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   Chapter 6 Nero’s Request

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Stepping into his office Nero wasn't even surprised to see his father already there. Valerio was a curious man and when it came to Hannah who he adored since he stepped foot into her coffee shop, Valerio's curiosity got even worse.

Nero headed straight to his desk, shrugged his jacket off and wrapped it around the back of his desk chair. He took a seat, turned his laptop on and then shifted his attention to his father who calmly sat on the comfy couch, his phone in hand.

"You didn't go see Hannah this morning?" He asked, holding back the mocking tone which threatened to bubble up.

Valerio looked suspicious of that, "Were you mean to her, did you bully her?"

Nero glared at his father, feeling offended by it. He didn't even talk that much to the girl, because of the memories which came flooding back. He bit the inside of his cheek to make sure he wouldn't say anything to her at all. It had been hard when his father left to give them some privacy. Everything about her reminded him of the time where he was happy with her, thinking he found that one girl he wanted to start a future with. Thinking about it now made the anger simmer deep within him again.

"We only talked. Then I dropped her off at her apartment."

"Hannah is a sweet girl."

"She is nice." Nero trailed his eyes to his laptop screen, quickly scanning through his inbox.

He heard his father's footsteps approach him, but Nero didn't look up. He knew his father was probably losing his mind with Nero not being talkative. He probably wanted details about his chat with Hannah. There wasn't much to tell, Valerio would hate it.

"What did you two decide?"

"We're going to try again."

"That's it?" He could hear the disbelief in his father's voice, "She is carrying your child and you're only going to try again. You're not going to do the right thing and marry her?"

Nero smirked, looking away from his screen and meeting his father's gaze. Valerio narrowed his eyes at him before he stepped back and sighed tiredly.

"You were messing with me." He concluded.

Nero leaned back in his chair, causing the leather to creak, "It was easy to mess with you." He told his father, ignoring his phone which rang, "I'm going to marry Hannah, obviously."

"You need to set things in motion."

"I'm going to meet up with Hannah later, we'll discuss it then. She was tired last night so we didn't bother with the details."

Reaching into his jacket's pocket and grabbed his phone. He frowned when he noticed Audrey's number. He read her email, the matter she was referring to didn't sound urgent to him, but apparently, it was. He shifted his gaze to his father and flashed him an apologizing look.

"Sorry, I need to take this."

Valerio looked offended, "Nero-"

"Morning, Audrey, what's up." He didn't bother with his father because the business came first, Hannah wasn't going anywhere, "Yeah, I read your email, so what's the problem exactly? We got the license for it three days ago-"

He watched as his father sighed in defeat and took his leave. He worried that Valerio was going to see Hannah and ask her about last night. Hannah mentioned she liked Valerio and that she wanted to keep the peace, so he just had to trust in her.


He met up with Audrey at the hotel's restaurant, rushing to get to her. She met him halfway and showed him the tablet, going through her schedule.

"The main speaker canceled on us, he was the reason why people were interested in this convention in the first place. I'm afraid we're going to lose visitors. Also, the liquor license was approved, that was my bad. I overlooked it."

He placed his hand on her lower back and guided her through the busy restaurant, heading outside to take a seat at one of the private seating areas by the pool which he reserved when he heard Audrey was on the way.

"I think I can ask someone in my network to take over, " Nero told her, letting go

to work, not being able to get his mind in the game. He was glad he had capable staff who could take over. He dressed in black slacks and a white dress shirt, leaving the jacket. He quickly did his hair and dropped himself on his couch, needing some time to himself.

Valerio wouldn't show up for a while, it had been years since he had an argument like that with his father. He knew he said things which hurt his father's feelings, but this time the man went too far. Reaching for the remote control Nero turned on his television and settled on a news channel. Lowering the volume he reached for his phone and called Hannah's coffee shop.

"Hello, Hannah." He said as he heard her bubbly voice greeting him, "My father informed me that he invited you over for dinner tonight. If he forced you into anything-"

"He didn't force me to do anything."

"You sure? I know my father is trying to push us to go through this at his pace."

"I realize that Valerio is in a rush, but I think that we should discuss the details as soon as possible."

Nero leaned his head back and stared at the ceiling, "Okay, I'm going, to be honest about this. I had a rather heated argument with my father a few hours ago. I'm not great company right now. I think it's best if we reschedule for Hannah."

"Did you argue about me?" Hannah asked in a small voice, "I don't want to come between you two-"

"No, it wasn't. You're not to blame for this-"

"Then if I'm not the one to blame for it we should meet up. I won't take much of your time-"

"Hannah!" He interrupted her, "The only reason why things are civil between us right now is that I could keep my emotions at bay. Right now I can't keep a tight leash on my emotions. Things will be said which will make you cry, so I rather not meet up with you. So, please, let's just reschedule."

She was silent for a while before she answered him again, "Okay, thank you for considering my feelings." She swallowed before she spoke up again, "Are you going to be okay?" She asked, her voice lowered as if she was afraid to even her voice would set him off.

"I'm going to be fine, I'll call you soon to reschedule, okay?"


Tossing the phone at his side when he ended the call, Nero got up and walked to the bar, pouring himself a generous glass of bourbon. At least things weren't messed up between Hannah and him. He was glad she agreed not to meet up so he wouldn't start messing it up either. He'd fix things between Audrey and him as well. Tomorrow would be another day, full of opportunities. With his father laying low he hoped to fix things as soon as possible.

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