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   Chapter 18 Emily's Plan

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Tokyo had been fun for a month, but now that Nick and I were in the backseat of Miles' car I couldn't be more excited to be home.

I missed the people we had left behind. Mostly Evan and Brandon. It's not like I didn't email them or text them while I was alone at the hotel. But that wasn't the same as spending time with them, in real life, not in the digital world.

Chris had been great company, even when he came over drunk. He had mentioned that his ex-wife couldn't let go of Nick which worried me. Not as much as it would have in the early stage of our relationship, but I still thought about her once in a while.

I jumped when I felt a pinch on my side, glaring at the man who just rudely interrupted my thoughts.

"What?" I asked annoyed, rubbing my side.

Nick rolled his eyes, "I asked if you had plans for today? It's quite early, I think I'll head to the office to sort some stuff out-"

"I'll go see Brandon later today."

Nick nodded, "I'll pick you up afterward?"

"That will be awesome." I kissed his cheek, "Did Chris stay in Tokyo?"

"He decided to stay, yes." Nick confirmed, "One of us should stay while we're still working on branding it."

"Chris mentioned that it would have been more beneficial if you stayed." I glanced down at my fingers while I nervously played with the hem of my dress, "Is that true?"

Nick didn't look at me, but I already knew the answer, "We'll go every once in a while. Chris will be fine, we won't need to be there all the time-"

"So we should have been there, but you're worried about me. That's the reason why we only stayed a month."

Nick grabbed onto my hand, lacing our fingers together, "That might be true, but this is the perfect opportunity for Chris to get his mind off Anna. He can focus on getting the club off the ground, branding it and of course boosting sales. He might meet someone and move forward-" Nick raised our linked hands and softly brushed his lips over the back of my hand, "It will work out, there is no need for you to worry about this, Em. I'll do everything I can on my end, don't worry about it. Chris is not alone in this."

I did worry a little, Chris seemed fine when we left, but I had a feeling it would take more than just work to lift his spirit. The man was heartbroken, even when he said that he was glad it was over.

Glancing at Nick I noticed how the light hit his face, almost making him seem dreamlike. Like a guy, I made up in my head. I quickly touched his face, afraid I did make everything up but thank god he was still there when I touched him.

"What was that for?" He asked amused.

"Nothing." I couldn't tell him how I felt, it was embarrassing, "I just love you."

He frowned, but still accepted my weird out of the blue confession, "Love you more, Em." He kissed my hand again, "More than you know."

Nick dropped me off at the club near his office and when I entered the club I was thankfully not greeted by my best friend banging his girlfriend. I was greeted by Brandon pulling me into a tight hug while he spun me around, making me feel slightly sick. I clutched his shoulders and closed my eyes tightly.

"Bran, I missed you too!" I giggled, "Please put me down before I throw up all over you and everyone else around us."

Brandon quickly obeyed and put me back on my feet. I opened my eyes, releasing a breath and smiled at my best friend who looked really concerned right now.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to make you fe

was keeping for now.

After dessert, Nick and Brandon offered to do the dishes so I was left with our guests in the living room. Sasha was focused on the movie Evan had chosen, so she didn't notice when Evan turned to me and showed me the text he got.

"She'll be at the premiere tomorrow." He whispered, "We've got a date?"

I nodded, "Nick?"

He pocketed his phone again and focused on the screen ahead, "I'll handle it."

Brandon and Nick entered the living room shortly after that and took a seat on the couch as well. I shivered when Nick's cold hand touched my cheek and leaned more into him, kissing his cheek.

"Brandon knows, " I whispered to him.

He sighed, kissing the top of my head, "I know. He cornered me in the kitchen asking tons of questions."

We focused back on the movie and when it ended our friends left. I was sitting on the edge of our bed, moisturizing my legs after a shower while Nick got ready for his shower. Him undressing was like a show for me. I knew he was doing it on purpose every time.

"Evan mentioned some sort of surprise for you tomorrow." He tossed his tie next to me, "You sure you feel up for it-" He held up his hand when I wanted to open my mouth, "Because Brandon mentioned that you felt sick earlier."

"After he spun me around in circles!" I rolled my eyes, "Of course I'd feel sick. You don't spin a pregnant woman around! Especially when she has morning sickness and just got off a plane."

Nick didn't seem convinced, "I'll worry less if you take Michael with you."

I knew if I protested he'd check up on Evan and me. I didn't need that, it would ruin my plan to confront Anna so I agreed to take Michael with me. Evan could probably make it work. I knew he could work wonders.

Nick slowly unbuttoned his shirt, a playful smirk spreading across his face, "If you're not too tired I'd love to show you how much I love you after my shower."

Smiling I crossed my legs and leaned slightly back on the bed, "Be quick." I whispered to him, biting my lip when I heard him unzip his pants, "I can't wait."

He quickly lost his clothes after my confession and hopped into the shower. Tomorrow Nick would probably be very upset with me so I wanted to make good memories tonight. To onto hold them while we'd struggle to find peace again.

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