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   Chapter 1780 Jasmine Ouyang (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7418

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The three members of the Mu family were gathered in the spacious living room. The two adults sat on the long sectional chesterfield sofa as young Justin uncomfortably faced his parents. He shifted his feet from side to side. "Um... I'm sorry Mummy. I have been in the summer camp all these days and didn't have time to buy a gift, as you know it." An awkward smile was plastered on Justin's face as his hands absentmindedly fiddled with his hair, but his steely eyes glanced sideways at Edward in an annoyed fashion. 'All these troubles are because of him, ' Justin thought to himself.

"It is only an excuse," said Daisy. She pouted and crossed her arms like a little girl who didn't get the toy she wanted. When Edward saw her acting like a cute little child, he couldn't help but internally squeal at her adorable actions even if it was the complete opposite of his strong-willed persona.

"No, it's not. I'm telling the truth, Mummy! If you really want it, I can make up for it next time. What do you think of my idea?" Justin almost yelled out his words in a flurry to defend himself. 'Is she really my mummy? Why do I feel more scared after she changed?'

"You mean I let you go this time? Hmm… I'll think about that." Daisy relented, and decided to act kind this time. Her folded arms relaxed themselves to her sides.

"That's great! Mummy is always the best!" Justin almost cried in relief. He released a deep sigh he'd been holding for quite a while. He felt so grateful to escape that it was as if the world was so beautiful again--as long as his mother didn't speak about the gift thing, that was.

Edward looked at his son and his wife and laughed softly, a bemused but peaceful expression on his face. He hadn't expected to have a happy life in this world they lived in, but fate had been kind enough and given him far more than he could think of.

However, Daisy suddenly stopped acting cute at the same time. If she kept doing that, she believed that something unpleasant might happen. 'A woman should know when to stop. It is not a good idea if I act too much.' Daisy knew that clearly as she ceased her actions.

The next days passed by idly and quietly. Daisy attended the maneuver on the bat

joy on his sleeve and made no effort to hide it. And why not indeed, he could be at peace and his heart was fine now after all the constant worrying for the last ten months.

"No, never. I don't want Patricia to trod her neck on me once again," Tom said. He still had the jitters. 'All the women will be the same when they are pregnant. They cannot get annoyed a little bit at all, or the consequences will be severe, ' Tom told himself.

"As you said, Patricia is bad tempered, isn't she?" Edward asked. Edward said this intentionally when he saw Patricia enter the room and close the door with a soft click.

"Don't you think so?" asked Tom.

Tom felt a little shiver run down his spine when he thought of Patricia's behavior when she was pregnant. He couldn't help but feel a little scared and wouldn't want to experience that again.

"How would I know that?" Edward said. Edward would never speak ill of Patricia to her face, so he smartly said nothing about Tom's question.

"Oh, I will never think of that again! I feel too miserable whenever I think of that time. Patricia was like a tigress!" Tom shook his head woefully. It was evident that it was a really unhappy time.

"Tom, did I scare you that much?" Patricia happily came to visit but when she heard her husband's words just now, her good mood was immediately spoiled.

"What? When did you come in? Oh my, you truly surprised me!" Tom almost cried out. He was being weird. What was wrong with him?

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