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   Chapter 16 Our Future

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Graduation was in a few weeks which was something I never expected to happen, but I still managed to combine work, an intense relationship and meeting with crazy friends with my college life. I had to admit that the last few months I didn't do it on my own, I had the privilege of asking my successful billionaire boyfriend for help. Nick loved to help, it helped us grow closer together. Since I shared my news with our close friends, Evan had been bugging me about a celebration lunch. I loved spending time with Evan so I agreed. When I told Nick about my lunch date with Evan he pushed me to accept it, like he really wanted me to spend time with Evan. I figured it was because he rather has me away from Brandon. I didn't share with Nick about what happened at the club, but I felt like Nick knew. Like he somehow found out about Brandon and his waitress. Obviously, Nick installed multiple cameras at the club to guarantee everyone's safety so maybe that's how he found out about his club manager banging a waitress. I was getting paranoid about what Nick knew and what he didn't, I couldn't help it. Brandon didn't always make the right decision, but he was like family to me. If I could I would protect him. Sitting across Evan I was going over the menu, trying to decide what to eat. I wasn't that hungry so I was scanning the soup list. Making my decision I told the waiter my order, going for the creamy mushroom soup and earl grey tea. I knew it wasn't a great combination, some people would find that really odd. But I loved my soups and teas. To me, there was no odd combination. My lunch date, however, did raise an eyebrow at me when I placed my order. He wisely decided to keep his words to himself.

"So are you going to tell me what has been bothering you?"

I placed my menu back on the table and leaned back against my seat, trying to get as comfortable as possible, "You know I witnessed Brandon and his waitress having some fun during work hours, I shouldn't have witnessed it, but it still happened. Now I'm being paranoid about Nick, wondering if he knows." I narrowed my eyes on the curious looking Evan, "Did you share it with Nick?"

"Why would I be sharing that with Nick? I actually don't care who Brandon bangs. Well, that's a lie. It's good news that Brandon found a girl to spend time with because then he won't be thinking about banging you instead."

I was conflicted. Evan obviously didn't share anything with Nick, but his words that followed made me want to kick him under the table. I didn't though, Evan obviously said those words because he meant them. He cared about Nick and he didn't want anything to come between Nick and I. Brandon wasn't his friend so he didn't give a fuck about Brandon's feelings.

We both remained silent when the waiter placed our food in front of us, thanking him. I placed my teabag in my cup and let it sit for a bit. Evan took a sip of his water and glanced back at me.

"So what do you think, " I asked after a while, breaking the silence first.

Evan looked up meeting my gaze, "About what?"

"Do you think Nick found out on his own?"

Evan leaned back in his chair, folding his arms across his chest, "Nick always knows everything. He has a whole team working for him to inform him about everything and everyone. So yeah, I'm pretty sure Nick knows without you telling him about your friend being indiscreet with one of his co-workers."

Taking the teabag out of my cup so the tea wouldn't taste bitter I placed it on the saucer and reached for my cup, holding it in both hands to let the warmth comfort me.

"So why hasn't he talked to Brandon about it? I'm sure Nick disapproves."

"If Nick hasn't taken any actions it's either because he hasn't had the time to deal with it or he's letting it go because he knows what Brandon means to you."

Or he felt the same way as Evan about this situation. I was leaning towards the latter. Sighing, I glanced down at my cup. I didn't like making Nick feel that way, but I wasn't going to stay away from Brandon either. I was convinced we could make this work, we just needed t

ecause he was no longer talking about the subject anymore.

"I'm sorry, " I whispered, looking away from those saddened eyes.

Brandon smiled, kissing my temple, "Don't be. You can't control who you fall in love with, it just happens." He pulled away and glanced at my full tumbler, "Should I call you a cab, Em?"

I shook my head, "No, Bran, Miles is waiting for me." I got up and smiled at him, "We're okay, right?"

He smiled, "Of course we are."

Leaving the club on a good note I met up with Miles, letting him drive me back to the apartment. I was glad I could have that talk with Brandon. It was a talk we should have had months ago, but I think he wasn't ready. Things were good between us now.


Nick was rubbing moisturizer onto his arms while he talked to me about Tokyo. I listened absentmindedly because the piece of plastic in my hands had all my attention. He didn't realize though because I was standing by the sink in the bathroom and he was sitting on the bed, the bathroom door ajar.

"So after your graduation, we'll stay for about a month in Tokyo-"

"Sounds good, baby."

Nick chuckled, "Really? Last time you made such a big deal about going to Tokyo with me."

"I'd go anywhere with you."

"What's wrong?"

Nick's voice sounding so close to me startled me making me drop the piece of plastic on the floor. The clattering sound echoed through the damped bathroom, causing both of us to look down at it.

"What's that?" He asked though I was sure he knew exactly what it was.

I gulped, leaning down to grab it, "A pregnancy test."

He grabbed onto my wrist and turned it slightly so he could look at it. The digital display confirming his silent question.

"Three weeks?"

"That's what it says." I whispered, I tried to pull my wrist back but he wouldn't let go, "Are you okay, Nick?"

He wouldn't release me, but his lips curved into a sloppy, cheerful smile, "That explains your weird response...You had me worried for a second baby."

I frowned, "I'm not joking when I said that I'd go anywhere with you!" I almost dropped the test again, but this time Nick caught it and observed it as if the display would change.

"This explains your recent behavior." He turned to me, smiling even brighter, "You don't know how fucking happy you make me, Emily." He closed the distance between us and pulled me into his arms, "I love you."

His arms were wrapped tightly around me, I could hardly move, but I didn't care. HE didn't know how happy he made me. He kept rumbling on and on about our future, but I honestly didn't care. Nick being so freaking happy about this pregnancy made me so fucking high with joy that I honestly didn't care if he decided we should move to Tokyo.

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