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   Chapter 12 Trip for Two

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I dreaded going home because I knew we'd have a big fight. I couldn't keep my opinions to myself and Nick was just so intense this had to become one of the biggest fights ever. Miles dropped me off and the other two guys hovering close by.

As I entered the apartment I was greeted with a soft light emitting from the living room. I approached the room slowly as if I'd find a ticking time bomb in there. Maybe I would...

Nick was seated on the couch in front of the TV, a tumbler in hand which had amber liquid swirling around. He was drinking and paid me no attention as I approached him.


He looked up, but he didn't look as angry as I expected him to be. He looked kind of calm which took me off guard. Did Evan already have a talk with him? If he did I'd be totally shocked that Nick actually listened to Evan.


"Stalking me is not okay. Stalking me and then barging in at a crowded restaurant while yelling at me and YOUR friend is not okay. You get that right?"

He looked at me, his face staying in that impassive mask as he slowly tilted his head back and emptied the last remains of his bitter looking liquid. Nick sure looked like a ticking time bomb and it looked like I cut the wrong wire.

"I did not stalk you." He said curtly, "Miles called me about dropping you off at the restaurant. It pissed me off that you asked Evan out on a lunch date right after Anna left me a cryptic message about him."

"Wait for what?" I was probably not hearing this right, because Nick talking to Anna even if it was by text seemed really wrong to me, "You stayed in touch with Anna? The woman who wants you, and practically called me a slut at the club the other night?"

"She can want me all she wants, but she is not going to have me." He stood up and headed for the bar, pouring himself yet another drink, "Because I'm in a relationship with you. I don't stray, Em. All I can think about is you, I thought I made that perfectly clear already."

Somehow he managed to make me feel guilty. Make me want to apologize for my behavior when I clearly was not the one at fault here. How the hell did he manage to do that? I needed to learn how to be that charming and manipulative.

"That doesn't change the fact that you're talking to the woman I really don't like!" I closed the distance between us and grabbed onto the lapels of his jacket, "And it's still very wrong what you did, even if she suggested something insane. What did she tell you about Evan anyway?"

He looked down at me as he sipped his drink, "I'm not talking to her, she texted me and I read it. I shouldn't have read the damn text because she made me doubt my best friend." He took another huge gulp before I grabbed the glass from him and stole the last remains of his very strong scotch, "Thankfully Evan gets me."

I nodded, "Yes he gets you." I firmly repeated, "Don't screw that up, because you need people like Evan around you when people like Anna and Giselle are trying to rip your world apart."

Nick made sure the tumbler was safely back on the bar before he grabbed me by my waist and pressed me up against his body. He held me so tightly to him I could barely breathe, but I knew he needed to feel me. Evan told me that this thing was completely new to Nick. He had never felt this way for a woman before, he had no idea how to handle his new feelings.

"I'll try and control my emotions better next time." He promised me quietly.

I knew he'd try. He might fail again, but we'd get there eventually.

"That's all I needed to hear." I looked up, meeting his eyes, "No more stalking. Just give me a call next time."

A humorless chuckle left his lips, "I told you, it was not stalking. Miles knew where you were and he informed me about it. I didn't trace your phone or tracked a car. The man who dropped you off simply informed his employer about his agenda."

"You misused that information to vent your anger." I reminded him.

He leaned down pressing a harsh kiss to my temple, "Fine, next time I'll call first."

Smiling I stood on my toes and cupped his face in my hands. Before he could do or say anything I pressed my lips firmly against his and kissed him with all I got. He reacted immediately and lifted me up, keeping me in place while he headed for the bedroom.

After that day Nick and I had two weeks of pure happiness. Our relationship had its up and downs and I was pretty sure that was normal. When we had a fight it was so intense, but when we made up our relationship only became so much stronger.

Brandon was slowly being prepped as manager and

his right, Bran?"

"I know he really cares about you." Bran sounded distracted, I was probably keeping him off his work, "He also knows that if he hurts you I'll hurt him. Go have fun in Tokyo. Call me the minute he screws up so I can kick his ass."

I leaned in and pressed a firm kiss to his temple, "I love you."

Brandon finally looked up from his papers and grinned widely at me. I never saw how his eyes glow with happiness like that. He placed his hand on top of mine that rested on his desk and slightly squeezed it.

"Love you too, Em."

I hopped off his desk and actually went back to work. I had been slacking off lately because my boyfriend was the freaking owner and my best friend was the manager. They both actually didn't give a damn if I did anything or not. I knew though that the other employees would not be so happy about my behavior so I went back behind the bar and started pouring drinks.


Nick had invited Evan over for dinner, which surprised me, but then again they were close friends. Whatever happened at lunch might have been forgotten already. Evan probably scolded Nick for his behavior as well and now my boyfriend knew not to act like a creepy stalker. At least I hoped we all got through to him.

"You looking forward to Tokyo, Em?" Evan asked me as he helped me set the table.

Nick was on the phone, pacing around the living room like a madman. I wondered if he didn't get dizzy with how many circles he already made around the couch.

"I have a report due so technically I'm not supposed to have fun..."

Evan rolled his eyes at me, "Shut up."

"During the day Nick will be in meetings so I'll just work on my school assignment. After his meetings, we'll probably go out. I'm not sure."

Evan leaned closer to me, "I heard Anna's husband is also stopping by. You might want to drop by and introduce yourself...politely."

I knew exactly what he meant by that. His tone was not hard to decode. I'd definitely introduce myself to her husband and tell him a thing or two about his wife, even when Nick wanted to keep it to himself. No harm could be done if I simply seemed interested in his life, asking a question or two about his wife. One thing would lead to another and he'd know what Anna was up to. Mastermind Evan was definitely on my side and I very much appreciated that. The devious guy winked at me and took a seat at the table, calling out to Nick to hang up the damn phone and join us for dinner.

"If you don't hurry up I'll get your dessert as well, " Evan warned him.

I smiled when Nick seemed irritated but amused at the same time. Nick approached the table after finishing his call and kissed my cheek, flashing a glare at his friend.

"If you touch my chocolate cake I'll deck you."

Laughing I shook my head and told both men to grow up, "Let's enjoy dinner without the constant bickering, okay?"

I would never admit to them that I loved their constant bickering. Even after all the drama, those delusional people put us through we still managed to stay strong together.

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