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   Chapter 1788 The Young Generation (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7176

Updated: 2019-05-21 04:58

"Actually, I used to believe that I had the possibility of becoming like that. But now, there's no turning back," Jasmine said with relief. She was quite satisfied with her own personality. On the contrary, she would feel overwhelmed with pressure if she had to constantly act so primly like Joyce did.

"There's no turning back for what? What were you talking about?" Leena asked as she walked towards their table. She happened to be inspecting her restaurant when she saw the three of them.

"Aunt Leena! I didn't expect to see you here!" Jasmine greeted her delightedly. She jumped up with joy when she saw Leena, and welcomed her with a warm embrace.

"Hey, Jasmine! You've grown into a young lady now, but you still lose your composure so easily like an eternal child! Do you want to break my old bones by hugging me so tightly?" Leena pretended to be angry with her overreaction, but she was gladdened with seeing the youngsters.

Jasmine pouted at being criticized. "Aunt Leena, you don't look that old at all! Will anyone in the street believe you are over 40 years old? No! They will regard you as my elder sister, instead of my aunt!" she remarked mischievously.

"Well, if only I were really that young! What an apple polisher you are! Although I know you are flattering me, I have to admit that I really enjoy it," Leena said with a smile. In fact, Leena appeared much younger than her actual age. Though well over 40, she looked to be a young lady in her 20s, thanks to her special skin-care regiment.

"Aunt Leena, don't you know how eloquent she is? Her words are able to resurrect the dead." Joyce shook her head, teasing Jasmine intentionally.

"Ha! I guess you're right. So, when did you return to S City, Joyce? Your mother and I were talking about you last week!" Leena turned her eyes to Joyce. She took Jasmine's hand and slid into the seat next to Joyce.

"Just a few days ago. I was thinking about visiting you, but my mother dragged me about window shopping in the city for two consecutive days..." Joyce shrugged with resignation. The twins both attended university in other cities, while their father was occ

tin asked alertly. He unconsciously moved his body backwards from her, feeling threatened by her unreadable stare.

"Nothing. I was just wondering if you have a girlfriend or not," Leena said curiously. She watched his reaction with some doubt. Although there were many rumors about him, it seemed that he had never been closely associated with any particular girl.

"Why should I tell you about that, even if I have one?" Justin scoffed angrily. He had a very high standard when it came to girlfriends, and he was quite confident of his self-control. No matter how beautiful a girl was, he wouldn't show any interest in her if she wasn't the type he liked.

"Well, you don't have to. I'm just curious about it. Aren't you also, girls?" Leena became even more intrigued when she saw him losing his temper. This was just what she wanted to see because she couldn't continue with her game if Justin was indifferent to her.

"Yes, I want to know about that as well! Justin, who is your girlfriend? Is it that female star in the news report several days ago?" Jasmine joined Leena's inquisition, because she was also interested in her brother's love life.

"How could that be true?" Justin denied in a tired tone. Many times the media liked to fabricate facts. He had just conversed with the girl at a party for a few minutes. Now, there was a media hype starting about their alleged relationship. It was agony to be famous!

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