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   Chapter 1786 The Young Generation (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6316

Updated: 2019-05-21 04:16

Jasmine was the little princess of the Mu Family, and she had inherited all of her parents' best attributes, growing into a beautiful girl. She was both beautiful and wise, though she chose not to apply herself to serious studies due to her whimsical nature.

She had long and curly eyelashes, which looked so delicate as to be mistaken for fake. Though only sixteen years old, she had already shaped into a classical hourglass figure. She was an object of desire to most men with her supermodel figure and divine features, but she was a perfect example of self-willed innocence.

Jasmine came and went freely at the FX International Group with attentive looks upon each visit. This time she drew much notice from all corners, as she wore a white smock, draped beautifully from her shoulders, and hot pants, which showed off more than they concealed. Her long silky hair was parted and plaited into two thick braids, which looked a bit tousled yet attractive. Her delicate oval face with big bright eyes added to her youthful appearance, and hinted at a lovable and approachable nature.

"Justin, who's that beautiful lady out there? Is she your new secretary?" She asked as she walked into the CEO's office. With an easy spring, she jumped up quite unceremoniously to sit on her brother's desk.

"Yes, she is. Anna applied for her early retirement, so I had to appoint a new secretary. But what are you doing here?" Justin asked as he briefly raised his head from the files which he was reading over. He frowned at her revealing outfit, but lacked the heart to criticize her for it.

"I heard that Eden is returning from abroad today. Is it true?" Jasmine asked curiously as she absently played with her braids.

"Yes, it is. Why don't you go pick him up at the airport?" Even during their conversation, Justin didn't stop his work and continued to make notes in the files on the de

"Let's go out now! I'll treat you to lunch," Justin offered. He stood up from behind his desk and stretched his lanky frame. At roughly 1.9-meters-tall, he would tower over most, and Jasmine stood about a head shorter than him.

"Great! Why don't we invite Richard to go along with us?" Jasmine suggested happily. She and Richard got along well, perhaps due to their similar ages. Aside from that, his taste in clothing was always fashion-forward - which might be influenced by his mother, Leena - and he always looked cool.

"He's probably still in school now. I wonder if he can go with us," Justin said. Richard was attending a military school, and the strict discipline there offered him little freedom to socialize with friends.

"I'll call him to find out," Jasmine said. Taking out her phone, she started dialing his number.

"Okay! I'll hand some work over to my new secretary while you talk," Justin replied with a soft smile before leaving the office.

After issuing his instructions, he turned around and was confronted by a downcast Jasmine coming out of the office.

"What happened? Can't he make it?" Justin asked. He felt sorry when he saw his sister in low spirits. Every time Jasmine was down, he would feel terrible as well.

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