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   Chapter 1796 The Reunion (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7468

Updated: 2019-05-22 05:34

"They remind me of when we were young. Time really passes quickly. Now they've grown up. We are all getting old now," Edward said. He seemed to be overwhelmed with sorrow.

"Of course we are old now. That's nature's order. No one can stay young forever like your parents. Seems like you want to have eternal youth," Rain joked. It was true that Edward's parents looked much younger than their peers because they had a healthy lifestyle but they were inevitably still getting old. Like Rain said, no one could beat mother nature.

"No. Don't get me wrong. In fact, nothing counts, and death is coming for us all. If I wanted to change the order of nature, I'll be damned," Edward said. His parents looked younger than their peers because they kept a positive mind. And they loved each other so much so they didn't fight. They were always in a good mood. But these days he found that they both looked a little bit older. He thought they must have concerns now. He was worried about their physical health.

"But you look younger than us. Are you keeping some secret from us? Actually you didn't tell us who you really are. Are you a descendant of some immortal creature?" Tom joked with a smile. Like Edward, he also missed the old days when they were young and free.

"What did you say? How dare you? I can't believe you regard his parents as immortal creatures. I'll tell them what you said about them," Rain joked. He was the most fun one out of all of them. He always made them laugh by making fun of somebody's way of dressing or telling an amusing story.

"Go ahead. Tell them what he said," Edward said with a smile. As their son, he had a great admiration for his parents. They had been through a lot and at this age, their love for each other was still strong. Their love commenced with a casual attraction but bloomed into a mature love and rich life.

"When we grow old and grey, I hope we can still put our wife first like we do now. Then I can say that my love remains the same until death do us apart," Duke said. As he hit middle age, he started to feel that love was precious. Love was also fragile, so lovers needed to be as intentional with love as they were with work. He seldom envied people, but Jonathan

thinking I could come and help you out. I was just about to go and you showed up here. You know I'm a gentleman. A gentleman won't leave the work for his woman to do on her own," Kevin said. His flattering words aroused the other men's contempt. They all despised the way he talked to Leena. His bragging made them feel embarrassed. Although he was an eminent commander, he acted totally different when he was at home. He loved Leena so he always showed his love by praising her. What was more, he was soft-spoken and very submissive to his wife.

"Okay. Since you'd like to offer us some help, I'll leave the most important job to you. When we have the barbecue, your job is to keep the coals burning," Leena said with a sly smile.

"That's good. You can handle that," the other men said mocking him. They were happy to see that Kevin fell into the trap Leena set for him.

"You guys don't get too excited. Your job is to grill the meat and vegetables for us," Leena warned them. She liked to see their reaction after playing a trick on them.

"You know what, Leena. That's a brilliant idea," Kevin praised Leena. He thought he was luckier than the other guys because all he needed to do was to keep the coals burning. It was really a stress-free job to do, but they had to serve the ladies all the time.

"Shut up!" they all shouted at Kevin and stared at him. They were so jealous of him because he was the luckiest of them all and got the easiest job by flattering Leena.

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