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   Chapter 1794 The Reunion (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7559

Updated: 2019-05-22 03:47

"Richard, I haven't seen you for ages. You are taller and bigger now," Owen said. At university, he majored in finance which was not his favorite. He was jealous of Richard because unlike him, Richard could study what he liked at his favorite university. Owen had to do as his father commanded even though he had no interest in his major. He knew his dad forced him to major in finance because he wanted Owen to help in his brother's work in the future. But Owen really hated to do something he wasn't passionate about. Working in the financing industry wasn't his dream. His dream was to be an astronaut.

"Are you kidding? I thought I had stopped growing," Richard said surprised. Richard straightened his back and approached Owen, he found that after all these years, he had indeed grown much. They were almost the same height.

"No kidding. Uncle Kevin and aunt Leena are both very tall. You inherited all the tall genes passed on from your parents, so you wouldn't be a short guy," Owen said. Besides Jasmine, Owen also liked to talk with Richard because he was full of youthful spirit which Owen himself lacked. He had achieved what Owen hadn't. Whatever he saw in Richard, he wanted for himself. He had great admiration for him.

"Joyce, come over here," said Jasmine waiving her arm at Joyce. She wasn't expecting her at the party and was excited to see her.

"Richard and Owen are all back. But I heard that their holidays are supposed to start in a couple days," Joyce wondered. Catching the hems of her full-length gown, Joyce walked towards Jasmine. Joyce was a beautiful girl with long black hair and dark eyes. She liked to wear gowns along with diamond necklaces and she looked fabulous and graceful when she wore them.

"Joyce, I haven't seen you in a while. You look gorgeous tonight," said Richard not taking his eyes off her. He was totally obsessed with her.

Owen on the other hand was more reserved, he wasn't vocal with his feelings. He was too shy to give a girl a compliment so he just smiled at Joyce and didn't say anything.

"Really? Well, thank you. You are so sweet. I'm flattered. But I bet you say that to every girl that you meet," Joyce teased crossing her arms. She didn't buy it at all.

"I can't believe you

were afraid to approach and chase girls like her, because she was too perfect and they would get stressed to be with her.

"So you mean I was not beautiful enough when I was younger?" asked Joyce acting as though she was angry. She knew he didn't mean it that way, but she wanted to tease him. She found that Eden and Rain had similar personalities. Although Eden was not his son, they were both easy going and liked to joke.

"No! No! No! Don't get me wrong. I mean, when you were younger, you were a cute little girl. Now you have grown up, so I think it's more appropriate to describe you as a beautiful young lady. Of course you were beautiful all the time. I think you are more than beautiful. You are perfect," Eden defended himself eloquently. He should have been a lawyer instead of a doctor.

"Eden, I think you are jumping a fence and taking my job. Who did you learn that from?" Richard said. He was good at praising girls which was one of his unique skills. But now he found that Eden did a way better job than he did when it came to complementing girls. Eden's presence posed a huge threat to Richard.

"You're not jealous of me, are you, Richard?" Eden joked raising an eyebrow mischievously. He was still a junior high school student when Eden last saw him a couple of years ago. Time really passed quickly. He used to be a shy boy, but now he was outgoing and popular among the girls. He even made jokes to please girls. He had already grown up into a mature man and looked handsome.

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