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   Chapter 17 Drunk Chris

The Billionaire's Obsession By Shafira Sardar Characters: 10097

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Sipping from my green tea I scanned through my inbox, finding tons of articles about Chris and his now ex-wife, Anna. I had hoped they'd get back together knowing how much Chris loved his wife, but I guess Nick had been right all along. Sometimes love isn't enough. What surprised me was that Chris was actually in Tokyo as well. Nick hadn't mentioned that when we arrived at our hotel last week. I knew my boyfriend was still high on the excitement of starting a family, but I wished he mentioned that he was doing business with Chris here. That being the main reason why he needed to stay in Tokyo for a month.

"You find anything interesting?"

My hand shook when I heard that familiar Australian accent, making me spill my delicious green tea.

"Tons of interesting articles. Mostly about you." I admitted, thanking him when he helped me clean up the mess, "So Nick is your silent partner who suddenly became a not so silent partner?"

Chris smiled, his charming boyish smile which made women swoon, "We may have leaked something to the press." Chris shrugged a shoulder and took a seat across me, "Nick is a big name in this business, Emily, linking his name to my club here will definitely boost sales."

I wanted to say that I was really interested in their business, but I wasn't. What interested me right now was the fact that Chris looked really happy. Last time I saw him we were having a party to cheer him up. His talk with Anna must have helped him find peace and that made me a little curious.

"Is it true?" I cleared my throat when Chris raised an eyebrow at me in question, "Are you really divorced?"

Chris' eyes wandered to my phone, "It is." He admitted, "It's better this way. She doesn't love me, she was never in love with me-" It pained me when he actually smiled, the sad, heartbreaking smile, "So this one-sided thing was never going to work. Our marriage was doomed to fail."

"Why did she marry you in the first place?"

"I've been wondering about that for a very long time." He ordered himself a green tea as well when a waiter walked past our table and got comfortable in his seat, "Sometimes people want to fall in love with someone because you know that person will be good to you for the rest of your life, that they'll cherish you and protect you, make you feel loved and you'll force yourself to think that you're in love with that person, but you're actually not. And then your marriage is doomed to fail."

I wanted to say that I didn't know what he meant, but I did. You want to marry the good guy because you know he'll never break your heart, but when the good guy doesn't make your heart race, it just doesn't work out. I could have been in a relationship with Brandon, but he doesn't make my heart skip a beat with a mere look. Nick does. Being with Nick was dangerous. He could break my heart into a million pieces, but not being with him would hurt me more. A relationship was hard and most complicated. I just wished Chris would eventually find that girl who'd fa

east a pretty good lawyer because Nick was going to eat them alive.

"What the hell!" Nick cursed loudly, I couldn't see who it was but Nick sounded less hostile than a minute ago, "It's fucking three A.M, Chris."

I sat upright in bed when I heard Chris mumble something. He was so fucking wasted. I guess that was how he was dealing with his heartache. Drinking his sorrow away.

"Why do you have to be so bloody perfect?" Chris stumbled into the room, "She swore she'd have you, you know. I don't understand why she can't leave it alone-" Chris noticed me in bed and raised his hand in a greeting, "Morning Emily."

"Morning Chris." I replied, getting out of bed to help Nick with this situation, "Why don't you take a seat, Chris." I nodded to the couch, glancing at Nick so he got the message, "I'll get you some water. You need to hydrate."

"Such a sweet girl." Chris made it to the couch with Nick's help.

"Who swore what?" I asked, handing Chris his glass of water.

Nick wrapped an arm around my waist and pulled me to him, "Who do you think he is talking about? Obviously, his delirious ex-wife who lives in fantasy land together with her evil step-sister Giselle."

I wrapped my arms around myself, watching Chris who seemed focused only on his glass of water. Apparently drinking the cold liquid was quite a task for the drunk man.

"What can they possibly do? You still have your clubs even after Anna tried to sabotage you. They have no cards up their sleeve anymore."

Chris pointed at me, "True." He held up his glass for me to take, but Nick beat me to it and placed the glass on the table, "So I guess we should all chill and go to sleep."

"We were fucking asleep." Nick threw a pillow at Chris, "Just take the couch, we'll talk in the morning."

I smiled when Nick led me to the bed again. I was pretty sure that the old Nick would have kicked Chris out no matter what state he was in. These little changes were pretty amazing to me. It only made me love that man more.

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