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   Chapter 1781 Jasmine Ouyang (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7063

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"It doesn't matter when I came in. You just know that I've heard every word you said just now." Patricia hissed and it was obvious that she was mad at Tom. 'How could Tom say that? He actually said I was like a tigress? Was I that frightening?' The more Patricia thought about it, the angrier she became.

"Please, never think of that. I just walked into Edward's trap!" Tom explained frantically to Patricia, desperate to keep his wife calm. Tom looked at Edward with pleading eyes. How much he wished that Edward could speak nice things about him, but he totally forgot that Edward was actually a merciless person who would do no such kind things. However, it would be useful to remember that Edward showed mercy by not hitting when someone was down. It was just impossible for him to say nice things about someone.

"If you didn't think so, how could you walk into his trap? What Edward did is just your excuse," Patricia replied to Tom. Patricia gave Tom a sour look but soon enough, the cute baby in Justin's arms caught her attention.

"Edward, please say something," Tom almost cried as he asked the man for help. Tom really flopped this time. It mattered as it determined whether he would sleep in bed or on the couch tonight.

"I have nothing to say." Edward simply shrugged. 'What Tom has done is really meaningless. If I am willing to speak nice things about him, I would have reminded him of her coming.' Edward chuckled to himself amusingly.

"Justin, there's your sister! How adorable she is! Would you let me hold the baby for a while?" Patricia asked Justin kindly. Patricia was itching to stretch her arms out and hold the baby, excitement evident in her twinkling eyes.

"Of course I would. But you must be careful!" said Justin. Justin's arms still felt stiff as he dared not to move when he held the baby for such a long time, so he had a little difficulty when he gave the baby to Patricia. Finally, the stifling weight was gone and he could stretch his rigid limbs.

"I know that. You know I held Eden a lot when he was a baby," said Patricia. Patricia held the baby with great ca

quickly scurried away to the door as he gave his father a meaningful glance.

"Justin has always been in a hurry. Why does he not slow down. The floor is very slippery." Daisy murmured and then flushed into a deep shade of red when she caught Edward staring hard at her swollen breasts.

"Sweetheart, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You did a lot for me." Edward said in a gentle voice as he looked up at her eyes. Edward ran his fingers through her soft hair. Her hair was cut shorter to make it easier for her pregnancy.

"So, you must be very nice to us from now on." Daisy said. Daisy was never the cutesy type of person, although sometimes she played the sultry coquette. Most of the time however, she was open and expressed herself in a straightforward manner.

"Of course I will be nice to all of you from now on till the end of my life! Actually, that's not enough. I will be nice to all of you even in my next life as you are all my life," Edward said solemnly and made a promise. He thought he would have felt ecstatic after the baby was born, but it was quite the opposite when their baby arrived. He felt more guilty and heartbroken. He had missed many days of being with his wife and family while she had patiently waited for him all along. Although she loved him so much, she never begged him to return until he truly found his love for her, and finally came back to her at last.

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