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   Chapter 1809 The Ending (Part Four)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7806

Updated: 2019-05-24 02:02

"Uncle Rain, this is not something I could control or inform you beforehand, because Joyce caught me off guard yesterday and revealed her love for me. I took a spontaneous decision to break her fantasies once and for all," Justin said honestly. Justin too had realized that his rejection was perhaps a little harsh to Joyce, whom he regarded as his sister. In his defense, he believed that beating around the bush could only worsen the situation and would never make the dilemma easier to handle.

"You were undoubtedly very rude to her this time. I guess it will take a long time for my little girl to recover, but I still have you to thank for not giving her any hopeless fantasies, which would have ruined her life," Rain said sincerely. Rain was not here to reproach Justin today. There was nothing wrong with the approach of Justin from a man's point of view, but as Joyce's father, he couldn't help but blame Justin for her misery. To sum it up, he wasn't sure where his allegiance was.

"Uncle Rain, in fact, Joyce is a very lovely and cheerful girl," Justin paused for a while and continued, "Although I don't have any romantic feelings for her, I certainly believe that she deserves a better man than me." He stared at Rain's cold eyes, fearlessly. He honestly believed that he did what was right and that he had hurt none intentionally. Joyce would always be his beloved sister.

"I think so too", said Rain, a little relieved. "The reason I came here today is to tell you that even if Joyce begs you to reconsider your decision, you should not budge an inch from your present decision. Any hope on you that she might have will only end up harming her." Rain was worried that if Joyce came to plead before Justin, he might consider shedding his toughness. It was duty to avoid any more of such incidents.

"Uncle Rain, you can be assured, I will not alter my decision!" Justin said, perhaps a little annoyed. "I have my own integrity and I shall keep my decisions firmly." Justin threw an uncomfortable look at Rain and thought, 'Unlike you, Uncle Rain, I would never be so unprincipled.'

"It's settled then. I need to go now," Rain said, standing up. "As for whatever happened with Joyce, sorry for all the trouble she has brought to you. But remember, don't you dare think about reconsidering your decision", Rain r

he had everything a man would wish to have.

"Yes! Also, I promise to be your wife even in your next life. Are you happy with that?" Daisy said, looking content. The life she had spent with him was wonderful and she cherished each and every moment. If there would be a second life, she would happily spend it with him again.

"I am more than happy to hear that. Now you can't change your mind. And wait, not only your next life, I want you to be my wife even in the life after that." Edward said while his eyes glimmered with joy. He glanced at her to watch her reaction.

"Well, then I will promise you that," Daisy promptly replied without giving it a second thought. Wherever he was, it would be a dream for her to follow him.

Through their journey of life, although they had experienced some setbacks, eventually they reaped their own fair share of happiness from this world. As for their children, they had their own lives and had moved on to create their own niche of happiness. They could not and would not meddle in it.

Happiness, sometimes is a simple thing. Perhaps, its sources are neglected by the society. But if they search for it earnestly, they would find it hidden at the eyebrows of their beloved or between their own fingers. All it takes to achieve true happiness in life is to render importance to the little events of life.

Tomorrow is another day. It opens the doors to new memories, new possibilities and new sources of happiness. The list remains endless, and it is only available for people who keep looking for it.

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