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   Chapter 1797 Joyce’s Unrequited Love (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 9575

Updated: 2019-05-23 00:07

The most beautiful sign that shows a party is full of joy and fun-filled activities is the sound of laughter. The moon was in full bloom, casting its rays onto the partygoers. The heat only served to spur the people's excitement like gasoline to a flame.

Justin was the bona fide leader of the kids. He was charming and respected. He could be decisive if need be, and was always dignified in his actions; sometimes, he was also caring, a key aspect on how a leader should be. People tended to forget that leaders needed to care about the ones they were leading. The kids loved him for that.

"Hey, Justin. When are you going to get married?" Eden, whose nosiness was a match even for Rain, asked while grilling some chicken wings over the glowing coals. As a medical student, he wasn't very tactful and was often blunt with his words.

"Don't be absurd. It's way too early for that kind of thing. I'm still really young." Justin, for all his genius, actually believed in fate. If he was ever going to get married, it would be with someone he loved deeply, and of course, fate should give him signs that she was the one. He set the girlfriend bar pretty high. As the boss of the FX International group, he just wouldn't fall for any girl he saw.

"You're not that young. You're almost thirty for God's sake," Eden quipped. Some of the hot embers drifted onto his hand. He recoiled in pain and started waving his hand up and down. He then backed away from the barbeque.

"What's this almost nonsense? Thirty is still a ways to go," Justin protested. He wasn't really against marriage. What he was totally averse to was the idea of a loveless marriage. Also, he absolutely did not want to turn into his father, whose private and personal life was preyed upon by the media. Even the birth of Jasmine hit headlines back then. The reporters loved to spread gossip like wildfire, particularly about his private life, but nothing they said in the news was true.

Hearing his protests to Eden's question, Joyce turned to look at Justin. Sooner or later, he would have to choose someone to marry and become a father of his own. The days of them being together like this were getting fewer and fewer, Joyce thought.

"Joyce, what's wrong?" Jasmine asked in concern when she saw her troubled expression.

"Oh, It's nothing. I'm just really full. I'm going to take a walk over there." Joyce forced an apologetic smile and stood up. From her worries she didn't notice her troubles were already manifesting themselves on her expression.

"I'll go with you," Jasmine said and stood up as well. The glow of the flames illuminated her already beautiful face. Her perfectly chiseled features were only made more apparent by the light.

"It's okay. I'd like to be alone, to be honest. Stay here and eat some more barbeque," Joyce quickly said, her hands gesturing Jas

inful lesson she learned all those years ago. She let out a sigh when she realized the kid wouldn't back down. She saw so much of herself in Joyce back when she was young, confused and struggling in love, so she understood exactly what Joyce might've been feeling. It pained Daisy, but she also knew this was exactly why Joyce had to face this all by herself. Daisy couldn't interfere by telling Justin how she felt and nor could she force him into reciprocating Joyce's feelings.

"I'm fine. I might look delicate but I'm tough. Aunt Daisy, please don't tell Justin that I like him. I'm afraid that once he knows, he'll try to avoid me," Joyce pleaded. Even if it was unrequited love, she treasured every minute with Justin. She didn't want to ruin that.

"Of course. I won't tell him. Please don't beat yourself up about this. If he doesn't love you back, it only proves he's still a silly boy; you deserve better then." Since she had also been in a similar situation with Edward in the past, Daisy felt that it wouldn't hurt to give Joyce some advice. No one had ever offered her such advice when she was faced with this problem. So, she had to wait for Edward for a long time. She was lucky because they ended up together. Otherwise, she couldn't even begin to imagine how her life would be right now if they didn't. However, she didn't want Joyce to wait for Justin hopelessly. They were different people with different circumstances. What worked for her might not work for Joyce.

"I understand." Her eyes started to get blurry and wet, but Joyce managed to fight back the tears as she looked up at the sky.

The coals were extinguished, and everybody cleaned up. The party was over. Everyone made their way to their rooms to rest. Daisy decided to have a serious talk with Justin. She barged into his bedroom without even knocking to announce herself, a bad habit she picked up from her husband.

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