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   Chapter 1804 Life Was Hard To Predict (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8497

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Leena smiled indifferently to Louisa who entered the cue before her. She was generous and outperformed Louisa in both appearance and temperament. By not caring about trifles such as this momentary insult by Louisa, she was far outshining her. She won on personality and charm.

Richard seemed to have figured the situation out now. It turned out that in many cases, people were just pretending that they were getting along well with each other, while actually, they were secretly competing.

"Damn it! Where's my wallet? I can't find it." When it was Louisa's turn to pay, she suddenly became flustered and began digging frantically through her purse.

"Was there anybody suspicious approaching you just now, perhaps?" The cashier reminded her, trying to be helpful.

"No. I keep my wallet in my bag all the time." Louisa kept searching for her wallet, but she still couldn't find it.

"Then think calmly about it again. Maybe you forgot your wallet when you left home?" The cashier tried to calm her down by offering her possibilities for where her wallet was.

"What's wrong? Have you lost your wallet?" Leena had been lost in her own thoughts, but when she heard the noise at the checkout, she went over to see if she could help.

"I don't know if I lost my wallet, or if I forgot to bring it." Louisa was very worried. At this point, the people behind her in the queue began to urge her to hurry up.

"What about your items? Will you take them or not? If you are not going to take them, then could you please give the other customers a chance to pay first? We don't want to hold up the cue. Please don't affect everyone with your crisis!" The cashier looked at the packaged things and spoke to Louisa with a tone full of disrespect. The customers behind her were already getting impatient.

"We'll take them! Swipe my card." Leena handed over her bank card to the cashier as she said this. She didn't mean to insult Louisa in this way, but wanted to help her out and save face for Commander Ye. After all, the people behind her were becoming agitated because of the hold-up.

"No problem." The cashier happily received the bank card. In this way, she did not have to cancel the transaction, which would have taken even more time.

"Well, give me your banking details later. I'll transfer the money back." Louisa felt very embarrassed now, but she could not be so foolish as to refuse Leena's help at this time. Compared with the disdain of the other customers, she would be more willing to accept Leena's help.

"That's a

inner. Just wait a moment. Why don't you take the things to the car first? I'll be there very soon." Due to Louisa's presence, she didn't mention that she was waiting for her husband, as she didn't want to further embarrass Louisa again.

"All right! I'll meet you at the car. But please hurry up!" "Women are too troublesome!" Richard murmured, and then struggled with his burdens to the distant parked car.

"Let's go! We're all going to the parking lot, aren't we? I'm sure that he'll be there by the time we arrive." Louisa was really embarrassed because she sensed Richard was getting impatient over the delay to his evening plans. They set off after Richard.

"Well, you really don't need to be so polite." Now Leena felt embarrassed, because of Louisa's angst over paying her back swiftly.

Leena was shocked when she saw Louisa's husband. She looked at Louisa's husband with her mouth wide open in surprise until Richard touched her in concern.

"Summer, is that you?" Leena felt that today was just too surreal. How did Summer marry Louisa? She was a few years older than him, wasn't she?

"Leena, long time no see." Summer was also surprised to see Leena. They had been on a blind date once.

"Long time no see! You look so grown up now." Leena hadn't heard anything about Summer since Patricia married Tom. She did not expect to meet him in such a way.

"You are still so young and beautiful." Summer delivered his charming school boy smile.

"Thank you. But no, I'm already old." Leena shook her head, laughing helplessly.

"Do you know each other?" Louisa frowned at the two of them, and a dark thought occurred to her. Doubt began to worm its way into her mind.

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