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   Chapter 1785 A Tough Princess (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6949

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"Daddy, how did you manage to come here?" Jasmine asked as she reached her daddy. She jumped at him in joy and hugged his muscular waist with her short arms.

"I was on the way back after negotiating some business, honey. Since your school is on the way, I decided to pick you up on the way home," Edward reached with his hand and began to smooth her disheveled hair from all the running and jumping. He then lowered his head and gave her forehead a light kiss.

"Then let's hurry! Before mommy finds out that you picked me up," Jasmine hastily opened the door on the passenger side and got into the car. She dreaded her mother's punishments, especially the long distance running.

"Woah, take it easy! Your mommy went to a subordinate company and won't be back tonight," Edward said as he shook his head with a wry smile on the corners of his mouth. He wondered why his daughter feared only her mother and no one else.

"Really? Daddy, that's great news!" Jasmine went wild as soon as she heard Daisy was absent. Since she was the only person in the family who could suppress her, she could play as much as she wanted.

"My little angel, is your mother that scary?" Edward asked the question after he saw the relief in Jasmine's face. He hadn't been able to understand why she feared Daisy so much. He had also scolded her at times, but she didn't fear him like she feared her mother.

"Of course! One look from her turns my blood to ice," Jasmine couldn't help but shiver at the memory, as if Daisy was looking at her right now.

"Aren't you exaggerating a bit?" Edward frowned upon learning how her daughter felt. He didn't have the same feeling.

"I'm telling the truth. You're not me, how can you possibly understand?!" Jasmine pouted, trying her hardest to be cute.

"You'd better never say that to your mommy, or she'll be upset," Edward reminded his daughter. He knew Daisy quite well. Despite her position of Major General, which commanded respect and fear, she was still a woman. She wouldn't feel okay knowing her own daughter feared her that much

as strong and magnificent. A whole mountain was hollowed out and a complicated cave was carved within. Anybody who didn't know this would see the place as an ordinary mountain.

In fact, there were often only a few people in the Mayfly, because their agents had to perform tasks in the outside world most of the time. They would get together only to discuss important mission parameters. Jasmine spent half of her childhood there, where she was trained in advanced combat skills, escape routes and various advanced weaponry.

In the beginning, she had aspired to become a military officer like her mother, but later she realized that she only loved the righteous passion of the military, but not the rigid structure it was built upon. She thought it was severely limiting of one's freedom. In light of this, she chose the Mayfly without hesitation.

When Jasmine reached the age of sixteen, she had become an agent of incomparable expertise; A master of disguise and skill. She learned many practical skills and knowledge, though her school grades remained average at best. After all these years, her school record showed no improvement. Even Daisy, who hadn't paid much attention to her daughter's grades, started to worry. Jasmine would be taking college application exams in two years time. How could she ever be admitted to a good university with such an average school record?

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