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   Chapter 13 Tea time with Chris

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Not once in my life did I fly first class before, but Nick assured me we had to fly first class if we headed to Tokyo. It was a long flight and he wanted to be as comfortable as possible, also getting some work done to make use of his free time up in the air. So it was like a dream flying first class with my billionaire boyfriend, but staying in the most exclusive hotel just made no sense to me. I felt out of place, but at the same time I couldn't help but to take it all in and be in complete awe of all of it. I might sound selfish, but I loved the luxury!

While I was getting dressed in our fancy hotel room, Nick was already handling his meetings and what not. He'd be back around six in the evening so I had some time to myself to get some schoolwork done and maybe explore the fancy hotel. Stepping out of the bedroom I met the gaze of the security guard who tagged along with us, making sure we didn't run into any trouble.

"You know when Mr. Jones is arriving?" I asked him.

He checked his watch but she assumed he knew exactly what time it was. It might be a thing he did out of habit, but that was something she'd be nosy about another time. He looked up again, meeting her curious gaze, "He arrived a few minutes ago. But I don't think it's such a good idea to meet up with him, Miss Pierce."

"Please call me Emily." I told him as I folded my arms across my chest, "And why is that?"

He cleared his throat, "Because he is a stranger to you if you had known him you'd know just like you he prefers it if people call him by his first name."

Nick would agree with the uptight security guard in a heartbeat. He'd probably think it was really stupid of me to approach Anna's husband while the man was on a business trip. But I couldn't help it, I was curious about what kind of man Anna was married. There had to be something wrong with him. There was no way a decent man would put up with a woman like her.

"Thanks for the information." I smiled at him, "Don't worry about me, I'm just going to have a talk with Chris. I won't say anything which will harm his relationship with Nicolas or his reputation for that matter."

The guy clenched his jaw, still not convinced about the meeting. Too bad for him Nick ordered him to grant my wishes like a genie. Flashing him another smile I walked past the stiff looking security guard and stepped out of my suite. He followed closely behind me and told me the whereabouts of Anna's husband.

"The garden...Odd." I whispered, "You'd think a man who is in the same business as my boyfriend would prefer a more...crowded place to spend his time."

The stiff security guy was now by my side and spoke in a low tone, "Chris enjoys art, music, and tea...Which is odd, yes, especially since he married a supermodel and owns a chain of nightclubs." He met my gaze and smirked, "I'm sure the two of you will get along fine."

"Thank you for the background check." I spotted the man named Chris instantly, "Stay at a distance, okay? I'd like to talk to Chris privately."

Stiff security guard stayed at a distance just as I asked while I approached Chris. It was like he felt my presence because he slightly turned looking at me instead of the beautiful colored tree.

"If it isn't Miss Emily Pierce." His accent was definitely a turn on if only I could close my eyes and listen to his voice forever, "To what do I owe the pleasure, Miss Pierce?"

I observed him closely, shamelessly ogling him. Trying to find any flaws in his appearance, but there weren't any. Chris Jones was seriously hot with his tanned skin and blonde hair. All I could think about was how crazy Anna was for trying to pursue Nick when she was married to this Australian god.

"It's rude to stare, Miss Pierce."

That freaking accent! It was confirmed, Anna was an idiot for not being glued to this guy's side for the rest of her life.

"S-sorry." I tried not to stutter, but failed, "It's just that..." I bit my lip trying to hold back the words

it will go viral which will be bad for your business. I hate this!"

Nick hovered over me, his eyes sparkling with amusement, "It's adorable how jealous you are."

I grabbed his hair and pulled his head down, my lips lightly brushing against his, "Damn right I'm jealous, Nick." I pressed my lips firmly against his, making sure to kiss him with everything I got, "You're in a serious relationship and that woman has no right to fight for you when she cannot even promise you a future, a real one."

"I love you."

He captured my lips with his again and kissed the living daylight out of me. I loved every second of it. At this moment the world around us just disappeared. It was just me and Nick enjoying our little happy bubble.


Nick made a face when Chris approached our table the next morning. I asked him to join us for breakfast, but he politely refused.

"Thanks for the offer, Emily, but I have a plane to catch. I just wanted to thank you personally for your time yesterday." He ran a hand through his blonde locks, "Talking to you made all the doubts I had before disappear. So thank you for listening and I wish you well." He glanced at Nick, "Both of you."

"Aren't you rebranding your club here?" I asked confused, "Aren't you supposed to stay longer?"

I could see the warmth spreading in his eyes, "I left a very detailed rapport with my club manager to follow. If they have any questions they know how to reach me." He looked amused, "I have to take care of a few things back in New York."

He bid his goodbye and left just as quickly as he arrived. After his words, all I could do was stare at my delicious looking food. He wasn't going back to his house in Australia, he was going to New York, which meant that he was going to deal with Anna. I didn't know if I should be happy about that. What if Anna only got worse after this?"

Nick reached for my hand across the table and squeezed it lightly, "You made me like that fucking bastard." I smiled at his words, "Damn you, Emily."

"I'm sorry you're becoming friends with all your rivals." I brushed my thumb over the back of his hand, "That's really a nightmare."

He nodded, "It is! This business is tough, I'm supposed to be badass."

"I'll try and piss off the next person who crosses our path, " I promised him.

Nick threw his head back and laughed. We had a normal breakfast after that, though in the back of my mind I was wondering about Anna and Chris. Would they stay together, would he take her back home with him or would they separate? I really wished he'd take her with him back to Australia. That would put enough distance between Anna and Nick.

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