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   Chapter 11 Stalker Nick

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Groaning I rolled onto my stomach, my eyes snapping open when I didn't feel a cold, hard surface underneath me. The last thing I remembered was having sex with Nick on his wooden floor. It explained why my whole body was hurting, but I guess somewhere along the way Nick carried me to the bedroom and tucked me in, and I didn't even notice it.

Just thinking about Nick made a stupid wide grin spread across my face. Everything between us felt so right. If I would die right then and there I wouldn't mind.

My cell phone vibrated loudly through the apartment, demanding of me to answer it. The sound actually startled me. Rolling out of bed I reached for Nick's shirt. He wasn't in the bedroom and I had a feeling he was also not in the living room. It was eight in the morning and I think my boyfriend who pleasured me all night left early in the morning without telling me. Not that he usually told me he was leaving, but I felt weird about it after last night. Maybe I was just being too clingy after being so intimate with Nick.


"Em, I'm sorry I had to leave so early-"

I gripped my phone tighter in my hand, my core clenching the moment I heard Nick's voice.

"You have work, I get that."

"You sound upset, I'm really sorry, Em."

If he could see me right now he'd know I'm not upset at all. What I wanted was for him to be here right beside me so he could kiss me again, touch me again and make me scream for him again. This man was definitely not good for my sanity.

"I'm not upset." I smiled, "I wish you were here with me."

"You have no idea how bad I wish I was there with you."

I could imagine how much he wanted it. Nick was intense when it came to me, so I had a pretty good feeling about his mood. I'm pretty sure no one but Mike or Evan could approach him right now. Everyone else would just back off because of that signature ice-cold look.

"Listen I have to go but see you tonight?"

It amazed me that he actually asked instead of just demanding of me to stay at his apartment. Lately, I saw more of his apartment than mine and yet the nervous feeling didn't creep in yet.

"I'll be here." I promised, "I'm going to check up on Brandon. But I'll definitely be here tonight."

I could hear Nick intake a deep breath and braced myself for whatever preaching he had in store for me. Yet it never came.

"Okay then, see you tonight, Em."

I smiled, "See you."

After my conversation with Nick, I took a quick shower and grabbed an apple for breakfast. I knew it wasn't good enough, but I wanted to take Brandon out for lunch. My personal driver or better said Nick's personal driver Miles drove me to Brandon's place. After a few minutes of knocking and ringing the doorbell, Brandon actually opened the door, not looking decent enough to show his face outside the bedroom. I should have known. Brandon usually opened the door almost immediately.

"You're busy." I blurted out.

No matter how annoyed he was right now for me interrupting his conquest or whatever you liked to call it, he still grinned widely.

"Yeah, kind of busy here. Rain check?"

I felt awkward seeing Brandon in only his boxers and the kind of sex hair I loved seeing on Nick's head.

"Sure!" I almost bumped into the wall when I tried turning around without looking.

He wanted to reach for me and make sure I was okay, but a woman's voice stopped him and made him look over his shoulder.

man out if he knew how upset I was right now.

"Dump him, " Brandon exclaimed, handing me a beer.

I sipped it, needing something to release the stress, "Shut up. I don't want to leave him."

"So maybe he was just stressed because of that whole thing about his new club. Miles might have told him about Evan and that was the last straw. He probably didn't mean it."

That was the first time Brandon actually tried to defend Nick. He sounded sincere about it as well. I knew Brandon had a point. Even though Evan and Nick were friends, they were still quite competitive. He had a lot of issues right now and hearing about my lunch with Evan just freaked him out more. He was wrong about his approach, but I understood why it might have happened.

"He needs help with the club."

Brandon sighed, "I'll step up my game."

I smiled, "Thank you, that would be appreciated."

Brandon suddenly became very serious. I had never seen him that serious before. Not when he tried to convince me that Nick was not good dating material or when he heard about me being attacked in the parking lot. This was a whole other Brandon.

"As long as we are clear that I'm doing this for you. Not for that asshole who doesn't deserve you."

I refrained from rolling my eyes because I was happy someone was going to have Nick's back through all this. Brandon was the club manager, I knew there wasn't much damage control he could do. But at least someone was at Nick's side no matter what.

"I need to go home and face my stalker billionaire of a boyfriend."

Brandon walked me to the door, "Tell him that stalking you is not okay. If he doesn't get that I'll punch him in the face. He surely understands it after a good punch in the face."

He made me laugh even when he said something so mean about my boyfriend. I left Brandon's and asked Miles to take me home. I'd prepare dinner, and think of a million things to say to Nick when he finally arrived home. He needed to know that I was not okay with his behavior and if he didn't get that, I couldn't be with him. I knew that last part would probably not leave my lips, but it was what I was thinking about. Love wasn't supposed to be about stalking and jealousy. It had to be something warm and welcoming. Something different than this.

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