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   Chapter 5 Dinner and a Movie

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Tonight I had another shift so Brandon was hovering, he tried to subtle about it but he failed miserably. I didn't pay him much attention though, I was more focused on my cell phone. In fact, I was obsessed with it, checking it every damn minute, hoping Nicolas Woods sent me a message. Sent me anything really. It was getting pathetic and unhealthy. It also made me wonder if Brandon was right about that guy, maybe he was toying with me. Loving the chase, but now that he pinpointed where I was standing, he was no longer interested.

"Anything changed in the past minute?" Brandon asked sarcastically, moving past me while he dropped his bag in his locker.

"Shut up."

Brandon ran his fingers through his hair, quickly fixing it while his eyes were on me, "Don't be that girl."

"What girl?"

I knew what he was talking about. The sad girl everyone felt sorry for because the hot guy who obviously messed around with her was no longer showing up. He was done with her. Therefore everyone around her looked at her with pity in her eyes. Yet THAT girl kept holding on. I was definitely being that girl right now.

"You know." He told me quietly.

I knew very well. Wouldn't admit that to him though. Not in a million years, my pride wouldn't let me.

"Your hair needs another layer of mousse, " I told him snidely I pocketed my phone.

Brandon's lips curled up into a smirk as he buttoned up his white crisp shirt and straightened the color. He stopped commenting on my behavior which was appreciated. He didn't have to say more, the message came across crystal clear.

"Promise me."

I sat on the bench in front of our lockers staring at him as he morphed into the charming blonde bartender all the drunk women were crushing on.


"Don't lose your mind over him. If he's done, you're done too. His loss really, you're a catch."

This time it was me who was smirking, "Stop being so damn perfect."

"Can't help it, Em."

I chuckled, "Because you were born perfect?"

He slammed his locker shut and turned to look at me, giving me his full Hollywood smile, "No one is born perfect, Em. It takes lots of time and effort to improve yourself, but no one will ever reach the state of being perfect. Because humans are simply flawed."

I smiled, "So you are capable of having an actual conversation with a woman."

Throwing me a glare he moved to the door and reached for the doorknob, stopping in his tracks to look at me over his shoulder, "See you in a bit, get yourself together first."

Nodding I looked away again, staring at the lockers in front of me. Taking a deep breath I let all the stress I had over Nick not contacting me leave my body and reminded myself of Brandon's words. Wise words for someone who always joked around. If he was done, I was done too. I couldn't become that girl.

Grabbing my nametag I placed it on, straightening my white button up shirt as well. Walking up to the tall mirror near the bathroom I fixed my hair and ran my hands over my uniform. Making sure it was straight, no wrinkles allowed. My head might be a mess right now, my appearance wouldn't be. Taking another deep breath I actually felt all the tension leave my body, feeling a lot lighter. Feeling better about myself I walked out of the employees' room, smacking right into a brick wall known as Evan Black. Nick's business associate, best friend and also his rival.

Evan placed his hands on my shoulders to steady me, flashing me his panty-dropping smirk, "Hi there, beautiful. Fancy running into you here."

"I am an employee here." I told him, pointing behind me, "And this is the employees' room, so you know, the chance was pretty high of us running into each other."

Evan's eyes lightened up with amusement, "That's the girl who caught Nick's eye." He slid his hands down my arms and pulled away, "Actually, I haven't seen you in a while so I figured I'd drop by and say hello. Have a drink or two while I'm here."

Something about his eyes and his words made me distrust him, "You're here to say hello?" I asked him, folding my arms across my chest, "Really?"

"Well, that and to piss Nick off."

There was the real reason why he showed up. I couldn't believe this guy actually stalked me to piss off Nick. Whatever rivalry they had going on was intense. It was also something I didn't wish to be part of. But by the looks of it, I didn't have a choice. I couldn't exactly have security throw, Evan, out since he was the big boss' best friend.

"You're trying to piss Nick off while he is not here?" I asked confused, "How does that work exactly?"

Walking past him I headed to the bar and helped Brandon stall out the glasses. Evan stood right across me, watching me do my tasks while he continued our conversation.

"He isn't here yet." He told me cheekily.

"What are you planning, Evan?" I asked, narrowing my eyes on the smirking bastard who was a professional mastermind by night.

"You give me too much credit, beautiful." He smiled at the brunette who 'accidentally' bumped into him to get his attention and shifted his gaze back at me, "All I did was get in my car after work and asked my driver to take me to the club."

"Okay, so what's up with the Cheshire grin?"

"I think some paparazzi guy followed me, could have been more, but I don't pay attention to it."

Definitely a professional mastermind by night. That paparazzi guy didn't start following him by mere coincidence, Evan planned it that way. He was also giving me no choice here, I was becoming part of their little rivalry game and just had to endure it.

Placing my hands on the counter I leaned forward, watching Evan lean closer as well. Never breaking eye contact with the smirking bastard.

"Did you consider that I might not want to be in tabloids or all over the internet? The one who is getting hurt here is me, Evan, not Nick."

Those words made the permanent grin Evan had on his face slip, along with the amusement in his eyes, "Dating Nicolas comes with consequences, beautiful. The whole media circus is a part of his life, deal with it or reconsider your decision."

I never said I was dating Nick and I was pretty sure Nick didn't admit that to anyone either. We were teasing each other, definitely playing the game. But things weren't official. That being said, I also knew people were speculating about us. Pictures of me in my royal blue dress pressed up against Nick's side was spreading like the plague over the internet. There wasn't much you could do about that. Realization must have been clear in my eyes because Evan moved back, giving me a firm nod before his eyes shifted to Brandon.

"Maybe you could help me out here since this lovely lady refuses to pour me a drink."

Brandon didn't say much, but I could see he was displeased about the whole situation. He wouldn't say anything to either one of us now though. Not when we were both on our shift.

"What would you like to drink, sir?"

"A whiskey, please, top shelf." He smirked when Brandon scoffed and reached for the most expensive bottle we had, "Put it on Nick's account."

Okay, I was trying to be professional here, but I couldn't hold in my laughter when he said that. Both guys glanced at me when I chuckled. Evan grinned at me, actually giving me a wink as he reached for the glass Brandon poured him.

"Thanks, man."

"No problem."

Evan pushed away from the bar and raised his glass to me, "You know where to find me, beautiful."

The VIP room, obviously. I didn't know if it was wise of me to find him there though. Not when Nick got word of whatever Evan had planned for him. Working on auto-pilot, I couldn't help but wonder about Nick again. Just the thought of him being jealous of me and Evan made me think he cared about me. No one would feel that strongly about someone without having any sort of feelings for that person. Or he was just a possessive guy, which also could be the case. He proved that to me the other day when he got in my face and said those things about Brandon. All I could do was let Evan go along with his plan and watch Nick's reaction carefully. After about an hour or so the guest of honor strolled in, not looking that pleased. If anything he looked beyond pissed. I had never seen that look in his eyes before, the anger was radiating off his body, actually suffocating me and I think others in the room as well. It felt like everyone around us just stopped and stared, not knowing what to do. He reached the bar, giving Brandon a nod before he focused back on me.

"Where is he?"

"Where do you think he is, Nick?"

He already knew where Evan was, but I think the anger was what clouded his judgment. He turned on his heels and headed straight for the VIP room. I wasn't sure if it was okay for him to meet Evan in the state he was in. He probably wouldn't solve things with violence, but it still made me feel anxious about seeing him so angry. I had no idea what Nick would do really. This was all Evan's plan so he had to face the consequences himself, yet I couldn't help but feel sorry for him. Nick was probably going to tear him a new one. I'm sure he regretted his decision now.

Brandon glanced at me, "What was that all about?"


"He is breathing fire, he didn't even bother with a casual conversation. That Eva

n should fear for his life."

"I agree. If I were him I'd run to the first exit."

We both kept an eye out for the VIP room, both curious about what was going on there. We didn't hear screams of horror so I figured Nick didn't bloodily murder Evan. Sometimes words could hurt more than actions, so that's how Nick probably dealt with Evan. Or maybe they laughed it off since Evan only did what he did to rile Nick up. My eyes widened when Nick suddenly appeared in front of me. He walked to the bar, grabbed my hand and dragged me with him to the employees' room. This behavior would give Brandon another reason not to like Nick. He didn't give me time to wrap my head around it though. He pushed the door of the employees' room open, moved inside, dragging me with him and shutting the door once we were away from everyone else.

"We're leaving." He told me, "Victor has called a substitute for you. He is on his way."

"Dalton?" I asked, "Why are you bothering him on his free day, Nick? What happened up there?"

Nick ran his fingers through his hair, messing his perfect hairdo up. It didn't matter though, honestly, it made him look rough. Sexier. For a second I forgot where I was and what we were doing. All I could do was stare at the rough looking man in front of me. Not helping but to fantasize about him stepping forward, grabbing me by the waist and kissing the life out of me.


Shaking off the dirty thoughts I had of him, I noticed how his look softened. I think he read my mind. The smirk that played on his lips told me that much.


His eyes gleamed with amusement, "You're going to start moving or what?"

He wanted me to leave tonight, making our regular bartender Dalton give up his free night just because of that. I had no idea what Evan and he discussed in the VIP room, but whatever it was stirred him up. He didn't want me here right now. Not wanting to argue with Nick I nodded and headed straight for my locker. Shrugging my jacket on I shoved the strap of my bag over my shoulder, shut my locker and walked up to Nick who waited for me by the door.

"I'm ready."

We walked out together, releasing Nick's hand I headed for the bar. I didn't look back, but if I did I probably would have seen Nick glaring at me. I didn't care though. I needed to wish Brandon goodnight before leaving. Walking around the bar I leaned into Brandon, giving him a side hug.

"Night Brandon."

"You're leaving?" He sounded confused.

"Yeah, Nick and I are leaving."

His eyes sliced to the guy who was impatiently waiting for me, "Seriously? What's going on, Emily?"

I didn't know the details, but I knew I could trust Nick. He'd eventually tell me what happened between him and Evan. If he didn't Evan would beat him to it and I had a feeling he didn't like that very much.

"We'll talk later, " I promised Brandon.

Walking around the bar I headed to Nick who reached for my hand, holding it tightly as he led me out of the club. I ignored all the looks we received, focused only on Nick's back. Just focusing on him made me forget about the people around us who were probably speculating things. Nick walked up to a sleek sports car which confused me. It wasn't the same car Miles drove him around with. It was his own car, Nick drove up here by himself. That was rare, even me, someone who just entered his life knew that. Reaching for the door to the passenger seat, a gasp left my lips when I have suddenly spun around, pushed against the car and kissed roughly. I blinked watching Nick kiss me, his arms at the sides of my head, trapping me against the car while he kissed me, hard and wet. That was all to it. Our tongues touched, exploring. Closing my eyes I wrapped my arms around his waist and let go. He placed his hand on my cheek, pulling out of the kiss, both of us out of breath as we stared at each other. No words were exchanged but we knew exactly where we were standing.

"Needed to do that." He told me quietly, resting his forehead against mine, "I'll never get tired of that, Emily."

"I know." I breathed, "Same here."

"I'm sorry I didn't contact you sooner, just got caught up in work. I wanted to ask you on a date today, I told Evan that and then he did this to rile me up." He looked down to meet my gaze, "I shouldn't have told him."

"You wanted to ask me on a date?" I asked, ignoring the whole play Evan planned out for a second.

"Yeah." He trailed his hand down my shoulder, giving it a tight squeeze, "I don't count the business party as a date. When we go on a date it's just the two of us, no nosy people invited."

I smiled, "I'd love that."

"It won't be one date either." He promised me, "Told you, I'm never getting tired of this."

"Told you, same here."

He smiled an actual smile, not the charming crap she shows the rest of the world. That smile bathed me in happiness. It made me hope for more. If he let me go now I'd fall so hard no one would be able to catch me, not even Brandon.

"We're doing that date, soon."

I grabbed onto the front of his shirt when he wanted to pull away from me, pulling him back in while I pressed a soft kiss to his jaw. Lingering so I could whisper in his ear.

"My kind of date is staying in while wearing comfy clothes, eating dinner and watching a movie. You up for that?" I whispered in his ear.

Nick tangles his fingers in my hair, tilting my head back, kissing the corner of my mouth, "Sounds good to me. We'll do that right now." He gave me a final kiss and pulled completely away from me.

I had no time to think about what he said until I was in the car and Nick was driving to my apartment. It didn't bother me much though, we had to eat. So why not do it together while watching a movie? It was also the perfect opportunity for me to spend time with Nick without people observing us every move. I also enjoyed myself when I went dress shopping with Nick and getting ready at his apartment. Those few moments showed me what kind of person Nick was and I liked it. He was arrogant but never mean. He was pretty considerate of the people around him. Treated Mike as his friend as well as Miles. Giselle his assistant was a different story but I figured that was because of the kind of person she was. I didn't say it to her face but I figured she was a bitch to everyone, not just me.

"We're doing dinner and a movie right now?" I asked, confirming what I had been thinking.

"You okay with that?"

I couldn't help but laugh. We were near my apartment, asking if it was okay was a little too late.

"I'm okay with that." I shifted in my seat to look at him, "I hope you're okay with a simple meal though. I feel like a one-pot pasta."

"I figured you could freshen up and I prepare a meal."

"You're cooking?" I asked confused, "In my kitchen?"

He chuckled, "Yeah, I don't know how else I could prepare a meal, Emily."

This guy, there was no denying it. I was falling for him and I met him only a few times. He was proving to be better than my first boyfriend who I dated for years. We met a few weeks ago, but he already cared more about me. Showed me he wanted to spend time with me and actually enjoyed it. He also got pissed because Evan ruined his plans with me.

"Then I'll freshen up while you prepare dinner." I leaned back in my chair and watched him park the care effortlessly, "Don't know what groceries I have left though. I didn't have time to shop this week."

He turned the engine off, took his seatbelt off and glanced at me, "You had a busy week at school?"

"Yeah, papers and exams. You know the usual stuff."

He reached for me, brushing my escaped locks behind my ear, "So you'll take it easy tonight while I prepare dinner. Then we'll have dinner while watching your favorite movie."

I leaned into his hand, "Thank you."

We got out of the car, walking hand in hand to my apartment. We didn't exchange words but there was no need for it. We were comfortable around each other without it. Unlocking the door I kicked my shoes off and headed to the kitchen, Nick following behind me.

"So the pots are here-" I was pointing around the kitchen, but Nick stopped me grabbing me by the waist and kissing me to shut me up.

"I got it, Em, you go take care of yourself."

Pulling away I wobbled out of the kitchen leaving Nick to it while I took a shower and slipped into yoga pants and a plain t-shirt. Sitting on the edge of my bed I put on fluffy socks, moisturized my face and walked out of the room. When I reached the kitchen I watched Nick putting the finishing touches on his stir-fry. It was quick and easy and I loved seeing him being so domestic. Well, as domestic he could be in his suit. He glanced over his shoulder and smiled.

"Comfortable?" He asked me.

"Yeah." I pointed to the living room, "My favorite movie is a horror movie, you okay with that?"

He laughed, probably because I used his words, "Yeah, Emily I'm okay with it."

We moved to the living room. I sat on the fluffy rug with my back leaning against the couch while enjoying the stir-fry Nick put together. Nick had shrugged off his jacket, rolled up his sleeves, kicked off his shoes as well and sat behind me on the couch. It was so comfortable. I could definitely get used to this, hoping we could do this over and over again.

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