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   Chapter 15 The Shameless Whiner

The Billionaire's Obsession By Shafira Sardar Characters: 11979

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The following morning I had a hard time getting ready for work all because of my very persistent boyfriend. He dropped me off at the club leaning in to kiss me, but I turned my head and stepped out of the car.

"That's what you get for slowing me down this morning!"

"I don't recall you protesting at all..."

I was definitely not protesting considering how much he pleased me, but I wouldn't admit that. Instead, I stuck my tongue out to him and slammed the door shut for dramatic effect. As I walked around the car I could feel his amused eyes on me. I grabbed my phone and texted him that I love him, just letting him know how I really felt about him. I glanced over my shoulder throwing him a smile before I entered the club. I wasn't focused on where I was going because my gaze was fixed on my screen. Putting it away in my bag I looked up and nearly ran smack into a table as I saw my best friend in a compromising position. The disgusting view in front of me almost made me run back out of the club. Brandon glanced over his shoulder, looking horrified as he saw me at the entrance. The new waitress he was banging didn't look as horrified as him if anything she looked quite pleased with getting caught. No self-respect whatsoever. All Brandon's exes or whatever you called them had very little self-respect. I guessed that was his type.

"Nice Bran." I shook my head, walking past them and headed straight for the office.

I could hear Brandon's loud curses as I kicked the door shut behind me. If Nick had followed me inside Brandon would have been in serious trouble. Nick did not tolerate behavior like that. They were banging each other in plain sight for anyone to see. Burying my head in my hands I took deep breaths to calm myself down, hearing my phone beeping inside my purse. It was probably Nick who had read my text. I needed the distraction right now.

Walking around the desk, I took a seat and quickly reached for my phone, wishing it was Nick providing me with a very much needed distraction.

Love you more

- Nick

Smiling like an idiot I stared at the text for a minute. Trying to let the thoughts of Nick cloud my mind instead of Brandon who did the naughty with the shameless waitress.

"You're back!"

I glanced up from my phone and stared at Brandon who entered the office. He closed the door behind him and leaned against it as if to ensure that I'd stayed in the office while we 'talked'. I'd start yelling at him for his inappropriate behavior and we both knew it.

"I'm back." I agreed, "You knew I was back in town since I left you like a dozen messages yesterday."

He folded his arms across his chest, "You were out together with Nick and his friends so I figured you'd be running late today."

I knew I heard something dark in his voice. He didn't sound pleased when he mentioned Nick. Somehow I had a feeling he disliked it that I went out yesterday. I just didn't understand why. It wasn't anything special, just a small get together with friends.

"Chris needed his friends so we went out to have a drink with them." I frowned, "We're not dating, Brandon. I don't owe you an explanation."

"And I don't owe you one." He threw back at me.

I stood up, furious he dared to turn this around, "No you don't owe me an explanation. You owe me a fucking apology. If Nick had joined me you'd be in serious trouble. What the hell were you thinking? If you needed to fuck someone so badly you could have done it here while locking the door or the employees' room. Not in fucking plain sight, Brandon!"

I heard him inhale a

someone who always had his back no matter what.


After Evan left Nick insisted on cleaning up the table. He was currently in the kitchen doing the dishes. It was amazing how normal we were these days. Nick definitely changed a lot. I knew I had something to do with it, but it also because of the people who surrounded him. Evan and now Chris. Life was going well for us and I wouldn't tolerate anyone who wanted to mess that up.

"Have you heard from Chris?" I called Nick.

"No need to yell, honey." Nick called back, lowering his voice as he spoke again, "I haven't heard from him, but there was a picture online of him and Anna. A recent photo and I haven't heard from her for a while, so I'm assuming they're talking."

"He really loves her."

I walked to the kitchen and watched my boyfriend clean everything up. He was even obsessive when it came to cleaning. Everything was actually sparkling, looking brand new.

"Sometimes that isn't enough, Em." Nick repeated the words Chris once told me, "Don't get your hopes up, okay? I don't want to see you hurt."

I moved closer to the bar and took a seat on the stool right across Nick who was scrubbing a pot with so much force I could actually see his muscles in his arms flexing.

"I'm not the one who can get hurt in this scenario, Nick." I giggled, "I think that pot is clean."

"You care too much." Nick rinsed the pot which now sparkled in the light, "That's a good thing, but it also means you can get hurt easily, Em."

I watched him for a minute. I was done discussing the annoying people in our lives. What I needed right now was for Nick to undress and take me into our bedroom. I couldn't be on the counter because that was just bringing unwanted memories back.

"Let's go to bed, Nick."

He must have heard something in my voice, because he looked up, his eyes darkening the moment he looked at me. He dropped the towel on the counter and walked to me, cupping my face in his cold hands. He leaned in and claimed my lips for a kiss.

The moment he kissed me everything around us just faded. Nick always had that effect on me. He could make everything disappear for a second, making me focus on him and him alone. Sometimes that was a good thing. I wrapped my arms tightly around his neck and smiled into the kiss when he pulled me up and headed to the bedroom. Nick was all I needed right now.

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