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   Chapter 1799 He Is Just Her Slave (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 9246

Updated: 2019-05-23 01:16

Edward frowned when Daisy turned him down. He had originally planned to take her out for relaxation. However, she said that she'd rather stay at home.

"Dad? Mom? Are you sure you don't want to come with us?" Jasmine asked while adjusting her one-piece dress. She decided to wear girlish clothes today since her grandfather, Leo, called her a tomboy the last time. What a bad decision though because she was feeling so uncomfortable with it now.

"We're not going. Just go there with your brother." Daisy gently smoothed a wisp of hair from her eyes and tucked it behind her ear. She still looked beautiful despite her age and it was obvious how the years that had passed treated her so well.

"Not again! Grandpa would be so disappointed. I heard him murmur that he hadn't gotten much time left the last time we were there. I felt sad upon hearing that," complained Jasmine while pouting her lips. She discreetly stole a glance at her mother to see her reaction.

However, Daisy remained cold and didn't even show any emotion at all. She just bit her lower lip as she pretended to hear nothing at all.

"Jasmine, hurry up! We're late!" It was Justin's loud voice that broke the uncomfortable silence between the two. He was already waiting for her in the car for minutes and Jasmine's delay was already annoying him to the hilt.

"For God's sake shut up!" Jasmine shouted back and trotted out of their door. Her face was still sour when she opened the passenger seat door forcefully and dumped herself into the car.

Daisy saw everything and she couldn't help but frown at Jasmine's attitude. She had always wanted her daughter to be an independent girl. She couldn't be happier that Jasmine was indeed independent now. However, her little child had grown up to be rude and that troubled Daisy a lot.

"Edward, do you think I've gone too far on Jasmine? She doesn't act like a girl at all." Daisy turned to Edward who was just silent the whole time while reading the newspaper. He might have aged but it was obvious how perfect his face still was.

"Well..." he started hesitantly. The question instantly put him in a dilemma if he should tell his wife the truth or not. Making Daisy angry was not really part of his plans today.

"Loosen up! I won't blame you for that," urged Daisy impatiently.

"Well, she has a positive mentality and I think that's great. Nevertheless, I'm afraid that she might get beaten up one day. Her attitude is beyond decorum." Although Edward was a powerful man, he really couldn't assure that he and Daisy could protect their little princess round the clock. Jasmine had already grown up and frankly, his daughter's wild demeanor was something that worried him too.

"I don't think so. Look at her! She has a heart of

round of their backyard.

"Justin, Jasmine, why are you so late?" Leo threw his hoe aside and walked towards the youngsters happily. He was wobbling with every step he made and yet looked so energetic.

"Grandpa, I heard that you were acting naughty again?" Jasmine teased and held Leo's arm instantly to assist him.

"Only two of you? Where's Daisy?" said Leo in disappointment as he looked back and forth between Justin and Jasmine. How he wished to see his daughter too.

"You should feel lucky that we're here." It was Justin who answered the old man in a freezing tone. Although Leo was now a pathetic and lonely old man, Justin believed that he deserved it. There was really no one to blame about what happened to their grandpa but himself.

"Justin!" That was when Brian called him to signal him to stop talking. Leo had been in poor health recently and Brian didn't want Justin to trigger the old man.

"I know, I know. I'm glad you are here." Sadness flooded Leo's eyes while he still looked at the two. It seemed that Daisy would not forgive him in this life.

"Grandpa, don't be sad. Mom is busy working today, thus, she can't make it. But last night, she asked me to say hello to you." Jasmine consoled her grandfather quickly. She then cast a disappointed glance at her brother and thought, 'What is wrong with Justin? Why is he so angry at Grandpa?'

"Is that so?" In reaction with what Jasmine said, Leo's face beamed with pure happiness. He was suddenly smiling like a child again and it was easy to tell that something was really beginning to be wrong with him.

"Of course. How could I even lie to you, grandpa?" Jasmine flashed her grandfather a wide grin. Leo was very old now and could pass away at any time. She thought that her mother should forgive him. Otherwise, she would regret not doing so one day.

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