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   Chapter 1808 The Ending (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7579

Updated: 2019-05-24 01:36

"Justin, please don't go… stay with me for a while… I promise… Just a little while…" Joyce murmured softly, her breath smelling of alcohol. Huey's heart twitched, watching his twin sister in enormous emotional pain. He wondered if there was anything he could do to ameliorate the situation.

"Joyce, wake up, I am your brother Huey, not Justin," Huey said rather loudly. He hadn't fallen in love with anyone so far, and hence, he didn't know much about love. But if falling in love was anything as painful as what his sister was experiencing right now, he decided he'd rather stay away from it.

"Brother, please tell me, why can't Justin fall in love with me?" Joyce asked, tear drops flowing down her cheeks. She was undoubtedly drunk but Huey figured out that she still hadn't lost consciousness.

"It's very simple, because he doesn't love you. But you are in denial of the truth," Huey said slowly and calmly so that the truth could pierce her heart which was now floating in a sea of intoxicating alcohol. He wore a cool expression and his eyes were grim and deep, depicting a maturity that was meant for people far ahead of him in age.

"Oh! That's right, because he doesn't love me so he can hurt me without feeling liable for it," Joyce said with a heartbroken smile.

"If he doesn't hurt you now and come out clean with you, he will only end up hurting you much more in the future. It may even end up jeopardizing both your lives," Huey said earnestly. At this point, Huey was very much in favor of Justin's approach. Since a relationship was impossible, it was obviously advisable for her to experience all the pain at once. Although it might seem a little cruel at the outset, it was indeed the kindest thing he could have done.

"But I am so sad! I can't just stop loving him in a moment's notice. What should I do?" Joyce asked in a whisper. If love was perhaps an entity to be taken and withdrawn by will, would it be qualified to be described as true love?

"Joyce, just give it some time. Time heals all wounds, regardless of how deep the wounds are," Huey comforted her gently. Even if she was deeply in love with him as of now, he believed that once the circumstances altered, it would be possible for her to forget him completely and f

e someone who had arrived earlier than him.

"Uncle Rain, what brings you here?" Justin asked in surprise. Seeing his uncle Rain sitting on the sofa quietly, Justin grimaced. If his assumption was right, his uncle had come to talk to him about Joyce.

"Well! I've come to talk to you about what happened between you and Joyce." Rain said flatly. He did not hide his intention and bypassed the initial talk.

"Joyce, is she all right?" Justin asked, his face depicting concern. 'Yesterday she seemed sad and hurt, ' Justin recalled.

"What do you think, you brat? Even if you had to reject her, couldn't you try to be a little kinder, rather than be selfish and ruthless?" Rain asked, his eyes burning with rage. He presumed that if his daughter was so sad, it was because Justin had rejected her without any concern for her feelings.

"I'm sorry, Uncle Rain! I didn't mean to be cruel, but I really couldn't think of any other way," Justin justified himself, apologetically. Justin walked to his desk, sat down and turned his gaze towards Rain. He raised his eyebrows as if he was meaning to ask Rain whether he had a better way to suggest.

"I didn't say your approach was ineffective. I am just trying to say, wouldn't it have been nicer if you had notified me earlier about this? If I was notified earlier, I'd have been well prepared to comfort her." Rain complained directly. Now, without a notification, he was clueless regarding what he was supposed to do to comfort his crestfallen daughter.

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