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   Chapter 1768 Daisy Changed Her Mind (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6428

Updated: 2019-05-18 04:29

"Yes, you're exactly right. I have had enough of you. Hmph!" Daisy felt defeated as Edward knew her so well that he always found ways to soften her up. She just couldn't stay mad at him.

"I know how women think even better than you know. You're saying yes but you mean no. I won't take your words to heart." Edward smirked and smugly crossed his arms in front of him. He was confident that she really didn't mean what she said, and it infuriated her.

"That's because you men like to hear those fake words," Daisy snapped back. She knew that she would always lose in their arguments, but admitting defeat so easily was the last thing on her mind.

"I understand you completely. Why not? It makes perfect sense. But here's the thing. I'm not like most men; I'm the exception." Edward rubbed his chin after he said this, betraying no doubt in his face. Inwardly, he thought, 'I'm rich as hell, devilishly handsome and loyal to a fault to my wife. How can she even compare me with other men?'

"You are so shameless!" It was like Daisy heard his thoughts as she spat the words. She knew Edward was a narcissist, but it never ceased to stun her whenever he patted himself on the back.

"But hey, I'm only shameless in front of you," Edward said as he smiled mischievously and looked at Daisy straight in her eyes.

"Stop it!" Daisy immediately stopped him. She knew where this was headed. She knew how relentless and tireless he could be when it came to sex.

"Alright, fine," Edward said as he raised his hands in mock surrender, his expression smug as ever. "But I have one more question. Are you still really mad at me?" As long as the answer was no, he would begin to persuade her for their baby's acceptance.

"What do you think?" Daisy asked with one eyebrow raised. In truth, she was actually much calmer now compared to moments ago.

"How am I supposed to know? That's why I'm asking you." Edward looke

mocking him, he still felt incredibly happy as long as she dreamt about him.

"I haven't finished yet! I also beat you up." Daisy laughed. Edward made a mocking face in response. She just rolled her eyes at him as she opened the car door and got out on the hard pavement.

Edward couldn't help but feel a cold chill creep down his spine. 'What a scary woman!' he thought.

It felt weird for the couple to arrive at home and not find Justin running out to welcome them. The servant hastily went out and informed them that Justin's grandparents had taken him to their old house to spend the weekend.

Edward felt relief rush to his cheeks as he heard that. Now he had the space and time to convince his wife. The odds were with him.

Edward was an aloof and commanding man in front of others, but a caring and considerate husband before Daisy. They went about eating a delicious supper in silence. When they were both finished, he asked her to take a warm bath first.

All throughout dinner, Daisy kept thinking about her problem. She knew deep inside that running away from reality wouldn't solve anything. She then went to take that warm bath. When she was satisfied, she went to their wardrobe, dressed in a frilly nightfown, went downstairs and sat beside her husband.

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