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   Chapter 1784 A Tough Princess (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7078

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"Justin, Major General Ouyang fought against me for daddy," the little girl complained in between sobs. Her nose was red and her eyes were still wet with tears. She looked adorable. Since her most prominent backer had arrived, she cried even harder. Moreover, she wiped her tears and snot with his white shirt. That kind of privilege only belonged to Jasmine. Anyone else who did that to Justin would be very likely to come to regret their decisions quickly as they were beaten black and blue.

"Let's give daddy to her for now. Let me play with you instead, okay?" Justin asked in a soothing voice while wiping her tears away. Just as Leena had observed, Justin loved his sister even more than Duke loved Leena.

"Hmm! Jasmine wants to go horseback riding with you, brother!" the little girl smiled even when her eyes were still moist and red after her brother's offer. After all, she was only a kid.

"Ah! "Why on earth would you want to play that again!" Justin felt helpless before his supreme little sister. Being a gentle and sophisticated individual, he had to satisfy his sister by playing her favorite game - horseback riding. Only in her version, Justin was the horse. He had to lie prone with a hunched back and let her ride on his back. Edward secretly took pleasure in Justin's misfortune, because the little girl didn't want anybody else to play the horse.

Daisy tried suppressing her laugh with her hand over her mouth to no avail. The scene unfolding before her was too funny. Her regal and sophisticated son, a prodigy and genius, on his knees on the ground playing horseback with a little girl whose smile could reach the heavens. As long as nobody fought her for her husband, she didn't care whom the little girl brought disaster to.

When years went by the time came for Jasmine to attend primary school, she grew up to become even prettier. She was lively and outgoing, and devilishly charming as well. She made friends in droves in her class and other sections in her grade. Her popularity was mainly due to how Daisy educated and disciplined her daughter. Although Jasmine was a girl, Dai

rned out to have as many as five. She was the envy of the group to the extreme.

"Of course I am. Not only are they handsome, they're all really studious as well," Jasmine said in a mysterious tone. Since all of her elder brothers had outstanding school records and had various honors, she often felt inadequate with her average grades. It was a good thing Major General Ouyang didn't care much for high grades, otherwise she would be trained by her hard. Jasmine thought that the reason her mother was so strict with her was because she had fought against her mother for her daddy back when she was just a small child.

"Wow! Really? Then can you introduce them to us?" the girls all came forward asking for an introduction, effectively surrounding Jasmine.

"No. Well, let's go. I have to get home now. Sorry to disappoint you girls, but the person who'll pick me up isn't anyone of my elder brothers, but my daddy," Jasmine said with a happy smile that could have reached the heavens. She waved goodbye to her classmates as she saw Edward's ultra-luxury car pull up the school driveway. She ran to her daddy happily.

Edward had been waiting for his beloved daughter in the car. When he saw her running towards him, he quickly opened the door and stepped out. A number of years had passed, but his face was almost untouched by time and hardship. He was now more mature and reserved than ever before.

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