when I'm struggling with something." Hannah told her mother, "I might want to be independent, but once in a while it's good to have someone else's perspective on things."

"That's true." Lillian agreed, "His family house is a bit away from the city."

"Yes, but Valerio comes to see his son every day at the hotel. Not to mention the fact that he always comes to see me first thing in the morning."

"That's nice of him."

"I should be more grateful to him."

Lillian smiled at that, "You're learning so many new things today, Hannah."

Her mother was right, it was minor things about people she was close to, but it meant a lot to her. She'd treat Valerio even kinder knowing the distance he traveled to see Nero and her. She'd be nicer to her mother knowing Lillian became that way she behaved right now because of experiences in life. Losing her first husband to illness and her second husband to a bimbo. Starting tomorrow Hannah would treat them better.


Entering the house Hannah followed after Valerio who came to greet her mother and her. Lillian kept blushing, obviously, she was taken by Valerio's looks and charms. Lillian chatted away with Valerio about the flowers which decorated his porch. While they were happily chatting away Hannah scanned the room, searching for Nero. She jumped when Valerio suddenly called out to h

ady for that.

"We need to take charge." Nero continued.

He wasn't giving her time to think about it, he knew she'd be living inside her mind and come up with tons of reasons why they shouldn't do it. It seemed like Nero finally caught her flaws and knew how to work around them.

"You're right." She told him in a small voice, "I'm not against your plans, it would just take up a lot of my time to travel back and forth from your family house to my coffee shop."

Valerio finally spoke, "That's true, but we can hire a driver. You shouldn't give up something you love doing. Becoming a parent doesn't mean you should give up on your dreams. If you're not against it I would like to offer my babysitting services."

Hannah laughed, "The baby isn't even here yet, they're so lucky to already be this loved."

"You don't know if it's a boy or girl?" Nero asked her.

"I decided to keep it a surprise."

Nero leaned back in his seat, "I suppose we can go for neutral furniture and clothes, even though their mother prefers bold and bright colors. Aren't you holding yourself back by not asking for its gender?"

Her eyes widened as she realized that she couldn't decorate the room the way she wanted to, "Well, now I'm thinking about it." She told Nero, giving his shoulder a harsh shove, "At that time I thought it was a great idea." She muttered.

He rubbed the spot she shoved, "You could always add the bold colors later."

She glared at him, "You totally said those things on purpose!"

He grinned at her, he was obviously messing around with her so she wouldn't worry too much. She reached for her cup of tea and drank it all, letting the warmth comfort her a little. It helped to calm her chaotic mind.

"So when do you want to move in together?"

"Next week."

The cup she was holding nearly slipped through her fingers, but Nero caught onto it before it did. He saw that reaction coming. He placed the cup safely upon the table and faced her again.

"We're going to work on our future together, right?" He asked her.

She nodded, "Right."

"Then we should start as soon as possible."

It was like she was having an outer body experience, all she could do was stare and nod at everything he was saying. He wasn't slowing down once, not giving her time to think about things. He asked for her opinion often, but she just couldn't speak her mind. Her mind was totally blank. By the end of the night when she was sitting in the car on her way back to her apartment Lillian finally spoke up.

"That boy is good." Lillian told her, "He knew exactly how you'd react so he made sure to keep talking and sound reasonable about things which shouldn't be accepted that easily."

She faced her mother, "I should have protested more?"

"He is making all the decisions and you're going along with everything." Her mother told her, "Are you sure you're okay with that? I mean so far he hasn't said anything which should worry us too much. I mean I do understand why he doesn't want a wedding, but I feel like every girl should have a special day."

"He probably doesn't want it because his little sister could never have one." She whispered.

That alone made Lillian shut up. The ride to her apartment was silent, she took the time to take it all in. Nero might have waltzed all over her with his plans for their future, but she figured she could trust in him. He didn't want to hurt her, he only wanted what was best for their little family. With Valerio by his side, she knew Nero would never make a decision which would cause her grief. She could let him take the lead this time.

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