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   Chapter 4 Fairytale magic

The Billionaire's Obsession By Shafira Sardar Characters: 22999

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After several busy weeks of exams and papers, I finally managed to schedule a relaxing day together with Brandon. The blonde annoyance was splayed on his couch, a hand resting on his stomach while the other dangled off the couch, occasionally reaching for my hair to give it a yank. Brandon just loved being an annoyance. I was seated on the floor, eating chocolate like it would disappear from the face of the earth tomorrow. Brandon gave my hair another yank when I reached for another piece of chocolate.

"You're going to regret it tomorrow." He warned me.

"I'll deal with it tomorrow." I popped the piece of chocolate in my mouth, crumpled the paper and rubbed the back of my head, "Stop pulling my hair every damn second!"

Leaning back against the couch I focused back on the screen, watching the heroic female lead hide in the bathroom while the intruder walked around her darkened house. I held my breath as the intruder nearly found her hiding place. My heart was beating insanely fast as the intruder walked back in the room and stared at her hiding spot as if he was trying to see through the closed door of the closet to make sure if she was there or not. I covered my mouth when he was stepping closer and closer to the closet, making me fear for the female lead's life. As he was about to open the door my phone rang loudly, echoing through the room which scared the crap out of me, but I think also Brandon because he cursed loudly.

"Damn it!"

"Sorry, " I muttered, reaching for my phone which was on the coffee table in front of me.

Brandon paused the movie and left the room to head to the bathroom.

My heart skipped a beat when my eyes landed on the display of my phone. Nicolas Woods was calling me. He was the last person I thought who'd bother me on my free day. Not wanting to stall a second longer because Brandon wouldn't be locked up in the bathroom for much longer I answered the phone.

"Emily Pierce."

"Good afternoon, Emily Pierce." I could hear the amusement in his voice, "Quick question, do you have plans for the rest of the afternoon?"

At least he was somewhat polite today, maybe he was in a good mood. Who knows.

"I have a day off today."

"That doesn't answer my question now does it?"

"I'm watching a movie together with Brandon today. Why?"

It took him a second before he responded, it made me wonder if something had been up with our connection, but I didn't dare to ask him that. If it wasn't that, it meant that he was annoyed by the fact that I was spending the day with Brandon. I didn't want to think about what that even meant. It was too confusing.

"Instead of spending the day with Brandon which you do quite often I assume, come to meet me at the location which I'll text you in a minute."

I had no time to respond because he ended the call like that. I was very well aware of the fact that he did it on purpose. Not wanting to be a jerk and let him wait for me I got up once I heard the ping which told me I had a new text and collected my things. Brandon stood in the doorway, confused by the fact that I was shrugging my jacket on and pushing the strap of my bag higher upon my shoulder.

"Where are you going?" He asked confused, "The movie isn't finished yet."

"I know that, but I forgot I have an appointment today." I semi lied, I did have an appointment. But I made it like a second ago. Brandon didn't need to know that.

"That doesn't sound like you, you usually have your shit together." He stepped aside so I could walk past him to head to the front door, "It's a school thing?"

"No." I'd tell him the truth about my appointment, but I wasn't going to look at him when I did, "I'm meeting Nick."

"You're meeting Nick?" He definitely didn't sound pleased about that, but I still refused to look at him to confirm that.

"Yeah." I held onto the strap of my bag, "We'll do another movie date soon."

He didn't question me further, "Sounds good. I'll tell you if the girl survives or not."

"Yes, please do!"

Dashing out of the door I headed to the location which Nick texted me. As I stood in front of the shop I couldn't help but take my time to admire the building. He texted me about the location of a fancy looking boutique. A place which I would never in my life enter without a second thought, yet today I was invited to come here by Mr. Billionaire himself. I had no idea why he invited me, but I assume it's not because he'd like to hear my opinion about his fashion choices. Taking a deep breath I entered the store and ignored the glances I received from the shop assistants. It was the stares you received whenever you entered a store which only sold high-end brands which people like me couldn't afford. The shop assistants always watched you like a hawk, not saying it out loud, but thinking you might be up to no good. The minute Nick spotted me he spun on his heels and gestured for me to come closer.

"Good afternoon, Emily Pierce."

He was mocking me once again, smart-ass.

"Good afternoon, Nicolas Woods."

He sat down in his chair once I approached him and reached for the glass of champagne beside him, taking a leisurely sip as he eyed me up and down. The way he scanned my body actually made me feel insecure about my body. Who wouldn't when you were stared at like that? Crossing my arms in front of my chest I tried to ignore his observant look and glanced around the room which we were in.

"What's going on, Nick? Why am I here? I'm sure it's not because you value my opinion about your style. If you are then let me assure you, there is nothing wrong with it."

Nick reached for the other glass of champagne and held it out for me, "Thank you for the compliment, Emily, but you're right I didn't ask you to come here because of fashion advise." He got up once I took the glass from him, "What do you think of that dress?" He asked as he nodded toward an open dressing room.

Peeking into the room I spotted a royal blue long dress hanging there, waiting for someone to be fitted. The only logical assumption would be that I was the person who was supposed to try it on.

"I think that dress would look lovely on you while you accompany me to one of Evan's famous business parties. Or infamous parties as some people refer to it." Nick suddenly appeared beside me which scared me half to death, making me nearly spill the champagne.

"Jesus, Nick." I whispered, pressing my hand against my sternum as I tried to calm myself down, "You scared me." I admitted to him, "Are you sure about this? You usually have other women accompany you to these kinds of parties. Women who help you with publicity, you know." I took a sip from my champagne and continued, "Of course you know, you were there when you did those things. The dating and using models to make people talk about you-"

"There starts the rambling again." Nick sighed, "I'm done with that." He stated firmly, "Now I want the woman who piqued my interest accompany me."

I reached out to him, pressing my hand against his firm chest which made me realize just how close to me he was standing. Now that I noticed it I couldn't help but be aware of the small things that made him who he was. His fresh cologne which was the same cologne he always wore wrapped around me, intoxicating me. His warmth even noticeable with a small touch. The piercing blue eyes which were staring straight into mine. His big hand wrapped around my hand which held firmly onto the champagne glass. He loosened my grip on it and took the glass back, handing it to the shop assistant who apparently read his mind and ran up to him. The brunette took the glasses away and stood in the doorway of the dressing room.

"It's a pretty dress, " I whispered, feeling stupid for not saying something more fitting.

"Why don't you try on that pretty dress?" He asked me.

"Right this way, Miss Pierce." The brunette said gesturing inside the room.

Stepping into the dressing room the shop assistant went right to work, helping me into the floor length royal blue dress. The dress had a sweetheart neckline, the top covered in small diamonds. The pretty dress made me feel gorgeous, that was probably the power of a dress which was more expensive than a freaking car. Holding my hair up I observed the dress from all sides, ignoring the smile of the brunette who stood beside me.

"The dress was made for you." She told me which was probably a sales speech, but I didn't care. At this moment I felt the same way.

"So I assume you're dressed?" Before I could answer Nick's question he opened the door and let his eyes wander me from top to bottom again.

"What do you think?" I asked, ignoring the fact that Nick just entered the dressing room without my permission. I would never win against him and neither of us would give up so it was best to ignore it instead.

"You look absolutely beautiful." He said, "Nothing like the women I've dated before."

That was a huge compliment coming from a guy who dated only supermodels before. I couldn't help but think it was a white lie.

"The dress is amazing." I told him and stared back at the tall mirror, "But this amazing dress much cost a fortune I could never-"

"Don't even worry about that." He brushed my concerns off like it was nothing, "We'll take it." He told the brunette.

"No, we're not!"

Nick narrowed his eyes at me, "Do you like the dress, Emily?" He asked me, turning me to make me face the mirror again.

"That's not the point-"

"Do you like the dress, Emily?" He asked again, "Yes or no?"

I couldn't lie to him, because it was pretty clear how I felt about the dress by now, "Yes."

He grabbed onto my right shoulder, his hand touching my bare skin which made me burn. I could feel his touch deep within me, making me heath up while my heart started beating faster and faster. A simple touch getting this kind of reaction out of me was bad. Really, really bad.

"So we're taking the dress." He told the brunette.

She nodded and left the dressing room giving us some privacy. Once she was out of sight Nick wrapped an arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him, pressing me up against that firm body of his. I could lie and say that it's not what I wanted, that he should keep his hands to himself, but honestly, I longed for his touch. I longed for his touch ever since he looked at me like he could devour me. Nick's piercing blue eyes looked right into my soul, searching for an answer. And I think he found the answer he was searching for because he smiled and then leaned down, kissing me like his life depended on it. I loved every second of it. Wrapping my arms around his neck I let one hand wander into his thick dark locks, grabbing onto it while Nick deepened the kiss. A gasp left my lips when he suddenly pushed me, pressing me up against the wall, his hands touching me all over.

"That fucking dress." He breathed against my lips.

I couldn't help but to chuckle, "So you're a take it off right now kind of guy."

"Apparently I am."

He swallowed my next giggle, kissing the life out of me once more. I had no complaints whatsoever though, it was the best kiss I ever had. This guy knew what he was doing and I hadn't made up my mind if that was a good thing or not. I guess I'd decide upon that when the fog left my mind because right now I couldn't think of anything else but Nick's lips. We were so into the kiss the shop assistant had to clear her throat while she

knocked on the door a few times to get our attention. Nick pulled away from me, his eyes holding my gaze as he ran his fingers through his hair trying to fix the mess I created. We exchanged no words as he left the dressing room to pay for the dress. While he took care of that I carefully slipped out of the dress and quickly slipped into my own clothes, making me feel like Cinderella. The magic is over once the dress was gone. Collecting my things I held onto the hanger of the dress and met the shop assistant and Nick in the main room.

"Ready to go?"

The shop assistant put the dress in a garment bag and handed it to Nick, "Have a good day sir."

"Thanks, you too." He placed his hand on my back and guided me out of the store, "We'll get dressed in my apartment and head to the party together."

"Your apartment?" I asked, which was a stupid thing to do since I was already safely in the backseat of his car while Miles drove us to said apartment.

Nick reached into his inner jacket pocket and took out his smartphone. I watched him scroll down so I assumed he was reading an email. The frown that marred his handsome face told me he didn't like the email he was reading that much. I was about to ask him about it when he suddenly opened his mouth to speak.

"Sorry about that." He pocked his phone again and gave me his full attention, "Work emails. So yeah, we're going to my apartment because I have people waiting for you to do your hair and make-up. I know you're your own woman and don't give a fuck about what people think and so on, but trust me at a party like this you'll want to put in a little effort because I know women can be cruel."

I couldn't help but to smile, "Deep inside you're actually a nice guy, aren't you?"

He held my gaze for a long minute, his blue eyes darkening as he asked me, "Want to stick around and find out?"

I honestly didn't know how to respond to that so instead, I changed the subject, "You are right, I don't give a fuck about what people will think of me, so you can call off your minions. I'll just put my hair in a messy bun and rock my nude pink lipstick."

He smiled at me, "You know I don't care about what you wear or how you do your makeup. But don't come crying to me when those cold-hearted bitches attack you in the bathroom. You do know that some words are like a sharp sword which cuts through you and make you bleed until there is nothing left of you."

"Then Marissa Swan needs to sharpen hers because that didn't even leave a scratch."

"That's because I shielded you." He tilted his head to the side, his eyes warming up to me, "Can't shield you in the bathroom, Emily."

He was indeed a nice guy who was hiding that behind his cold-hearted exterior. I guess I could play the part of a Disney princess one night. That wouldn't harm anyone. It would make us both feel more at ease.

"Fine, I'll do the hair and make-up thing."

"I'll ask them not to go overboard."

"Thank you."

Then he started texting away. As I glanced ahead a blush spread across my face when I met Miles' gaze in the rearview mirror. The warmth in his eyes took me off guard. I couldn't place that look, if I had to I'd say he was happy for Nick which didn't make a lot of sense. I wasn't the first woman Nick took to his apartment and I was sure I wouldn't be the last either. Fairytale magic only lasted till the clock strikes twelve after all.

As we entered his apartment I left my bag on his leather couch while his minions took me away to which I assumed was his guest room. They stalled out their supplies there and did my hair and make-up while Nick took a shower in his bathroom and got dressed. Once we were both dressed and ready we climbed into the backseat of his car again. This time looking like models who stepped out of a magazine. Nick always looked good, no one would argue me with that. But this time I actually looked pretty amazing too. They didn't go overboard just like Nick asked of them yet somehow it felt like another woman stared back at me when I glanced in the mirror.

"Thanks for the shoes." I said glancing down at my feet which were encased in the most beautiful silver sandals I had ever seen, "They're gorgeous."

"You're welcome." His eyes did an once over again, "You're still you Emily, I'm glad they didn't go overboard." He placed his hand on top of mine, "After all the girl who piqued my interest wears neon colored underwear and rambles on and on without knowing when to stop."

I snorted, "You're too damn focused on my underwear."

Nick chuckled, pressing a button which made the privacy screen go up. So we were probably having a conversation which Miles could not be a part of. I didn't mind though, I rather not share my underwear choices with everyone.

"You want me to focus only on your underwear."

"When did I say such a thing?"

He raised an eyebrow at me, "When you told me not to see Estelle anymore."

"I said that because you told me off about Brandon!"

"So you could leave me at any point you want, you just said those things out of anger?"

I wanted to say yes, but I couldn't. The truth was I didn't want to see another model standing at his side. I wanted it to be me. So I could either keep on lying, playing hard to get and lose his interest. Or I could be honest and stick around long enough to find out who Nicolas Woods really was. Just like he asked me earlier today.

Nick interrupted my thoughts by asking me, "What do you want Emily?"

I took a minute before I answered honestly, not caring what he'd think of me, "You."

I gasped when he suddenly kissed me, wrapping an arm around my waist and pulled me up in his lap. It was uncomfortable with my long dress but he pushed it up so I could actually straddle him. My dress would probably be ruined, but I didn't care. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him back just as passionately. Nick trailed his hands over my bare legs, sending shivers down my spine, and gripped my thighs firmly in his hands. My hands traveled over his chest toward his stomach, feeling his chest moving rapidly up and down. Nick was not as cool-headed as I thought he was. He was just as lost in the passion as me. I grabbed onto his fly an unzipped his pants, taking his dress shirt out of his pants. He slightly pulled away from me, resting his forehead against mine while he tried to catch his breath.

"We shouldn't be doing this." I heard the smile in his voice, "I don't want to get you all messy."

I brushed my fingers over his lips before trailing them down to his shirt and helping him straighten his clothes again. We were both smiling and kissing each other while we tried to fix ourselves the best we could. Nick brushed his fingers over my dress and let his eyes wander from my head to my toes.

"You are beautiful." He whispered to me, "You do the dress justice not the other way around."

His compliment made me blush all over, even worse than when he brought up my underwear in front of Miles.

"Thank you, " I whispered back.

Smiling Nick held his hand out to me, "Ready?"

I don't think anyone could be ready for the social thing we had to do, but I nodded anyway. Just wanting to get this thing over with.

"You need to tune them out." He whispered, "Just focus on me, okay?"

I never voiced out my concerns yet he read me like an open book. I was definitely going to stick around to see where this was going.

It was hard to tune out the flashing lights though, I was still sitting in the car but I already could tell that I'd be blinded by them while we would pass the photographers. Nick tightened his grip on my hand and leaned in, pressing a firm kiss to my temple.

"Just remember what I told you." He encouraged me, before getting out of the car.

He walked around the car, flashing a charming smile to one of the reporters who apparently called out to him. He opened the door for me and helped me out of the car, placing his hand on my lower back while he led me through the crowd. I did what Nick told me in the car and only focused on him. His cologne wrapped around us, and actually had a calming effect on me. Once we passed the reporters who called for Nick's attention, we made our way to the bar where Evan was standing together with a beautiful woman at his side and two other men who seemed to be his friends.

"If it isn't the lovely Emily." Evan called, completely ignoring Nick while he kissed my cheek, "I had a feeling Nick would ask you to accompany him today."

I glanced at Nick who didn't seem very happy with Evan right now, "Since he asked nicely I couldn't refuse." I flashed Evan a charming smile and felt Nick pinch my side playfully.

Nick wrapped his arm around my waist and introduced me to Evan's date who was apparently his sister. She was two years older than me but looked far more mature. I guessed it was because of the lifestyle she grew up with.

"Nice to meet you, Emily." Priscilla greeted politely.

She raised her champagne flute to Nick, "Always a pleasure Nick."

"Don't sound too excited, P." He muttered sarcastically.

I could feel the tension between Nick and Priscilla. It made me wonder if something might have happened between them. Evan, however, didn't give me time to observe it because he pushed a champagne flute in my hand and raised his the same way Priscilla had to Nick.


I took a sip from the gold-colored liquid, "Thanks."

After formal introductions to Nick's business associates and some of his friends, he led me to the dance floor. He actually tried to make this an enjoyable night for me. He never left my side and kissed me from time to time. I could feel a lot of stares on us, but I remembered Nick's words from the car and focused only on him. After the party was over Miles drove us to my apartment and waited patiently outside like always while Nick walked me to my apartment. He slowly trailed behind me while I searched through my bag for my keys. After I got dressed in Nick's apartment before he took my bag with him and put it in the trunk of his car so I wouldn't forget it after the party was over. It was very considerate of him. He needed to stop being that charming already. Unlocking the door I opened it and stepped inside my apartment, leaning against the doorpost as I took in the sight of Nick standing in the breezeway. He flashed me his full-on HD Hollywood smile which could blind people.

"I actually had a great time, " I told him.

His smile never faltered, "Glad you enjoyed yourself. I also had a great time, Emily."

"That being said-" I bit my lip once and looked away from his piercing blue eyes, "I don't think it's wise for me to invite you in right now."

"That's a wise decision indeed." He agreed which made me frown, "You should make me work of it."

Smiling I beckoned him over and stood on my tiptoes to kiss his jaw, "I'll see you around, Nicolas Woods."

He pressed his cheek against mine, his hot breath tickling my neck, "You'll be hearing from me, Emily." He whispered before he pulled away and gave me a soft kiss on the lips.

With that, he disappeared from sight. Closing the door and locking it I leaned against it, finally letting out a sigh. Giving Nick a chance was probably not a smart move, but I'd hate myself even more if I never gave it a shot, to begin with. So even though I might get burned in the end, I'd give Nicolas a chance and see where this was heading.

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