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   Chapter 9 Santa Nick

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Nick and I were falling into a comfortable routine, nowadays I was staying at his apartment since it made more sense. Nick worked long hours and it made more sense he stayed in his own apartment where he could easily get dressed and leave early in the morning. And I hated to admit it because it made me feel like I was enjoying Nick's lifestyle too much, but his apartment was way more comfortable than mine. His huge flat screen TV was a blessing, watching my favorite horror movies on that was a whole new experience. He once or twice scared me to death by suddenly appearing beside me when I was watching a horror movie. He loved it, always pulling me to him and wrapping me up in his arms and engulfing me with his fresh cologne scent. I loved being with Nick and I wanted to tell him that, but even though we were dating for weeks I didn't dare to admit it to him. I didn't want to ruin what we had, I never wanted it to end. The press also settled down after realizing there was no hot story to chase, that was until someone tipped them off with the worst rumor possible. I was leaving school when a huge swarm of people approached me, cameras flashing everywhere. I couldn't make out what they were saying, everyone was throwing questions at me from left to right. Anxiety crept up on me, making it hard for me to breath as I tried to find a way to escape. I thanked God when Miles and two other men showed up, making their way through the crowd to reach me. Miles placed his arm around my waist and guided me through the crowd as the two guys made a pathway for us. They were rushing, being efficient but still protective of me. Miles helped me into the car and actually took a seat beside me, ordering the driver to head to Nick's apartment.

"What's going on?" I asked in a small voice.

Miles looked at me, his wary expression worrying me even more, "Someone leaked to the press that you're a waitress sleeping with Nick to pay off your loan. Somehow they also found out about the payment you received from those idiots. It's chaos right now."

He said enough, I knew exactly what was going on now. I wanted to dwell on it some more, but I kept telling everyone that I was fine. That I understood what it meant to date Nick, if I caved now I would never be able to stand beside him. I promised him I wouldn't run so I needed to suck it up and hold my head high. These people didn't know me, so who gives a fuck what they think about me. Encouraging myself, even more, I felt a lot better. It also calmed me down enough to think it through. There weren't many people around us who knew about the payment. I'm sure Mike, the lawyer, didn't blab about it. The guys signed an NDA so they wouldn't go back on their word, otherwise, Nick would destroy them. The only other person who was aware of that meeting was Giselle. She was also the one with a motive. She wanted Nick and since she knew she couldn't have him she didn't want me to have him either. In her eyes, I was unworthy of him. There was no doubt in my heart that she was the one who started this chaos.

I glanced at Miles, "I'm okay." I told him, seeing relief flash through his eyes, "But, you know, I'm glad I don't speak to my family that often because it would be pretty awkward to explain to them why people assume I'm a high-class prostitute."

"High class?" Miles asked amused.

"Well, obviously Nick has standards."

He laughed, lightening everyone's mood with his boyish laugh, "Someone definitely did this to hurt you." He reached for my hand, giving it a gentle squeeze to reassure me, "Nick's PR team is doing some damage control. They'll find a way to fix this mess."

"I'm sure they'll do their best." I agreed, "I'm okay, really." I told him, knowing he was still worried, "I knew this was going to happen eventually. Someone like Nick is bound to get his private life exposed to the media. Evan warned me about it and I have been preparing myself for it."

Miles couldn't even hide his surprise when he did process what I told him he flashed me a grin and shifted his gaze to the men sitting in the front, "Nick hired a security detail to keep you safe for the time being. Once everything dies down you can move around on your own again."

"I understand." I wasn't going to argue, I knew how chaotic things were right now, "I do have a shift tonight."

"Not anymore." Miles reached for his phone, shifting his focus to the device, "They know about the club so Nick is making a few changes."

"What changes?"

"For months Nick has been focused on opening a new club near his headquarters. They fin

, "He is only agreeing because of the sex, Em. Guys are like that."

I rolled my eyes, "Nick isn't like that." I knew he didn't believe me, "We haven't had sex yet and he told me he is in it for the long run. Nick is not the guy you think he is. Nick L-"

"Loves you?" Brandon asked, "You know each other for five minutes and you're talking about love?" He shook his head, "This is not healthy."

I felt offended that Brandon still saw Nick as the bad guy. I understood why he was against it in the beginning, but he had to see that Nick was not going to use me and then leave me. Hell, we haven't even done anything yet and he was still here.

"Since when does love have a time frame? You could date someone for years and still not be in love with that person. You can't force something that isn't there. But with Nick and me, I know it's there. So yeah, maybe we know each other for five minutes...but five minutes was all it took to make us realize we love each other."

I placed my bottle on the table and grabbed my jacket and purse. I headed straight for the door and ignored his calls for me. The blonde security guy stood right in front of the door and I almost bumped into him.

"We're leaving." I managed to say, walking away.

Once I was home, or rather Nick's apartment I got ready for bed. Taking a shower and slipping into some comfy clothes. I needed the comfort to shake off the words Brandon told me. I settled in bed, watching some random TV show when Nick got home. He also got ready for bed and joined me, leaning against the headboard with a book in hand. Shifting my gaze to him I watched him, observing him closely as he enjoyed reading his book. He felt me looking at him and closed the book, giving me his full attention.

"What's wrong?"

I clutched the sheets, pulling it to my neck, "I went to see Brandon after our meeting at the club."

He laughed, actually laughed. Filling the room with his beautiful laughter. He looked years younger and almost made me forget about my anger. Almost.

"None of my meetings are that fun."

I smiled as well and brushed my fingers through his hair, "Brandon called our relationship unhealthy, so I got upset. I practically ran out of there, because I was angry that he...insulted you."

"You're still upset."

I nodded, "Brandon is my Evan. I can't ruin that friendship."

Nick leaned closer to me, "Brandon is your guy, I get that." He took my hand in his and kissed my knuckles, "Don't worry, everything is going to be fine tomorrow...because he gets you and you get him. A friendship like that won't get ruined just because of one stupid argument about me."

I couldn't help myself, this guy was giving heart melting words away like Santa gave away presents. I blurted it out before I realized what I actually said.

"I love you."

"I love you too."

I grabbed onto his black t-shirt and pulled him to me, kissing him as if my life depended on it, and he responded the same way. If this was unhealthy I really didn't give a damn, because it was what made me happy.

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