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   Chapter 1803 There Was Louisa Again (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7090

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Louisa's eyes rested on Richard. The young man and Kevin were so much alike!

"Oh, this is my son. Richard, say hello to Aunt Louisa," Leena said gently. If it was fate that they met again, she didn't want to dwell on the old unpleasant things that happened between them in the past.

"Hello, Aunt Louisa!" Richard said politely, but frowned at this woman whom he didn't know.

"Oh! Hi! You resemble your father so much!" Louisa sighed sadly. She thought that she had forgotten Kevin. But when faced with anything connected to him, the blurred memories deep inside her suddenly became clear and brought fresh pain.

"Does Aunt Louisa know my father?" Richard looked at her doubtfully. He felt that the way she looked at him was a little strange and discomforting.

"Miss Ye, is this your daughter?"

Upon hearing Richard's question, Leena immediately steered the conversation away from the topic. She feared that Louisa would say something that should stay in their past.

"Oh! Yes. Connie, say hello to Aunt Leena and Richard," Louisa ordered harshly, as she suddenly remembered her daughter next to her. She didn't seem like a kind mother.

"Hi, Aunt Leena! Hi, Richard! Nice to meet you!" The girl greeted timidly, with lowered eyes. Then she shuffled back a few steps to stand behind her mother.

"Hi, nice to meet you too. What a nice girl!" Leena smiled gracefully. She noticed that the girl didn't take much after her mother, probably she inherited her appearance more from her father.

She absently wondered what kind of man Louisa had married.

"You haven't changed much."

Louisa felt a little upset. It seemed that Leena had been well cared for, and she still looked very young, just like a girl. Looking at herself, Louisa considered that she was getting old and had already lost her youthful looks.

"You're flattering me. I'm already the mother of a teenage boy. I'm becoming old." Leena laughed lightly. It was the truth, but Louisa didn't think so. She felt that there was an ulterior motive behind her words, and that Leena had said this intentionally to insult her.

"Leena, I do

the princess in all his uncles' eyes.

He had to acquiesce to his mother's behavior, or face a broken leg for offending his uncles by acting against her. Despite his mother being in the wrong, he would have to yield.

"Yes, that's my good boy! Let's go! Let's go to check out. I'm hungry now."

Leena behaved like a little girl when she was with her son, but it didn't mean that she had no authority over her son. Her amiable nature made Richard love her all the more, and he respected his mother greatly.

"Okay, dearest Mother. Let's go!"

Richard shook his head and sighed. 'Commander Gu, it's all your fault! What exactly did you do that has made her so angry?

You know what? Now she's venting her anger on me – her only son!' Richard complained in his heart.

Sometimes, life became a soap opera! When they arrived at the cashier, there was Louisa again! Worse, they arrived at the exact same time, and queued for the same payment line. Surprisingly, Leena backed a few steps and let Louisa pay first.

Louisa didn't say a word. However, she glanced at them with a frosty countenance, her chin arrogantly raised. She had walked forward as if expecting Leena to make way for her to go in the line first. Louisa's attitude made Richard very uncomfortable, and her insolent manner left a bad impression on him. He couldn't help but wonder why his mother was so timid towards this menacing woman.

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