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   Chapter 1795 The Reunion (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6961

Updated: 2019-05-22 05:31

"No. I'm not jealous of you. We don't know each other well enough for you to judge me. Don't you agree, Owen?" Richard asked him. Obviously he wanted to invite Owen to join him in making fun of Eden.

Owen was conflicted. He didn't want to get involved in their fight so he stayed silent.

"So you are Owen. I've heard so much about you from my dad. He always told me that you are a calm and wise person. He wanted me to be a person who has some great qualities like you. You are a role model to me," Eden said. Since he was young, he had been a naughty boy. His dad always thought he wasn't mature enough. He always emphasized the importance of being calm and steady to Eden. Now all of them had grown up, and everyone had changed a lot. After all these years, he finally met Owen.

"Uncle Tom was joking. I'm flattered. Actually I'm not that good. You see, we are peers. There is nothing different between us," Owen smiled. The look on his face was still calm. As Eden said, he was a calm man, you couldn't tell his feelings from his expression.

"Owen, don't be so modest. I do think you are way more calm and steady than some egotistical narcissist. You are a good role model," Richard felt angry that Eden wasn't feeding his ego. He wanted to say something harsh to irritate him.

Joyce laughed quietly. She found that Richard was still very childish even though he studied at the military school and went through extensive training. He looked mature but still acted like a careless young boy.

"Hey, Richard, watch your tone and your sarcasm. Remember I am older than you, show some respect," Eden said jokingly.

"Although you are older than me, we are the same height. We are both adults, but I don't see you acting more mature than me," Richard was a little bit angry, Eden's words had irritated him. He felt that Eden made him look bad in front of people. He was embarrassed now. The atmosphere between them got intense. As a military cadet, Richard was still a little bit childish and irritable, he still needed to be trained mentally.

"What's going on? Y

e Patricia happened to be a great example of one of those women. Sometimes he was perturbed by her capricious behavior like posing a random question to him without explaining it. He seemed to never know her intention when she asked some weird questions. He felt as he got older, the less he understood women.

"They told me that Eden is back. But I don't see him here. Where is him? It's been a while since the last time I saw him," Kevin diverged around their topic. He had nothing to complain about, he was just looking around for Leena so he didn't want to talk about it too much.

"They're over there. He's talking with Justin," Tom said with a smile. Looking at Eden, there were mixed emotions for his son. On the one hand, he was proud of him because he was good doctor material. He was gifted because he learned things quickly. Also, he learned through experience with patients from his own interaction in the practice of medicine. On the other hand, as Eden's dad, he was also a little worried about him because he thought he wasn't calm and steady enough to be a doctor. Everyday his responsibility was to save people's lives, so he needed to take everything seriously.

"Just let the kids have some fun. We'll meet them at the dinner," Duke said to him. At first he didn't like Kevin and had been always pushing him away, but now they became friends and got along well.

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