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   Chapter 1789 No Longer Young (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 9374

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"Oh? You mean..." she paused to think. "Is the actress not your girlfriend? Then, is your girlfriend Miss Chen?" Jasmine probed. She continued guessing and was not about to let Justin off the hook easily.

Before her brother could respond, Leena butted in, "What? Miss Chen? No, no, no! That girl is so rude. And I don't think she deserves to be with Justin." She might not get along well with Justin, but she felt she had to jump in and speak on the young man's behalf. She knew this so-called Miss Chen and her assessment of the girl was that she was ill-bred.

"Are you serious?" Jasmine asked in disbelief. She had seen Miss Chen before and thought she was a pretty girl. But she had no idea what kind of person she was.

"Well, you'll know if you spend some time with her. I heard she is determined, but has a bad character," Leena offered. She quickly shook her head after saying this. She was not fond of gossiping, but several of her friends had complained to her before that this Miss Chen was very rude.

"Are you here for the food or the gossip?" an impatient Justin asked. He was fed up with all the gossiping, and he didn't even know who this Miss Chen was, so the guy decided to interrupt the discussion.

"Of course we're here for food. But what's wrong if I chat with Auntie Leena?" Jasmine fluttered her innocent doe eyes while looking at her brother. She was perplexed by Justin's behavior. Usually, her brother was calm and gentle, but Jasmine noticed that whenever Leena was around, he was easily pissed off.

"Let's leave him out of the conversation," Leena suggested. "I had a manicure yesterday. What do you think of it?" She held out her hands to show Jasmine her newly-painted nails. There were countless topics that women could talk about when they hung out together.

Blowing out a breath, Justin didn't know whether to laugh or cry in exasperation. Surrounded by three women, he was no match for them. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath to relax. Then he decided to keep his mouth shut.

Jasmine had planned to hang out with Joyce after lunch, but her grandfather called and asked her to come home right after. She had no choice but to bid everyone goodbye.

Meanwhile, Leena and Justin still had work that afternoon, so Joyce was left alone. She didn't want to go back home yet to avoid her mother's nagging. The young lady decided to head straight to CY Technology instead.

After years of hard work, Rain successfully turned CY Technology into a well-known multinational corporation, whose worth and prestige was many times more than what it was before. Rain had faced a lot of challenges in the past few years; he had had to manage the company and deal with the Ke family. His father, Sanford, had died two years ago, and eventually, the Ke family mem

e was in her twenties, and she could have a boyfriend if she wanted to. Rain didn't think he had to interfere in his daughter's life.

"Well, is it because your daughter is too picky? She does have a mind of her own," Edward remarked while sipping coffee and staring at Rain. He clasped his hands in front of him before speaking again.

"She resembles me in that aspect. We're both responsible people when in love. Once we give our heart to someone, we will be the most faithful partner. So, it's not easy for us to fall for a person that easily," Rain said. It made him realize that he had to talk with Joyce.

Edward broke into laughter. "Are you kidding me? You were a playboy before you met Annie, okay?" he said with a scornful glance at Rain. He always thought Rain was shameless for talking about being a faithful partner.

Rain coughed at his friend's remarks. "Edward, Edward. You and I used to be lady-killers. But now, we're all focused on our families." He bowed his head momentarily to think. When his son and daughter were younger, Rain used to worry about their safety. Now that they were grown up, he had something else to worry about -- their love lives.

Things were different now, but he had to let his children lead the lives they wanted. Edward had a different outlook. "In my opinion, we should enjoy life here and now. We're no longer young. What if one day we don't wake up?" He had witnessed the death of many people around him, so he was somewhat a pessimist when it came to the future.

"What you said makes sense. Our kids have their own lives, and it's better if we don't interfere," Rain said. Nodding his agreement, Rain thought of how satisfied he was with his life now. He had a beautiful wife and incredible twins. Before Annie came back into his life, he had originally thought he would be alone for the rest of his life.

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