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   Chapter 1775 Jessica's Passing (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8921

Updated: 2019-05-19 05:19

"Daisy: I bet you must be surprised to receive my letter! We were so hostile towards each other. It is only natural that you are confused why I would write to you like this." Her handwriting was determined. Every stroke seemed to shout out loud to her from the paper. Daisy could tell when Jessica wrote these sentences she did so with a sense of finality.

"First of all, I am sincerely sorry for what I did to you years ago. My actions were inconsiderate and radical, and they caused you tremendous harm. For this, I am terribly sorry and wish I could apologize to you in person, but I don't expect you to forgive me for my behavior. However, please bear in mind that I am truly sorry and regret the harm I caused you." Jessica's words hurt her eyes, and Daisy's hands trembled uncontrollably as she read the sentences. She took a deep breath and continued reading.

"Perhaps, you viewed me as a family-wrecker all these years. You no doubt thought I came into your life to try and ruin your marriage. However, you are wrong. In terms of love, you are the one who stepped into my relationship with Edward. You came after me. When I started dating him, he didn't even have a place for you in his heart. I am sure you are aware of this obvious fact. You should know this better than anyone else. However, these things have become less important as time passed. I shouldn't talk about such things anymore. Let bygones be bygones!" The ink seemed paler from this sentence onwards. Daisy raised her eyebrow as she carefully studied Jessica's handwriting, it was no longer so assured, and the lines were in places so faint as to be almost unreadable. It seemed that she stopped for quite a long time before carrying on to finish the whole letter. Perhaps her illness accounted for the difference in script.

"I need to tell you that my love towards Mu is as deep as yours if not more so. Your love is profound whilst mine is crazy. The only difference is you have a piece of paper to prove your love, the marriage certificate. That is the only thing I lacked. However, I think we are of equal soul, as we both started from the same humble beginning, in the face of love itself. When we speak of our feelings for him, neither of us is superior."

Daisy's eyes moistened and she swallowed heavily as emotions flooded her. She raised her eyes from the letter and stared off at the horizon. Jessica's words held truth. Her lips twisted bitterly as she considered her own feelings towards Edward. Little did Jessica know that Daisy's love was also difficult and crazy. She came into his life early and sudden. They had such a long journey to reach this point. However, Jessica

ers worse, Daisy had blocked him on her phone, and he was genuinely worried about her, but could not reach her.

"Not now. I am really exhausted. We can talk tomorrow." Daisy stared ahead unseeing, as if Edward was made of glass. Her mind was still occupied with Jessica's letter. Given her current emotional mood, she knew she couldn't handle a serious discussion now.

"You know this is not a fair way to deal with things. As a professionally trained solider, you should know better." Edward's face was dark. Her distant behavior really angered him.

"I am no longer on duty, this is my leisure time. So, stop pulling the solider trick on me!" Daisy quickly snapped back. She had her own stupid pride, and would never back down first in a fight.

"Well, if this is how you roll, we definitely need to talk about the issue at hand. Your attitude is unacceptable!" With these words, he pulled her in close and immediately dragged her to the bedroom by the wrist.

"Let me go! What are you doing? I still need to do some work!" She shouted at him, trying to free her wrist. However, her effort was in vain. His grip was so tight that she almost hurt herself. Daisy rolled her eyes as she was unwillingly led to the bedroom.

"You said you are tired. There you go! Rest in bed. Why would you even bother with your stupid work when you are tired?" He was serious as hell, his dark eyes fixed with an angry scowl. Daisy pouted as she noticed the anger in his eyes. Edward was somewhat amused by her reaction. She was the one shouting that she was off-duty and now she wanted to do some work? He didn't know how to argue with her when she became illogical. She said she was no longer a soldier during her leisure time, so maybe she shouldn't have mentioned her work at all.

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