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   Chapter 1779 Pregnancy Syndrome (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7135

Updated: 2019-05-20 01:23

"What's the matter with being tanned? It's healthy to get some vitamin D," Edward replied. He handed her a bottle of water while he started the car and drove out of the army base.

"I know that you are right. But I can't help but worry about him. What if he was bullied or had some altercation with someone," she said with growing concern. Daisy had become extremely sensitive of late. Maybe it was due to her pregnancy.

"He will be fine, stop worrying! You know how clever he is and besides, he is my son. Who would dare bully him," said Edward with confidence. His confidence, after all, wasn't just based on idle gossip. He had his own qualification and strength.

"It's because you always fill his mind with such talk and I fear that he may start to become over-confident," said Daisy frowning. Daisy's concerns were justified. Justin was entering puberty and if he wasn't properly guided, he could become like one of those cocky second-generation rich kids, with no compassion for others or skills of his own.

"Well my lady, don't you think that you are over worrying? I mean, if you don't believe in Justin, you should believe in yourself. After all, it was your strict guidance that has set the boundary for him," said Edward trying to calm her worries. Edward felt helpless. Ever since Daisy had become pregnant, her demeanor had greatly changed. Instead of being the confident, secure and positive person that she used to be, she seemed to be plagued with second-guessing herself and unnecessary insecurities and just worrying about everything all the time.

"Well, I don't believe in you. It's you that is corrupting our son," said Daisy. Like many women in the pregnancy, she was experiencing a lot of mood swings and body changes. Although, being a soldier she thought that she would've been able to cope with the changes much better than she was, she could see that she was losing her agility and that all had been adding to her low self-confidence.

"Me? What about me? I not only listen to every order that you give me, but also take over the driver's job to pick you up every day," Edward said a little

th. He was shocked at his mother's unusual behavior. He was used to her being solemn and stern.

"What are you two talking about behind my back? Are you talking about me?" asked Daisy eyeing them suspiciously. Daisy knew that they were concerned about her odd behavior. She was doing it all deliberately to punish them for putting so much pressure on her to have another baby.

"No, absolutely not!" The two of them answered spontaneously. However, that only deepened Daisy's suspicion about them.

"Really?" asked Daisy skeptically. Daisy was actually playing them for a fool. Now that they were all fussing around her because she was pregnant, she decided that she was going to enjoy all of the attention. After the baby was born, she could no longer fool them and use pregnancy syndrome as an excuse.

"Really! We are not talking about you. Justin, Come on and take out the gift you bought for mom," Edward suddenly blurted out. That was really sneaky of dad to throw Justin into the firing line, just so he could escape from Daisy's inquiry.

"Really! That's so nice of you Justin," said Daisy looking at Justin pleased. When he saw how happy his mother was, Justin didn't have the heart to tell her that he didn't buy anything. He gave his father a disappointed look. He wondered how his father could do such a thing to him - trapped him and put him in an awkward position like this. He had enough of that!

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