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   Chapter 20 The Announcement

The Billionaire's Obsession By Shafira Sardar Characters: 8218

Updated: 2018-07-14 12:28

Two months ago I had a serious talk with a woman who promised to steal my boyfriend away from me. Now I was looking at photos of her together with Chase while she was wearing a freaking engagement ring. She sure moved on quite fast and I do mean quite fast! It only took her two months to date the guy and make him propose to her. Somehow I doubted this was actually true love. Chris was sitting beside me on the couch and thank god the pictures didn't affect him at all. I had been afraid he'd break down that he actually seemed relieved, maybe he was glad she was really in his past and he could move forward as well.

"I'm glad she moved on." Chris told me, putting the tablet on the table, "So I can assume she backed off completely?"

"Yes, we haven't heard from her since. We haven't seen her at the events Nick had to attend either, so I think we can honestly say that she moved on."

He reached for his drink, "That's good." He offered me a sip, but I declined.

"Water is fine for me." I smiled at him.

"When are you guys finally going to tell us?"

I noticed the way his eyes flickered to my stomach and back to my eyes. He knew. Probably all our friends knew, but we still kept quiet about it. It was hard to stay quiet about it, Nick just wanted to announce it when everyone was around. Chris had been in Tokyo for the last couple of weeks, so we waited. We had a dinner planned tonight and Nick mentioned that he wanted to announce the news to everyone during dinner. So I couldn't tell Chris anything right now. It wouldn't be fair toward our other friends.

"So how was Tokyo?" I asked trying to change the subject, not so subtly I might add.

"Busy." His smirk told me that he was amused by my sudden change of subject, "But that's what we wanted, so that's a good sign. The club is getting more popular and we attract more known DJ's who like to play, so it's going well."

"So you were working the whole time?"

"Are you trying to ask me nicely if I'm seeing someone?" He asked amused.

"Yes, I was trying to ask nicely if you are seeing someone." I confirmed, "So did you meet a nice girl in Tokyo?" I asked curiously.

He took another sip from his drink, it looked like he needed to think really hard about that question. It shouldn't have been a hard question to answer. It was either a yes or a no. Chris taking his time with this question made me wonder if he had been dating more than just one girl. He had the right

ld get over our little hurdle.


"That was amazing." Nick wrapped his arms around me from behind and met my gaze in the mirror, "Wish we could have dinner with everyone more often." I tried to kiss Nick's cheek but he playfully moved aside, trying to keep me facing the mirror, "What?" I whispered, staring at our reflection again.

He gently placed his hand on my very small bump, "I never imagined that I'd have a family of my own. Looking at us now though, I can't imagine my life without you or our baby."

I placed my hand on top of his, "I'm never letting you go, Nick." I told him, holding his gaze in the mirror, "I can't imagine my life without you or our baby either." I spun around, wrapping my arms tightly around his neck, "Thank you for loving me, protecting me and sharing your life with me." I smiled when he leaned in to kiss me.

Nick pulled away, caressing my cheek with the back of his hand, "You're so precious to me Emily. You can't even imagine how much I love you, what I would do for you." He pulled me into his arms and held me tightly pressed against his body.

I would never grow tired of the feeling Nick gave me when he held me so tightly in his arms, I could barely breathe. It made me feel how much he loved me, how much he cared for me. Nick's familiar scent surrounding me made me feel safe and at home. In his arms, I felt home and I was grateful that I met this man and for him to share his life with me. He is my Nick and I'm his Emily. Everyone says Nick is obsessed with me, that it wasn't healthy how much he needed me, but I didn't care. They didn't know that it was the same for me.

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