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   Chapter 7 Hannah's Regret

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Hannah served up Valerio's usual coffee order and listened to him complain about his son. He didn't know that Nero talked to her first. Nero didn't give her any details, but he mentioned the heated argument with his father. Valerio was seriously pissed though. It was amusing to hear that man nag on and on about how much of an idiot his son was. She would have agreed with Valerio, but after the considerate call last night, she wasn't so sure anymore. Nero always showed her sides of him which she seriously liked. She realized that in the end they were still human and humans made mistakes, since she was marrying Nero it might be best for the both of them if she gave up on all her anger and hatred. Instead of encouraging Valerio she tried to defuse the situation.

"I'm sure Nero had his reasons, he mentioned to me over dinner how important you are to him. I don't think he'd purposely pick a fight."

Valerio quieted for a minute and then continued, "I realize that." He sighed, "The business is doing fine, but fine isn't good enough for him."

Hannah smiled, remembering one of the talks she had with Nero when they dated, "It has to be perfect." She told Valerio, whose eyebrows lifted.

"You know about that?"

She nodded, "He mentioned it to me once or twice."

"The thing is it doesn't have to be perfect, we're at a good place."

"Nero is only thinking of the future." Hannah made herself a cup of mint tea and followed Valerio to one of the seating areas, the morning rush was over so she could take a minute or two to talk to her future father-in-law, "We shouldn't hold that against him."

Valerio leaned back in his seat and took a huge gulp from his coffee, "You're on his side now." He accused her.

"I'm not taking sides." Hannah giggled, "I wouldn't dare."

"You are so taking sides." Valerio muttered, "Did he dazzle you again?"

She laughed, "Dazzle me?" She took a sip from her mint tea, "I'll admit that when I first met your son I was definitely dazzled." She loved using that word, a grin spreading from ear to ear, "But I know better now. It takes more than a charming smile to dazzle me now."

Valerio narrowed his eyes at her, "I hope that's true."

She patted Valerio on the arm, trying to comfort him, "Don't be so upset anymore. Whatever happened was a misunderstanding, you know that. Nero really does care about you." She lowered her voice, swallowing the nerves away to speak up because it had to be said, "You're his only family left, he doesn't take that for granted."

Valerio sighed, giving her hand a gentle pat, "You're a good girl, Hannah." He reached for his coffee again, using the hot beverage as a form of comfort besides her reassuring words, "You're now family too, you and that baby."

Those words were kind and genuine, it moved her. Sniffing she forced herself not to cry even though her emotions were all over the place. Speaking of family she knew it was about time to inform her mother about the situation. She braced herself for that, she was considering using Nero as a shield. He owed her after she more or less calmed his father down, not that she was counting the favors he owed her.

"I know I overreacted, " Valerio told her, still going on about whatever happened between Nero and him. Hannah was sure Valerio just needed to vent a bit, so she remained silent and listened, "I mean Audrey is actually a nice girl. At least it seemed that way, very polite."


"Nero's party planner or event planner or whatever she calls herself." Valerio shrugged, "A lovely lady who he was meeting." Valerio continued, "I know it was only a business meeting, Nero would never cross that line in public. He knows better. It just annoyed me he was brushing me off like that."

"Nero only wants what's best for the business." She casually stated, trying to fight back the green monster which started to make an appearance.

"Yeah." Valerio sighed, "I should apologize, I'm the one at fault here." He got to his feet, "Nero is very serious about you and the baby. I know he'd never do anything to ruin that. Just as a parent, you think you know better than your children. It's hard to face them and tell them they're right and you're wrong. It's a matter of pride, I suppose."

She was trying hard to forget Audrey, the event planner, wishing she never heard Valerio speak about Nero and his business meeting. Jumping to conclusions was never a good thing, it only made the situation worse. She realized it was one of her flaws, but she couldn't help to feel that way. Nero once betrayed her, she didn't want to go through that again. It would break her.

"Yeah, I suppo

eat and watched her carefully. Her anger faded a little when she noticed how his eyes were blazing. She couldn't comprehend how he managed to look betrayed while he was the one who cheated on her.

"You didn't even give me the chance to explain, if you had waited I could have told you that Serena pushed herself upon me. That I didn't kiss her back and that I made myself completely clear to her about our relationship."

"She told me you were seeing her-"

"She was lying!" Nero told her, getting to his feet and pacing back and forth in her small living room, "You women are all the same." He sighed, "You should have given me the chance to explain. Yet you left me without a word, just like they did!"

It felt like the world froze when she heard him yell those words to her. She never thought she was slow to understand things, that she could read people easily, yet nothing could have prepared her for this. She felt like an idiot.

"Nero." She got to her feet and carefully approached him, "They didn't leave you because they wanted to-"

"So do I need to worry about you running away from me every time a woman comes close to me?" He asked her, completely avoiding the subject which actually needed to be discussed, "Are you always going to accuse me of cheating because of some silly insecurities you have?"

"I admit that I jumped to that conclusion because Serena provoked me-"

"You should have given me the chance to explain myself." She watched as he walked around her and reached for his jacket, he looked frantic, like he couldn't be in the same room as her, "I need to get out of here." He muttered under his breath, heading to the door.

She followed after him, not wanting him to leave her. Not when he admitted something so personal to her, something he apparently had been struggling with for years. It made her heart ache to think about how betrayed and lost Nero had felt all these years. She also realized that Nero probably felt the way she was feeling right now as she watched him leave.

"Nero, please just-"

They both froze when Lillian stood in the doorway, confused to see Nero standing before her. She took in the situation and within a second things clicked. Hannah was actually jealous of how quick Lillian pieced everything together. She wished she inherited her mother's traits rather than her looks.

"You're the father?" She asked though Lillian's eyes told them she was certain of it.

Nero cleared this throat and held his hand out to Lillian, "Nero D'Amore, nice to meet you." He glanced over his shoulder, a smile which didn't reach his eyes was spread across his face, "I'm sorry to cut this meeting short, Lillian, but something came up." He then looked back at her mother, "We should have dinner soon, we have a lot to talk about, " He then stepped around her mother and wished them a good night.

Lillian stepped into the apartment and closed the door behind her, "Hannah, what just happened?"

Hannah walked back to the couch and sat down, burying her face in her hands, "I screwed up, mom." She whispered, fighting back the tears.

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