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   Chapter 1778 Pregnancy Syndrome (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6244

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"You asked for all of this! If you hadn't stolen the certificate and given it to your son, then you wouldn't be homeless now! Don't you think it would be better to go cry to your two good sons rather than cry to me?" It was not that Tiana wasn't grateful and didn't want to repay Sheena. She knew her all too well. Once Sheena got what she wanted she wouldn't stop asking for more. If Tiana helped her now then she would most certainly ask for more help in the future. So she couldn't show any mercy to Sheena, otherwise, it would only bring trouble to her older brother Rain again.

"Well! You ungrateful bad girl! How dare you bite the hand that fed you? All my efforts in taking care of you for all of these years have all been in vain. Now that you have grown up, you have stronger wings to fly away from me. But you won't repay my hard efforts. You have an ungrateful soul!" she yelled at her angrily. Sheena was hoping that she would show her some mercy due to their long relationship. But she didn't expect Tiana to turn her down without a second thought.

"What exactly, is it that you think you have done for me?" she said glaring angrily back at Sheena. "You just used me as a pawn to get to my father-that's what you did! Apart from that I really don't know what else you have done for me. Don't give me your sob story about how you cared for me as a daughter. For me, I never felt that love from you because it never existed! All you did was acting like that you cared me only to put on a show in front of my father. So don't feel grieved and hurt for what I am doing to you now!" Tiana poured out what she had bottled up in her heart for all those years and she felt greatly relieved.

These days she had been getting along really well with her brother Rain, she felt what real kinship was. She felt loyalty towards him and didn't want to risk their rela

"Ah! How did you know I was hungry?" Daisy said pleasantly surprised. Daisy took a quick bite out of the cupcake and found that it was her favorite flavor.

"Well, I think I know what you like by now. You have a wonderful and considerate husband who dotes on his wife 24/7," he said smiling. Daisy felt that Edward was becoming a real softy, but she wasn't about to stop him. She appreciated his kind gestures recently, including the cupcake he was offering now.

"Has Justin returned from summer camp?" Daisy asked. She really missed her son. He was all grown up now and was less attached to her.

"Yes, he arrived earlier today. Mom and dad went to pick him up at the airport. They're probably on their way back home right now," Edward replied. Edward's feelings for Justin were opposite to Daisy's. Of course, he loved his son dearly, but he preferred that his son was exposed to the outside world so he could learn from experience and become more self-reliant. These skills would come in very handy when he eventually took over FX International Group in the future.

"I wonder if he got a tan," Daisy said with concern in her voice. It wasn't a problem if he got a slight tan, she was more concerned that he didn't get sunburn.

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