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   Chapter 1772 A Second Child For Daisy (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6992

Updated: 2019-05-19 03:30

"Why are you back early?" Daisy asked while continuing down the stairs slowly, her face blushing a little.

"We couldn't wait to get back here and see you when we heard the news!" Cynthia chuckled. Before Daisy finished the last few steps, she came up and stretched out her hands to help her.

"Yeah! And grandma's been champing at the bit to see you!" Justin echoed. After the initial excitement wore off, Justin no longer clung to his mother. Instead, he stood by her like a steady young man, and looked at her belly with curious eyes. He was amazed that his mother's tummy contained another life, and was surprised by the?magic power?of the?Creator's hands.

"Who started carrying on first, imp?" Cynthia pretended to be angry. After living together with Justin all these years, she got to know just how tricky this little guy could be. Like father, like son. You couldn't expect him to be a normal, obedient child when Edward was such a mischievous man.

"Grandma's going to spank me! Grandpa! Help!" Justin begged. He wouldn't back down so easily in front of others, but when it came to his grandparents...

"Behave, Justin," Daisy said sternly, scowling. She had no idea whether Justin was respectful 24/7, because she wasn't always home. But she was a bit angry to hear what he said just now.

"Just ignore them. You hungry? Need something to eat?" Cynthia asked with a look of pleasant expectancy. It was now clear that she was really giddy. She couldn't cook to save her life, but she forgot that in all the excitement.

"Save it, mom. If I wanted to be poisoned I'd find some chemical in the cupboards." Just then, Edward's voice came from behind Daisy. They looked up and saw him walking down unhurriedly. Though he was complaining, he could feel a gust of happiness sweep through him when seeing them talking and laughing. There was nothing better than a happy family.

"You're home?" Cynthia asked in surprise. She wasn't too happy about his joke. But honestly, he reminded her of her bad cooking, which she was too happy to remember just now. She felt a bit down when

is family had deep ideological roots. She wasn't surprised that he took a tough stand in this matter.

"You said it. So to help Claire be happy, Leena went all-out," Kevin said, allowing himself a wry smile. Speaking of which, it was just amazing that Leena and Claire had become close friends who could tell each other anything and everything, when before that, Claire gave her a hard time. Apparently, they had gone through a lot together.

"Seems that Claire has a lot to thank her for," Daisy chuckled. She had met Claire several times before, and thought that she had a sweet, lively personality. She wondered how the girl had been doing lately. Would she be so different after living abroad for all those years?

"Yeah. Oh, I nearly forgot! The commander's looking for you," said Kevin, remembering suddenly. No prize for guessing why the commander would summon her, Kevin thought.

"The commander? Did he say why?" Daisy asked with surprise.

"Maybe it's about Justin's little brother or sister in your tummy!" Kevin said and shrugged, hinting that he wasn't sure about it.

"Don't tell me you told him." Daisy raised her voice and looked him in the eye. But come to think of it, she didn't think he had a big mouth. He wasn't one to spread rumors.

"No, ma'am! I thought you'd have told him yourself," Kevin said. Daisy was right about him, he minded his own business.

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