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   Chapter 10 Emily's Needs

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Nick and I were dating for a few months now, falling into a comfortable routine. I loved being with him and since Nick was very open about our relationship I knew it was the same for him. Today was the grand opening of Nick's new club. The club which Brandon was going to manage and was close to his headquarters. I was thinking about transferring to that club and Nick was pushing me to do it. I knew he wanted me close to him so he wasn't going to back down. I couldn't lie though, this club was modern looking with lots of silver and neon blue lights. It was like we were in space and I loved it. It was also quite hilarious that I somehow managed to match the decor.

I was wearing a long strapless silver dress and smiled when the silver cuff bracelet around my right wrist shined in the lights. My generous boyfriend gave it to me as a present. Everything about this night seemed perfect so I knew it would all burn in flames.

"You look worried."

I turned to Evan who was now standing by my side with a tumbler in hand, the gold liquid in it looking so enticing right now.

"I have a bad feeling about tonight, " I admitted to him.

"Like something bad is going to happen?"

Did he have the same feeling? I glanced at him from under my lashes and noticed the sour look on his face. He definitely agreed with me.

"Not something but someone will ruin this night." He stepped closer to me, his lips near my ear, "I saw Anna."

Everything around me stopped for a split second. There was no DJ playing loud music, or people talking loudly, laughing loudly. There was just the one person who could definitely ruin this night for me, and I didn't even see her yet.

"Where is she now?"

"Trying to find your boyfriend." Evan offered me his tumbler and I took it, swallowing the content so quickly it burned my throat and stomach, "She is not nearly as beautiful as you." He grabbed my free hand and made me do a slow swirl, "Look at you all fancy, looking like a Disney princess."

I giggled, "I'm not as innocent as a Disney princess though." I handed him the empty glass and glanced up at the stairs, Nick was in his private office, all alone, "I'm done waiting."

Evan had no idea what I was talking about, but I had no intention of explaining myself. The whiskey definitely messed with my head. The room was spinning and everyone became a blur, but I didn't care. All I cared about was cornering Nick in his office and demand for him to take me already. That was definitely the alcohol messing with me right now. I slipped past the guards, holding the skirt of my dress slightly up so I wouldn't trip over it while I headed to Nick's office. I didn't bother to knock, I just opened the door and stepped right in, slamming the door shut behind me. Nick was still alone in his office so I locked it behind me and slowly approached my surprised looking boyfriend. He saw the intention in my eyes, his blue eyes now glittering with amusement. Only dating for months and already able to read me like an open book, this man, I was definitely going to marry him one day.

"Don't even think about it, Em." He warned.

I slowly approached him, the tension between us only building with every slow step I took toward the boyfriend who was guarding his so-called virginity with his life. He narrowed his eyes at me and took a deep breath, rolling his chair slightly back when I took a seat on top of his desk, right in front of him. I reached for the skirt of my dress and pulled it up to my thighs, smirking when he saw his eyes darken with lust. His eyes traveling from my ankle all the way up to my thigh. He couldn't hide the fact that he was tempted. Grabbing his hand I trailed it over my bare leg and let it rest between my thighs. With that little gesture, his whole resolve fell apart right in front of me. I won him over

ould definitely find some way to hurt us.

"Stop biting your lip, you'll hurt yourself."

I felt Nick pulling on my lower lip and finally released my lip. Nick brushed his thumb over my sensitive lip, shaking his head.

"Don't take your anger out on your lips, I'd still like to kiss you goodnight when we're in bed."

I couldn't help myself and wrapped my arms around his neck, "I'm sure we'll be too busy to even consider going to bed to catch some sleep."

He chuckled, the warmth slowly melting his icy look. He pressed a firm kiss to my lips, "My cheeky girl. What am I going to do with you?"

"I can think of a thing or two you could do to me."

He rolled his eyes at me, wrapping an arm around my waist. The rest of the night I stayed right beside Nick, he made sure I did. I didn't complain though, it felt good being by his side and actually feel like I was part of this, of his professional life. Nick sometimes asked me for my opinion on things, which embarrassed the hell out of me when his associates looked at me with curious gazes. Yet somehow I managed to impress not only Nick but also the people he worked with. The night didn't end up being a total disaster as I predicted before. And what the private after party was what I was looking forward to.


Nick pushed me against the closed front door, my back hitting the cold door made my breath hitch in my throat. His hands pushed my skirt of my silver dress up and tore my panties away. He bought those lace panties so you didn't hear me complain. I raked my fingers through his hair and gripped it tightly when he pushed inside of me without warning, causing him to groan out.

"Fuck. Em."

I wrapped my legs around his waist and gasped loudly when he pushed me hard against the closed door again. I was sure my back would have some serious bruises in the morning, but right now it only added to the thrill.

"Sorry." He said between kisses, as he attacked my neck with wet sloppy kisses.

"Shut up."

He chuckled and gripped my thighs harder, "This is crazy."

I scraped my nails down his clothed back, "Then you shouldn't have made us wait." A loud moan left my lips when he purposely pushed his hips hard against mine, "This was bound to happen..."

We didn't make love, we had raw, intense sex against his front door. It was insane, but at the same time it felt right and for a minute we didn't worry about what those crazy women in his life would do to try and destroy us. At that moment it was just Nick and me and damn...I didn't want it to stop...Ever.

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