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   Chapter 1776 Jessica's Passing (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8781

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"My stupid work? Finally! Your tongue betrays your heart. You said you would not interfere with my work. But you are now eating your own words. You want to criticize my work? Then whatever you said earlier clearly doesn't count at all!" Hormonal changes during her pregnancy had wrought havoc on Daisy's moods. Edward's comment about her job greatly infuriated her. She could no longer control her temper and began shouting in his face at the top of her lungs.

"Daisy, how dare you say such horrible things to me? Do you even understand what you are accusing me of? For years, I have been standing by your side and supporting your work in every way possible! Have I ever caused you any trouble or hindrance? I only stepped in and called the commander this time for the sake of your safety. Because you are pregnant with our child, I have to be more cautious and will take all possible measures to look after you. I just don't want you to be involved in any high-risk assignments. I did all this out of good intent." Her false accusations really hurt his feelings. Edward lowered his eyes and turned away. It never occurred to him that his beloved wife would take his care as admonishment. For years, he had been devoting himself to her, and yet she viewed his love as shackles.

"I remember we had a conversation before regarding the child, and I told you that I will take care of our unborn child the best way I can. You have my promise on that. I want my child to be strong, but the last thing I want is for my child to interfere with my work." Daisy's voice was still loud. She was so stubborn, and lately, whenever she ended up in an argument, she refused to use logic.

"If bearing a child really bothers you, then you can do whatever you want with it. I give up! Suit yourself! This is not my concern anymore!" Really exhausted by the argument, he couldn't deal with her ridiculous justifications anymore. Edward gave her a bitter, despondent smile, then he walked out of the bedroom.

"Hey, where are you going?" She was shocked to see his sudden change of attitude. Her voice became nervous.

"Why would you even care where I am going? Do you really even care about me?" He whispered, pausing briefly at the door, before leaving without a backward glance at her panicked face.

Daisy painfully bit into her bottom lip as she watched him walk away. He looked truly mad. Perhaps her behavior had been unreasonable, she considered. They had been together for so many years, but this was the first time she saw him so sad. As a bad thought came to her mind, she sprang to her feet and chased after him desperately.

n the wrong myself. I know you had a long day, and you must be tired. Why don't you freshen up and go to bed early?" He gave her a soothing smile. As her man, he was accustomed to hiding his true feelings so that their conflicts could be resolved faster. Deep down, he was heavy-hearted but he chose to present the appearance of having let go of his resentments.

"What about you? Are you still heading out?" She looked up at him with big wet eyes. He could read her sad uncertainty on her face.

"I was not planning on going out. I was about to fetch a document I had forgotten in the car." It was quite rare for Daisy to actively admit her wrong doings. Edward was pleased by the fact that his proud wife now acknowledged her fault, therefore he gradually calmed down himself. However, he was careful not to reveal any of this to her. He still looked calm as he spoke.

"I see. Go ahead then." Daisy shyly rubbed her nose as she peered at his emotionless face.

"Would you like to come with me?" He extended his hand to her, his eyes sparkled with relief. It was time for them to amend their relationship. A walk together might be a good start.

"Sure thing. I need a good walk anyway." She gladly held his palm closer to her chest. The warmth radiating from his big hand touched something soft in her heart. They never mentioned the stupid fight regarding the baby again. Silently but harmoniously, they walked downstairs hand in hand.

It was unwise to linger in the past. They both knew it was time for them to move forward. Their baffling argument finally came to an end. Both Edward and Daisy were by nature reasonable people. The last thing they wanted was to ruin their marriage over something insignificant and rooted in the past.

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