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   Chapter 19 The Premiere

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Today was premiere day and even though I was planning on cornering Anna at the premiere, I also wanted to have a good time. It would be the first event I'd attend without Nick. Evan and Michael, the security guard, would be by my side the entire time, but it was still different attending such an event without my Nick.

Smiling I felt two strong arms wrap around me, Nick was messing up my silver dress which cost a small fortune. A gift from my generous boyfriend who got pretty angry when I tried to refuse it. He wanted to give me pretty things and got offended when I denied him.

Nick tightened his grip around my waist, leaned in and pressed a kiss to my temple. I smiled at him as I met his gaze in the mirror.

"You look absolutely beautiful."

I held his gaze in the mirror, "You think so?" I swirled a finger through one of my curls, "Is it too much?"

"Too much?" He asked amused, "You're perfect." He kissed my temple once more and finally released me, "You sure you want to do this?"

I turned around, wrapping my arms around his neck, "I want to do this." I told him firmly, "It is going to be fun, Nick. I never attended a premiere before. Don't worry about me."

He sighed, "I'm always going to worry about you. I thought you realized that by now."

I knew Nick was very protective of me, he had been like that since the day we met. Back then he was cold and distant, but slowly he melted, showing not only me but also his friends his caring side. Now that we saw that side of him we didn't want to let it go.

I loved my Nick and I never wanted to share him with anyone else. I'd make that clear today, Anna would understand she had no chance. Nick was mine and I'd never let go of him.

"And I'll always worry about you." I stood on my toes and kissed him softly on the lips, "I love you."

He smiled, his eyes wandering from my eyes to my lips. I could see the change in his eyes, but we didn't have the time and I didn't want to ruin my dress. Pushing him playfully aside, I shook my head at him.

"No way, I put a lot of effort in my look today." I reached for my clutch and checked it to make sure I had everything, "Evan will be by my side the entire time. Michael will be there too, will it make you worry less?"


Walking past my concerned boyfriend, I headed to the living room where Michael was already waiting for me. Nick had a quiet word with Michael, probably to threaten him to take care of me.

When he was done threatening a now very pale looking Michael, Nick headed to me and grabbed my hand in his, pulling me to him.

"If you get tired or you don't feel well you need to tell Michael, okay? I want you safe and sound back home with me." He kissed the inside of my wrist and inhaled the sweet scent of my perfume, "You are torturing me." He whispered to me.

Smiling I ran a hand over his tie, "When I get back I'll make sure to show my sweet, sexy boyfriend how much I love him." I giggled when Nick grunted and pulled me even closer to him, "I can't wait." I kissed him once more, this time a lot harder. When I felt Nick really getting into it, I pulled away, "See you tonight, baby."

I left the apartment together with Michael, the security guard leading me to the car, his hand firmly pressed against my back. He took his job very seriously, I was sure Nick's threats must have scared the crap out of him. I stayed close to him though, I didn't want to upset Nick more than I had to.

I climbed into the backseat, smiling when I met Evan's gaze. He seemed excited to go to this premiere, I couldn't quite match his excitement though. I had no idea how Anna would react, but I hoped I could reach her sanity.

Evan told me to hold his arm while we walked through the crowd. Reporters wanted to ask him questions and I wanted to give him space so he could do a few interviews, but he wouldn't let me leave his side. It made me wonder if my boyfriend had threatened Evan as well.

Glancing over my shoulder I met Michael's gaze, he gave me a firm nod and observed his surroundings again.

After Evan done a couple of interviews, which he had done fast and efficiently we entered the theater. Some reporters managed to ask me a few questions about Nick as well and I was just really glad Evan was rig

was her next target.

Evan and Michael were by my side the moment Anna had left, Michael leading us back to the car while Evan grilled me about my talk with Anna. I told him everything and he seemed to agree that Anna might just back off this time.


"I saw photos of you and Evan online." Nick waved his tablet at me when I walked into the living room, dropping down on the couch right next to him, "You looked amazing tonight." He kissed my cheek, "You had fun?"

"I had a good time." I told him, grabbing his hand in mine, "I met an actor, Chase Patterson, who needs to get an invitation the next time an A-list party is hosted at one of your clubs-" I rolled my eyes when Nick raised an eyebrow at me, "And I had a very interesting talk with Anna. I'm sure we won't be hearing from her anymore."

"What do you mean you had a talk with Anna?" He asked confused, "I specifically told Evan and Michael to keep you away from her if she showed up!"

"I'm glad they didn't because we finally talked things over, Nick." I shifted, grabbing both his hands when he wanted to get up and probably pace back and forth, "I really think that she finally understands that her actions are futile."

"So you had a heart to heart with Anna? The woman who wanted to break us up from the moment we started dating? She agreed to divorce Chris because she was delusional about 'our' relationship. You really think she is going to back off that easily?"

"Yes, I really believe that. Giselle lied to her about everything and she wanted to believe it because apparently, you're the only guy who made her feel anything sexually-" I held up my hand when he wanted to open his mouth, "She never got to finish that sentence, but I got the hint. I don't want to know, so you don't have to explain yourself."

"So she'll back off?"

"She already has a new target." I grabbed the tablet and showed Nick a photo of Anna and Chase together, "Let's just hope it will work out for the both of them."

Nick still seemed doubtful about it all, but he accepted it for now. He took the tablet from me, placing it on the table before he grabbed my face in his hands and kissed me. The moment his lips were on mine I forgot about everything that happened tonight and only focused on the amazing feeling of being kissed by Nick. He wrapped his arms around my waist and effortlessly lifted me in his arms, pulling away from the kiss to walk us safely to the bedroom. He carefully placed me on the bed and stood before me, unbuttoning his shirt while he looked at me with that heated promise in his eyes.

I could understand why women were jealous of me being together with Nick. He was after all one fine man who happened to have a big heart too. I managed to catch his attention and make him fall as deeply in love with me as I was with him. I would never let go of him.

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