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   Chapter 1801 There Was Louisa Again (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6247

Updated: 2019-05-23 03:30

"Justin, how do you feel about Joyce?" Jasmine had considered that it would be wonderful if Joyce could become her sister-in-law one day.

"Why do you suddenly ask such a strange question?" Justin was reluctant to answer any questions about women, especially about Joyce, whom he didn't want to consider romantically.

"You see, I like Joyce. She's really beautiful, and if she marries you, wouldn't that be wonderful for both of us?" Jasmine beamed with joy as she explained her reasoning to Justin. She really thought this was a good idea.

"No way!" Justin directly and vehemently vetoed her proposal.

"But why? She's single, and you're single too. I think that you are a perfect match." Jasmine pouted, very upset by his reaction. How could he disagree? It was such a wonderful notion in her eyes.

"It is very simple - I just don't love her! She is just like a sister to me, the same as you are to me. You're both my sisters. That's it," Justin said very seriously, his eyes fixed on the road ahead. He was not going to entertain such wild ideas.

"But love can develop over time. I heard that Mommy and Daddy were also in an arranged marriage. But everyone can see how much they love each other now." To reach her goal, Jasmine was trying her best to persuade Justin.

"Jasmine, you only see their happiness at present. But you don't know how miserable Mommy was before. Anyway, I don't approve of a marriage which isn't built on love from the beginning." Justin was a little annoyed. They were always trying to fix him up with Joyce recently.

"Okay. It's fine, if you don't like her. But did you have to shout it out so loudly? You scared me!" Jasmine placed a trembling hand over her chest. She was really frightened by his raised voice.

"I don't want to hear nonsense like that anymore. If you really want a sister-in-law, I will try my best t

But aren't you quarreling with me right now?" Daisy stared back calmly and set the tea service on the table. She didn't want to talk about this anymore.

"It is all because of them that I lost my temper." Edward's voice trailed off, as he realized that his arbitrary argument was no longer up for discussion.

"Oh! So, since you can't do anything to them, you decided to vent your anger on me instead." Daisy was exasperated. The trouble had started with his free-range-education methods. He did not enjoy his children's respect, because he had often laughed off their inappropriate behavior, thus losing his authority over them.

"Sorry, honey. I was just so mad at them! I didn't mean to take it out on you with a temper tantrum. I'm sorry," Edward hurriedly apologized, seeking her favor and forgiveness. He could offend anyone but his wife in this house. It was important to respect this unspoken law, because it would decide whether he would sleep in the study, or in the master bedroom tonight.

"Really?" While making the tea, Daisy maintained her air of inequity with an intimidating tone.

"Of course! I have never lied to you." Since he had given his promise to her, he would always act with fealty, and love her till death.

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