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   Chapter 14 Em's selfish decision

The Billionaire's Obsession By Shafira Sardar Characters: 11705

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The next few days we had left at Tokyo flew by and I was honestly grateful for Nick to have pushed me to tag along. In the end, this trip had been amazing even when we met up with Anna's husband. Turned out he was not as bad as I thought he'd be. I guess when a woman openly pursue another man while being married you can't help but assume something must be seriously wrong with the husband. Chris was lovely though, as calm as a fresh spring morning. And he wasn't honestly bad too look at, not bad at all. His voice alone could make a girl's panty drop. Anna not appreciating any of that made me question her sanity.

We were currently in an SUV, Miles driving us to Nick's apartment. I still had mine, but I rarely spend time at it. I thought about getting rid of it, but somehow I just couldn't take that step. If I got rid of my apartment I was taking ten steps ahead in our relationship and we already started our relationship way too fast so it a good thing to take one step back and just take a deep breath. There was no rush to get rid of my apartment so for the time being, I would just hold onto it. And who knew, maybe one day our fire burned out. Then Nick would kick me out of his apartment and I had nowhere to go. It was good to have a backup plan.

I shot a glance at Nick and noticed his frown, "What's wrong?"

"Chris is still in town."

I didn't understand why that was such a bad thing, "So?"

Nick turned to look at me, "Either his conversation with Anna went really well or it went really bad."

"And bad is not good for us, " I whispered.

Nick clenched his phone in his fist, "I really think it's the latter, Em." He ran a hand through his hair and started calling his temporarily assistant so he could set updates with his PR team and crisis management team. Nick was going on the defense here and I couldn't really blame him.

I grabbed my phone when it interrupted everyone's conversation in the silent car. Apologizing quietly before I answered seeing it was Evan, my highly intelligent ally.

"You missed us, didn't you?" I rolled my eyes when Nick muttered something along the lines of Evan being an asshole.

"Yes, dearly...I'm having drinks with Chris tonight. Are you too tired to join us?"

"You're having drinks with Chris?" I repeated, causing my boyfriend to be on high alert, "How is Chris doing?"

"Are you not so subtly asking about his marriage, Emily?"

"Yes, that's exactly what I'm asking."

"She asked for a divorce. There wasn't anything he could say or do to convince her to stay with him." Evan took a deep breath, "So since this is his last day in New York I thought I'd arrange a goodbye party for him. Try to cheer him up with booze and beautiful women."

"So where do I fit into all of this?"

"Don't play coy now, Em, you fit the beautiful women category...and the fact that you're a friend of his. Or at least he speaks very highly of you so I assume you two are friends."

I didn't know Chris had taken a liking to me, we got along but apparently, our conversation meant a lot to him. It did to me as well, so I was glad I wasn't imagining things. He'd be a great friend since he was so put together. The complete opposite of Nick, but at the same time just as harsh as him when he did business. Chris would also be a wonderful friend to Nick, maybe someone who could reason with him just like Evan occasionally did.

"Text the time and place and we'll be there."

Nick raised an eyebrow at my statement, but I just sh

ir life.

I placed my hand on his shoulder, "I'm just going to say this once...I don't think a woman decides just like that to leave the man she married to chase another. It can't be that she changed her mind overnight. Something must have happened for her to make that decision."

Chris stared at me for a great while before he looked back at his glass and knocked down the last remains, "You're probably right." He smiled and leaned back in his chair, "There still might be a reason for me to stay after all."


Walking out of the bathroom which was now damped and hot since I took such a long shower Nick started wondering if I had drowned, I made my way to the bed and started moisturizing my legs. Nick occasionally tucked on my fluffy towel, trying to get it off my body. I'd scold him, but I loved his playful side. He'd grin like a little boy and give me 'I'm innocent' look. I loved this man. I knew he'd fight for me, he'd do anything for me. So how could I not love him?

"So Chris mentioned he might be staying for a little while."

I feigned surprise, "Oh...really? Because of Anna?"

"I saw you talking to him, Em." He trailed his fingers up my moisturized leg, "I know you have something to do with this."

I swatted his hand away when he trailed too high, "I told him that if he loved her he'd fight for her. That's all I did. I didn't ask him to stay, that was his decision."

Nick grabbed onto my towel again and managed to pull it off me. He tossed it aside carelessly and grabbed onto my hips, pulling me down on the bed with him. He chuckled and spun us around so that he was laying on top of me.

"I just took a shower!"

He grabbed onto my leg and hooked it around his body, "Don't worry I'll clean you up after we're done."

I slapped his shoulder hard, "I have to work in the morning."

"Oh and I don't have to?" I knew Nick had much more on his plate than me. Smiling I cupped his face and kissed him, really kissed him. I felt his whole body tense when I did that, but he quickly recovered and kissed me back just as passionately. "Fine, you're paying the water bill anyway."

Chuckling he covered my lips with his again and kissed me just the way I liked it. Like nothing else in the world mattered to him, that all he could see was me. Those kind of kisses were the best kind.

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