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   Chapter 1800 He Is Just Her Slave (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 9878

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"Brian, did you hear that? Does that mean your sister is about to forgive me?" Leo turned to his son who was now picking up the hoe he had thrown on the ground. He badly needed a confirmation.

"Yes, Dad. Look, Justin and Jasmine are here. Why don't we stop digging the ground and get inside?" Brian suggested politely while putting the gardening materials aside. He had given up his own career overseas since Leo's health started declining. He decided to just take over Ouyang Foreign Trade and focused on his family.

"Forget about the vegetables. Go to the kitchen and see if the dishes are ready. It's almost lunchtime. My grandchildren must be hungry." Leo didn't insist on digging the ground anymore. All he cared about now was his grandchildren.

"Grandpa, let's get in," Jasmine sweetly said as she began to walk Leo carefully across the backyard. No matter how her mother treated Leo, she loved him very much because Leo had treated her very well since she was a baby. There was no way that her mother's attitude would affect how much she adored the old man.

"Justin, wait. Was Jasmine telling the truth? Did Daisy really say that?" Brian stopped Justin by the shoulder just before the young man walked away. He had to confirm what he heard. If what Jasmine said was true, it meant that Daisy had finally changed her mind. They would be a complete family again!

"What do you think? Do you think that my mom will ever change her mind? You know how stubborn she is. She would not forgive grandpa unless a miracle happens," Justin snorted as he decided to remain neutral.

"Tsk! I should've known it. Your mom can be very obstinate when she wants to be." Brian didn't understand why Daisy just couldn't let go. His mother, who had caused miseries to Daisy, had already died in prison. He thought that Daisy should be relieved after that.

"I think my dad spoiled my mom a bit too much." Justin shrugged as he had no idea of what to do. He had tried to persuade his mother before, but she would get emotional every time. The next thing he knew was how his dad usually butted in between them just to scold him all the time. Edward would always take Daisy's side regardless of anything. As a result, Justin had given up persuading his mother.

"Speaking of your dad, did he not try to persuade her?" Brian didn't think that Edward was as emotional as Daisy.

"Come on! The two are inseparable. You already know whose side he is with. He would do whatever my mom says. He is just her slave!" Justin pursed his lips as he was a little angry. He could still remember how many times his dad scolded him because of his mom.

"Haha! You better not say that in front of Edward. Otherwise, you'll be screwed." Brian knew Edward so well. Although he wouldn't admit this before anyone, he really felt lucky for his sister to have such an incredible husband.

"Do you think I'm a fool?" Justin rolled his eyes at his uncle and walked to

and pouted her lips frustratedly. It seemed like she still needed to wait for another two years to have a car.

"Are you giving up that easily? Are you not planning to persuade me again?" Justin asked with a teasing smile. He knew his sister like the back of his hand. Jasmine was never the patient type of person.

"What else can I do? Forget it." Jasmine turned her head and stared out the window. All of a sudden, a familiar figure caught her attention. "Justin, pull over! I saw Joyce," she said.

Justin looked into her direction and saw Joyce standing by the pavement. Thus, he steered the wheel immediately and pulled over.

"Joyce!" Jasmine was already screaming even before their car stopped.

On the other hand, Joyce was waiting for someone when she heard her name being called. She looked around to check who it was and instantly flashed a wide grin upon seeing Jasmine. However, her sweet smile melted as quickly as it appeared when she caught a glance of who the driver was.

"Where are you going?" Joyce asked and forced a tiny smile.

"We just left our grandpa's house. Joyce, are you waiting for someone?" Jasmine looked around but didn't see any familiar face.

"Oh... I-I just passed by..." Joyce made an excuse. Actually she was waiting for a male classmate. She didn't want Justin to misunderstand their relationship, so she lied.

"I see. Why don't you hang out with us?" Jasmine offered. She really liked Joyce a lot.

"Uh, I'm good. I just visited you guys last night. Why don't you just go home? It's really hot outside," said Joyce anxiously. Her classmate was about to arrive.

"Uh, okay. We're leaving now. Let's hang out next time." Jasmine had to go to The Mayfly later, thus, she didn't force Joyce to hang out with them.

"Okay. See you." Joyce waved her hand and heaved a long sigh of relief when the car started. However, the fact that Justin didn't even care to talk to her nor ask anything made her sad.

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