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   Chapter 1769 Daisy Changed Her Mind (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5873

Updated: 2019-05-19 00:07

"Well, anytime now," she said in a calm voice. She gave him a couple days to think things over and she believed he had made a decision already.

"I will respect your choice. No matter what decision you've made, I'll accept it. I won't force you to do anything you don't want to do," Edward said seriously, with an intense look in his eyes. He turned to her and just looked at her. The fireplace's cackling and spitting were the only sounds during that moment. He didn't have any right to force her to keep the baby. Hell, if she wanted to have an abortion, he couldn't lift a finger.

Daisy shifted uncomfortably under her husband's intense gaze. "If I... choose to give up on the baby, will you think I'm a cruel woman?" Daisy knew how badly he wanted to have a daughter, but she just wasn't ready yet. It was an extremely hard decision for her to make.

"Yes. I will. It's the ultimate culmination of our love," Edward admitted without hesitation albeit with a pained expression. Sure, they already had Justin. Although Edward loved him very much, he was still an accident. They weren't in love back then. Edward hadn't even known of Justin's existence until the day Daisy brought him to Edward. This baby was different, and he really wanted to keep it.

"But we already have Justin," Daisy said as she stared at him, careful not to miss a single change of expression on his face.

"But this baby is different and you know it." It didn't mean that he didn't love Justin. On the contrary, he owed a lot of time to Justin. He hadn't been at his side for at least a couple of years.

"Okay, I guess I know your answer now. I have to think about it more," Daisy said as she planted both of her feet on the carpet and walked towards the balcony, le

sacrifices they would have to make. Otherwise, he would just take it for granted.

"Why?" Edward asked in a hurt tone. He was frowning like a little boy who didn't get what he wanted.

"Because it's not good for a baby." At that moment, a lightbulb appeared in Daisy's mind. She could turn this thing around. If ever he made her angry, she could just turn him down with the excuse of harming the baby whenever he wanted to have sex. A fitting punishment, Daisy thought.

"Damn it!" Edward rolled to the other half of the bed and stared blankly at the ornate ceiling. The thought of harming the baby through sex hadn't crossed his mind. 'It seems as though I'll be living a bachelor's life in the coming months, ' he thought.

Daisy felt elated. She chuckled to herself after her brilliant plan. But her happiness was short-lived. She knew what was coming in the next nine months. She had to juggle her pregnancy and her work, hardly an easy task.

When Kevin opened the door to their house, it was already in the wee hours of the morning. Apparently, Leena didn't know when the military exercise would end, so she just went to bed early with their son, Richard.

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