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   Chapter 1802 There Was Louisa Again (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6598

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Since he had given his promise to her, he would always act with fealty, and love her till death.

"Okay, I will forgive you since you apologized so sincerely. Try the Pu'er tea I just made and tell me if you like it."

Unlike many other women who tended to take certain things too seriously, Daisy was a woman who knew where to stop. She would not sulk, or make things too difficult for Edward.

"Thank you for your benevolence,"

Edward said with a playful half-bow. Then he took a sip from the dainty tea cup and savored the delicately flavored brew.

Truthfully, life was, just like the tea ceremony, an order of priorities. When making the tea, we had to consider the amount of leaves, and more importantly, the water temperature and tools to make the tea. Likewise, in our life, we needed to manage good interpersonal skills. And more importantly, we needed to learn about forgiveness and gratitude.

On most days, Leena was an exemplary wife and mother, but at times she withdrew into her solitude, just like today.

She didn't want to do anything, except for reclining on the sofa, staring blankly through the window.

"Mom, you have been lying there for almost three hours. Could you please make me some food? I am starving!"

Richard finally interrupted her reverie, and reached out his hand, trying to pull her up.

"Go ask the housekeeper to make you some food. I don't want to serve anyone today."

Leena still rested motionlessly on the sofa, gazing at the breathtaking sunset framed in the panoramic window.

"But Mom, I don't come home every day, and now that I am here, you just ignore me. You can't treat me like this!"

Richard sat beside her and studied her with some concern. 'Did she quarrel with my father? Or, is she perhaps ill?' Richard wondered.

"How would you like me to treat you? Do you want me to worship you, like the Bodhisattva?"

Leena turned her head to him and fixed a cold eye on him. Then she resumed

illy as your mother was?"

Leena was clearly disquieted today, otherwise she wouldn't be so cynical.

"There may be exceptions. Nothing is impossible. Probably those one or two exceptions may happen to like me."

Richard was quite optimistic. He had never considered his marriage would be a tough task in life.

"Then good luck!"

Leena smiled with genuine admiration of his carefree life-view. His calming attitude meant that he and Leena were more like friends than mother and son, and his sanguine attitude lifted her from despair.

Soon, they teased each other and laughed happily while buying the groceries. It was a harmonious scene. Many people who saw them mistook them as a couple, not mother and son, due to Leena's glowing skin. She always retained her youthful appearance due to her careful beauty routines.

"Leena, it really is you! What a surprise!"

Louisa cried out. She was pushing a shopping cart. A teenage girl of around 13 or 14 years old stood beside her. The girl could barely cover her surprise at noticing Leena who was so young and beautiful.

"Miss Ye, it's you! It has been a long time since I saw you last."

Leena held back her smile and examined Louisa carefully. She looked more haggardly than before. Obvious she had suffered a hard life.

"And who is this?"

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