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   Chapter 1787 The Young Generation (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6690

Updated: 2019-05-21 04:50

"His phone is turned off, so I can't even talk to him," Jasmine said, sighing. She was down in the dumps. Since Richard began attending the military school, she hardly saw him these days.

"Maybe he's in a training class now. Well, let him be. Let us go then, just you and me!" Justin took her hand and strode towards the elevator. They had usually gathered together in a young group because of their parents' friendships. But now, most of them had gone abroad for further study, and Justin had started work. He could understand Jasmine's feeling lonely.

"Okay, let's go!" Jasmine agreed, then stopped suddenly as her brain flirted upon another thought, "Wait a minute. I just remembered that Joyce returned several days ago. Let me find out if she wants to join us!" She took out her phone again, beaming with pleasure. Joyce was a total goddess in Jasmine's eyes. During the years, the girl of the Xia family's twins had grown into a beautiful lady. She had cultivated an air of nobility and elegance, but she also did well in her studies.

"Oh, you're right! I almost forgot that. She must be on her summer vacation now," Justin said slapping his forehead. Joyce had become a quiet and gentle lady, and it was difficult for those who knew her as a child to recall that she had been a rude and unreasonable child. Her ethereal beauty made her look like a fairy. And as if with a magic wand, she had them all enthralled to her.

Joyce was still in her bed when Jasmine called. She had stayed up writing an essay the night before. Stretching out her hand to take her phone from the night table she put it near her ear. "Hi. Who's that?"

"Hello, Jasmine here! Joyce, you sound sleepy. Are you still in bed? Oh, come on! It's almost noon!" Jasmine teased. She could tell that Joyce hadn't yet risen from her vague voice.

"Good morning, Jasmine. Is something the matter?" Joyce asked, yawning. She sat up in her bed and glanced at the alarm clock on the night table. It was already eleven o'cl

erested in, to match her sublime beauty.

"Not really. Most men there don't like my type of woman," Joyce answered honestly. She knew that she was too quiet for most men, who preferred a more gregarious type of girlfriend.

"What? Those assholes must have a terrible standard then! You're such a perfect beauty, how could they dislike you? Are they looking for a witch to be their girlfriend?" Jasmine spat angrily, feeling indignant for Joyce.

"Jasmine, we're in public! Please be polite." Justin reminded his sister in a low voice. He let out a helpless sigh. Every time Jasmine became emotional, she wouldn't care about what words came from her mouth. He hoped that one day his sister could be as demure as Joyce.

"Okay, I know. Be polite and elegant as a lady... But, Justin, do you really think that I can ever become an elegant lady?" Jasmine asked impishly. She felt it would never be possible for her to act politely and obediently. Perhaps that would happen only in her next life?

"You won't know whether that's possible if you don't give it a try!" Justin tried to encourage her. He considered his sister reproachfully, but he believed their mother was the one to blame for his sister's wildness. He and Edward both wished Jasmine to be a gentle princess, but Daisy had nurtured her into a freewheeling hoyden.

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