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   Chapter 1783 A Tough Princess (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6973

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Justin had no idea he had just been made fun of. He still had a way to go with the various social nuances of the time. He shuddered as a gust of cold wind blew his way in the office. His eyes went to the direction of the frigid air.

"Uncle Aaron, is the air-conditioning malfunctioning? I'm pretty sure I felt a cold breeze wash over me just now," he asked as he met eyes with Aaron. Today was a holiday. As per his father's directive, he was required to be at the FX International Group for practice whenever school was out. Justin liked to think this was part of his father's grooming him to be the next head of the company. So as usual, he was at the office right now.

"No. I don't think so. Anyway, focus. You'd better take a look at these documents thoroughly first. The CEO mentioned he'll be giving out random examinations," Aaron reminded the young protege. Justin had been exposed to the cutthroat world of business in the FX International Group at the tender young age of eight. Now, much more grown up, he had no problems handling simple documents.

"I can't see him in his office. Where's my daddy now?" Justin asked while already looking at the stack of documents laid out before him. He sighed inwardly. Whenever the thought of his future as the heir of this massive company, Justin couldn't help but feel stressed.

"The CEO went home, apparently. He said that we can only call him if it is absolutely necessary," Aaron answered passively. He didn't even need to guess as to why Edward rushed to get home this early. He definitely went home for his little daughter. Aaron smirked at the thought.

"Really, now? Isn't he going too far by going back home to see my younger sister by himself while he leaves me at the company to sort out all these documents?" Justin said with a pained expression. Frustration washed over him and he couldn't help but bend over the desk. He shifted uncomfortably. He was a genius and he knew that. Such was the fate of people like him. If he was any other kid, he would've been playing with no care in the world like a normal kid hi

al Ouyang is bullying me again," Jasmine pleaded as she turned to his father in an attempt to charm him. This was her usual tactic whenever she realized she was losing to her mother.

"Major General Ouyang, please explain why you're bullying my little princess," Edward had no choice but to play along and question Daisy with the title his daughter had addressed her mother, now that he was dragged into the little war.

"Why, the reason's quite simple! It's because she is fighting against me for my own husband," Daisy answered as she raised her chin proudly, while staring intently at the man she loved so dearly. She would never admit defeat. The very notion made her cringe inside. All these years they were together, he had treated her with love and kindness without ever hindering her work. That was why she was able to work harder and attain the position of Major General. Hence, she was quite grateful for her husband.

"There is no fight. Daddy is always mine," Jasmine cried out all of a sudden with her voice breaking up, she was visibly tearing up now.

"Now, look at what you've done. She's crying again," Justin walked into the living room in strides. He had grown up to be a handsome kid of fifteen years old. As soon as he heard his sister's wails, he appeared almost instantly in front of them. He then bent down and carried Jasmine in his arms to comfort her.

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